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The top single for the past week was “Tokyo Victory” from Southern All Stars, which sold 92,645 copies. The group has highly variable single sales and an album-buying fanbase, so there’s no way to assess this result.

At #2 was “Highschool Love” by E-girls, which sold a solid 61,046.

B1A4 took #3 with the Japanese version of “Solo Day” selling 47,479.

“Get Up!” from Nakayama Yuma-kun started out at #4 with the sale of 34,435 copies.

Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Weekender/Ashita e no YELL” was at #11 in its second week, selling 14,060 to bring its total to 198,569. That’s a bit on the weak side at around 7.6% of first week sales.

In its third week, AKB48’s “Kokoro no Placard” took #14 with 7,834 copies sold and a total of 1,035,154.

Right behind their sister group at #15, SKE48 saw 6,035 more copies of their “Bukiyou Taiyou” sold, getting its seven week total to 441,680.

Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy” was in at #18, selling 4,619 in its tenth week to boost its total above the double platinum level to 502,258.

Taking #19 in week two, “Always with you” by Generations from EXILE TRIBE sold 4,418, which is a solid 10% of first week sales, bringing its total to 49,195.

“Geragerapo no Uta” from King Cream Soda sold 2,914 at #25 in its twentieth week, now boasting a total of 110,138 copies sold.

At #29, Golden Bomber’s “Roller no Kizudarake” has a four-week total of 65,668.

On the album side, Takeuchi Mariya-san’s “TRAD” got the top spot, selling 118,697 copies.

WINNER took #2 with “2014 S/S -Japan Collection-” seeing 35,079 copies sold.

In week two, “Mr. S” from SMAP sold 17,716 to bring its total to 201,883.

Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” held on to #6 by selling 11,897 copies, getting its three-week total to 49,692.

Taking #8 in its third week, EXILE TRIBE’s “EXILE TRIBE REVOLUTION” sold 10,000 copies (amazing that it’s exactly 10,000) to push its total to 304,624.


Shounen Club 2014.09.03 Review

I have a growing list of Shounen Club (ザ少年倶楽部) pet-peeves, and at the top of that list is the way all the elder juniors – the reasonably popular juniors who are above eighteen years of age – are often lumped together into one big mega-group for performances even though this doesn’t do justice to their talents. And at the start of the first Shounen Club of September, here’s the same sort of thing:

2014.09.03 Shounen Club 000

It’s not quite all of them singing “Anniversary” by KinKi Kids, but it’s enough that it’s a jumble – especially since they’re all wearing white. Aside from Jesse, Nozawa Yuki, Sanada Yuma, Masuda Ryo, and Hanzawa Akatsuki, I did notice that we got a sudden influx of SnowMen. The members of that group don’t get much SC attention – not in a featured role like this – so that was a positive.

2014.09.03 Shounen Club 001 2014.09.03 Shounen Club 002 2014.09.03 Shounen Club 003

Pretty soon, A.B.C-Z, Johnny’s West, Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, and Sato Shori took the stage, and things got really cluttered, but I like the whole-cast opening in general.

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The top single for the past week was, of course, AKB48’s “Labrador Retriever”, which sold 1,662,265 copies. That’s roughly the standard number for an AKB single containing election voting tickets.

At a very, very distant #2, Nishino Kana-san’s “We Don’t Stop” sold 20,779 copies.

TOKIO’s “LOVE, HOLIDAY” took #4, selling 17,074.

Taking #7 in its second week, “King & Queen & Joker” from Sexy Zone sold 10,854 to boost its total to 161,440. That’s a bit on the weak side compared to first week sales, but not bad considering their other recent singles.

At #9, Arashi’s “GUTS!” saw 9,909 copies sold this week to bring its four-week total to 569,077.

Johnny’s WEST’s “Ee ja nai ka” actually gained a few spots in its sixth week, ending up right behind Arashi at #10, selling 9,596 to get its total to 300,542 after five weeks.

That wasn’t the most spectacular rise, though. Nakayama Yuma-kun must have had something going on, because his “High Five” went from #150 to #17 in its eighth week, tacking on 6,234 to its total to finally cross the 50k mark. Its total is now 52,372.

“Mirai to wa?” from SKE48 had a similar rise – giong from #121 to #20 by selling 5,516 so that it could finally cross 500k – it now boasts a ten week total of 502,202 copies sold.

Rounding out the singles, week three of sales for Momoiro Clover Z’s “Naite mo Iin da yo” took it to #30 with 3,707 copies sold and a total of 79,637.

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The top single for the past week was “Naite mo Iin da yo” by Momoiro Clover Z, which saw 66,854 copies sold in its first week.

At #2, “Donna toki mo zutto” from μ’s sold 45,487 copies, and their “Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki” took #9 by selling 6,535 copies in its third week, reaching a total of 76,040.

Arashi’s “GUTS!” took #3 in its second week, boosting its total to 545,271 by selling 43,778 additional copies.

Taking #7, “Mirai to wa?” from SKE48 added 11,206 to its total in its eighth week, bringing it to 496,288.

Johnny’s WEST’s “Ee ja nai ka” got #11, and now has a three-week total of 282,975.

In its sixth week, Nogizaka46’s “Kizuitara Kataomoi” sold 5,124 to take #14. It now has a total of 523,309 copies sold.

Nakayama Yuma-kun’s “High Five” popped back up to #15 in its sixth week by selling 4,860. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of its running total (different source for the numbers this week).

At #18, Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Tougegoe” added another 10%, and now has a total of 47,159 after six weeks.

“Honoo to Mori no Carnival” from Sekai no Owari took #19, selling 3,583 in its fifth week and pushing its total to 95,153.

I also lost track of the total for AKB48’s “Mae Shika Mukanne”, which took #21 in its eleventh week, selling 3,370.

The real story of the week was on the album side, where the Frozen soundtrack did even better than it did last week. It sold a whopping 165,888 in its thirteenth week – and it’s a rare album that sells that much in its first week. Its total is now 465,975. I haven’t watched the movie or heard the soundtrack, but with results like these, I think I’ll have to do both. At this rate, it’ll be part of our common culture.

May J. continues to experience a huge boom, too, and retained #2. Her “Heartful Song Covers” sold 19,620 copies in its seventh week, and it has now sold 135,684 in total.

Getting #3, Pharrell Williams’ “Girl” saw 9,237 copies sold in week ten, and it now has a total of 56,627.

“HUMAN” from Fukuyama Masaharu-san sold 8,313 to take #4. Its new six-week total is 315,674.

Finally, “already” by Not yet sold 3,851 to take #10, and now boasts and total of 81,049 copies sold.


In what was a somewhat soft week for releases, the top single was SMAP’s “Yes we are/Koko kara”, which sold 138,968 copies. That’s obviously on the weak side for the group, but they’re not the only ones languishing this week.

Take SEKAI NO OWARI at #2, for instance. Their “Honoo to Mori no Carnival” (炎と森のカーニバル) sold 66,469 compared to 100k and 79k for their previous two singles (with the 79k selling “RPG” released in the beginning of April, too).

After that, there were no significant new releases – all other new releases sold less than 25k.

Nogizaka46’s “Kizuitara Kataomoi” got #3, selling 24,668 in its second week for a total of 482,505. That’s pretty good for a -48 family group – more than 5% of first week sales compared to the usual 2-3%.

Let me just run through all the other members of the -48 family. SKE48’s “Mirai to wa?” took #12, selling 4,732 for a four-week total of 465,583. “Mae Shika Mukanee” from AKB48 was at #18, gaining two spots in the vacuum of releases and pushing its seven-week total to 1,140,117. Right behind #19 in its third week, NMB48’s “Takane no Ringo” now has a total of 418,720 copies sold. HKT48’s “Sakura de Tabeta” took #23 with a five-week total of 297,277. And finally, SKE48 got a second single into the top 30, with “Sansei Kawaii!” going from #93 to #25 by selling just 1,761 copies. Its twenty-one week total is 569,011.

Okay, with all those out of the way . . .

Nakayama Yuma-kun’s “High Five” took #16 in its second week, selling a respectable 3,522 to bring its total to 37,899. That’s a solid 10% second week.

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