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VS Arashi 2014.06.19 Review

This VS Arashi (VS 嵐) began with congratulations to Ninomiya-kun on his thirty-first birthday. Thankfully, he celebrated by wearing something normal for once.

2014.06.19 VS Arashi 000

On this sort of occasion, it is normal for leader Ohno-san to say a few words, and he gave the young birthday boy some sage advice (I believe it was “chew well when you eat”).

2014.06.19 VS Arashi 001

With that, the guest team emerged. It was the cast of the movie “Choukousoku! Sankinkoutai” (超高速!参勤交代). Not just the top of the cast list, though – this seemed to be a group specially selected to represent the movie well on VS Arashi.

2014.06.19 VS Arashi 002

It was led by Sasaki Kuranosuke-san, who also appeared in the June 12th Arashi ni Shiyagare, and the team also included Hey! Say! Jump member Chinen Yuri-kun. The next three members – Oshinari Shugo-san, Wada Soko-san, and Tomiura Satoshi-san – are completely unknown to me. The last member, though, was Maeda Oshiro-kun, who I last saw in PRICELESS and before that in Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan, so it’s nice to see how he’s grown (he’s still only thirteen, though – lots of acting experience already!).

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Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 06 Review

So, I’ve run out of English subtitles for Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso (よろず占い処 陰陽屋へようこそ) and my review will be based on my attempts to decode the Japanese subtitles that come with the YYeTs version of the drama. On the bright side, like with the Kindaichi special, this means that I’m learning all sorts of new words, and this is bound to make my future reviews of all shows better. The downside is that it’ll take me longer to review each episode and there are parts that I simply won’t understand, so I hope you’ll bear with me. I like mysteries and find this drama amusing, so I’ll keep at it.

This episode begins with Ayukawa Tamaki (Kashiwagi Yuki) using all the charms at her disposal to try and win Abeno Shomei (Nishikido Ryo)’s love. And when I say charms, I mean the magical spell variety – she doesn’t seem ready to approach Shomei directly. Shomei’s friend Hideyuki (Suruga Taro) discovers her obsession and decides to employ her help in discovering the mystery of why Shomei has decided to become first a host and then a psychic.

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 06 000

After all, Tamaki knew Shomei from his host club days when he was ‘Sho’, so she can bring Hideyuki there so he can hopefully discover the truth there. Hideyuki suspects that it has something to do with Shunta (Chinen Yuri), but that would be strange, since Shomei only met Shunta after becoming a psychic . . . right?

Meanwhile, Shunta sees an old woman contemplating whether to enter Shomei’s shop and invites her in for tea. Looks like he’s well suited to this job, after all.

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 06 001

She’s reluctant to say anything when Shomei asks what her would like to request of him and Shunta explains that he invited her in for tea.

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So far, Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso (よろず占い処 陰陽屋へようこそ) has been a pleasant enough series, and I like the fact that they’ve not only got the episodic mysteries, but also overarching plots involving Shunta (Chinen Yuri)’s origins as well as Shomei (Nishikido Ryo)’s background.

Unfortunately, this is as far as the subtitles seem to go. I usually like to be one episode behind the translators, but I’ve been waiting for a while and this has been the last subbed episode for more than a month and a half, so . . . if anyone knows another source (I normally just go to D-Addicts), please give me a hint in the comments below, otherwise I’ll have to rely on my deeply flawed understanding of Japanese in order to make sense of the episodes.

But I have subs for this one, so let’s get cracking!

It begins ar a hospital where a nurse notices some creepy lights in one of the rooms, opens the door, and sees a figure silhouetted against the curtain on the window. I suppose if there’s any place where there’s bound to be ghosts, it’d be a hospital. Interesting how the nurse ran panicked, but the little girl in the wheelchair didn’t seem the least bit surprised or afraid.

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 05 000

I guess Shomei will be asked to exorcise the spirit haunting the hospital in this one then, right?

Shunta’s mother Midori (Minamino Yoko) works as a nurse at the hospital and, sure enough, she brings back word of the ghost. While your typical nurse might be resistant to an occult explanation, Midori has been fascinated with the occult right from the start of the series.

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 05 001Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 05 002

The jam taste-testing between Shunta’s parents in the middle of her ghost story was unexpectedly cute and amusing.

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 05 003

Ultimately, the hospital manager himself pays Shomei a visit because the unrest among the staff has now spread to the patients, and it’s not as if people who are sick need any more anxiety. Midori continued to contribute a lot to this scene.

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At the start of this episode of Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso (よろず占い処 陰陽屋へようこそ), Shomei (Nishikido Ryo) tells Shunta (Chinen Yuri) that he’s just purchased a 20-volume set of books on magic and rituals for the amazing price of 80000 yen (around $800). Shunta considers it a reckless purchase, but it’s more of a professional investment, isn’t it? Shomei could probably write it off on his taxes.

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 04 000 Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 04 001

Besides, since we’ve already seen that this series has good writers, we know that those books are going to come in handy some time during the episode, otherwise the writers wouldn’t have brought such attention to them at the start of the show.

Hideyuki (Suruga Taro) continues talk to Shomei about family obligations, and that seems to be the one topic that can throw Shomei off. He retreats to his quarters where he muses about Shunta, who he calls Kitsune-kun (Mr. Fox, if you will).

Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 04 002 Yorozu Uranaidokoro Ep 04 003

It takes the arrival of a customer – Kimiko – to snap Shomei into action again. He remembers reading her palm a year ago at a host club and she wants him to read it again. He agrees, pointing out that slight changes can emerge over time.

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VS Arashi 2013.12.05 Review

Normally, I review VS Arashi (VS 嵐) like I do dramas – on the first viewing so that my comments don’t hint at the result of the episode and aren’t influenced by the outcome. I have to confess, though, that I’ve watched this one twice already and while I’m not going to give away anything specific, I think it’s fair to disclose that up-front.

The opening talk revolved around the shift to winter clothes. Where I live it happened within one week in November – it suddenly went from being 60 to 80 Fahrenheit every day to 25 to 50. One day I was walking out in short sleeves, and then suddenly I had to bundle up like I had moved somewhere completely different. Some of the Arashis seem to have an interesting pattern – Aiba-kun has taken to wearing a heavy down jacket with sandals according to MatsuJun.

2013.12.05 VS Arashi 000

The guest team this week was team Gunma – representing that prefecture. There were five official members plus two mascots, so hopefully those mascots can be of some use. The team members were Nakayama Hideyuki-san, Imori Miyuki-san (井森美幸) – who is perhaps recognizable from the drama Ikemen desu ne, JOY-san, Shiraishi Mai-san (白石麻衣) from Nogizaka46, and Yamamoto Hiroshi-san (山本博) of the comedy trio Robaato (could be Robert or Roberto).

2013.12.05 VS Arashi 001

Nakayama-san is always solid, as is JOY-san, but I don’t really know much about the others. Shiraishi-san is certainly expanding the frontiers of Nogizaka46 here.

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