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And so we reach the grand finale of Kuro no Onna Kyoushi (黒の女教師). If you haven’t seen the rest of this series up to this point, and intend to do so, read no further! Answers to questions we’ve asked all season will be revealed.

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With only a little life left to the season, the writers of Kuro no Onna Kyoushi (黒の女教師) still haven’t tipped their hand about the overarching plot. The best bet is that the leader of the dark teachers, Takakura (Eikura Nana) has had issues with past students, including Toda Toshio (Matsumura Hokuto) and whoever lives in the house she keeps visiting. But that’s all just a guess based on scant evidence from their behavior, and this series has really played merry havoc with my curiosity, leaving me with so few clues after so many episodes.

Opening 1Opening 2

After another scene of Fujii (Kobayashi Satomi) philosophizing about trick art (where I don’t know why the kids keep visiting her, since she always has the same message), we find out that the Vice Principal who caused all the trouble in the last episode is gone. However, the student who played into his plans, Saeki Eika (Hirose Alice), is also missing in action.

Missing Personnel 2Missing Personnel 3

Then Aoyagi (Kimura Fumino) finds an odd message popping out of fax machine, signed by Mizuno Aoi:

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Kuro no Onna Kyoushi Ep 08 Review

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi (黒の女教師) begins with Takakura-sensei (Eikura Nana) thinking back to her encounter with the residents of the Nagashima household in the last episode while taking her regular swim . . .

Thinking Back While Swimming 1Thinking Back While Swimming 2

. . . and then to Saeki Eika (Hirose Alice) preparing for her recommendation interview.

Preparing for the Interview 1Preparing for the Interview 2

When she parks her bicycle, she ends up toppling all the others, so she’s either clumsy, nervous, or both.

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Kuro no Onna Kyoushi Ep 07 Review

This episode of Kuro no Onna Kyoushi (黒の女教師) begins with Fujii-sensei (Kobayashi Satomi) returning to her love of art, realizing after the events of the last episode that she had been wrong to abandon it.

Back to Basics

Shadowy student Toda Toshio (Matsumura Hokuto) looks on, staring in silence as usual. After six episodes of this, I wonder how he can have so much time on his hands. He needs to join a club or find a hobby or something. This whole standing around and staring at people thing doesn’t accomplish anything – especially in terms of moving the story forward.

Shadow Boy 1Shadow Boy 2

Dark teacher leader Takakura (Eikura Nana) visits Fujii.

Takakura 1

Toda seems to have disappeared, but Fujii mentions that he was around. Takakura doesn’t seem to happy about this:

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Kuro no Onna Kyoushi (黒の女教師) is a school drama centered on “dark” teachers Takakura (Eikura Nana), Fujii (Kobayashi Satomi), and Uchida (Ichikawa Mikako), who handle problems at their school in a cold and purely for-profit way. This episode again starts with a Fujii-sensei view:

Fujii 1Fujii 2

Then we immediately go into a career counseling session where Takakura, right on cue, uses statistics to demonstrate why the student (Mishima – played by Fujiwara Reiko) should shy away from lofty ambitions (in this case, becoming a professional musician).

MishimaTakakura Takes Her Shot

This time, though, Takakura is rebutted by Kanae-sensei, Mishima’s music professor and acting foster parent, who steps in at just the right time as if listening at the door.

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