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Maido Jani 2012.10.31 Review

This episode of Maido Jani (まいど ジャーニ~) was a special one because while the five junior hosts we’d been used to seeing started the show . . .

2012.10.31 Maido Jani 000 2012.10.31 Maido Jani 001 2012.10.31 Maido Jani 002 2012.10.31 Maido Jani 003. . . they made their introductions quick (just saying their names) so that we could get to the new member of Kin Kan and sixth host of the show – Hirano Sho-kun.

2012.10.31 Maido Jani 005 2012.10.31 Maido Jani 006

So, for the first time, the gang’s all here. After a silly little pun on the term for fifth episode (第五回 – daigo-kai) and Nishihata Daigo-kun’s name . . .

2012.10.31 Maido Jani 007

. . . everyone settled in and got ready to introduce the guest.

2012.10.31 Maido Jani 008 2012.10.31 Maido Jani 009

The topic of the show was ‘senpai’ – something all the young hosts should have plenty to say about, as usual – so it was only natural that they would bring on the Kansai junior senpai, Kiriyama Akito-kun.

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The theme for this episode of Maido Jani (まいど ジャーニ~) was “favorite songs”. Given the context, the choices were confined to songs from the Johnny’s agency.

2012.10.24 Maido Jani 0012012.10.24 Maido Jani 007

The hosts were the two-member version of Kin Kan (Mukai-kun and Kaneuchi-kun) and the regular three-member Naniwa Oji (Nagase-kun, Onishi-kun, and Nishihata-kun), and their first words were about something that made them happy recently.

2012.10.24 Maido Jani 0022012.10.24 Maido Jani 004

Onishi-kun sort of reminds me of Chinen-kun in the way his responses revolve around his favorite idol, Sato Shori-kun, which parallels Chinen-kun’s Ohno obsession.

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Maido Jani 2012.10.17 Review

The members of Kin Kan and Naniwa Oji kicked off this episode of Maido Jani (まいど ジャーニ~) by each mentioning something tasty they ate recently. If only more variety shows got through the obligatory mention of food so quickly at the start of the show . . . .

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0002012.10.17 Maido Jani 0012012.10.17 Maido Jani 0022012.10.17 Maido Jani 003

The topic this time is again one that the hosts are definitely ready to talk about (and I hope they keep the topics that way) – Kiriyama Akito-kun(桐山照史), probably best described as the leader of the Kansai Juniors.

2012.10.17 Maido Jani 0042012.10.17 Maido Jani 0052012.10.17 Maido Jani 0062012.10.17 Maido Jani 007

And they got a great guest to talk about Kiriyama-kun with them – their elder in the Kansai Juniors, Muro Ryuta-kun (室龍太). This is an encouraging sign, meaning that the people in charge of the show don’t mind going in-house into Johnny’s to find appropriate guests. A lot of the time, there seems to be an urge to find an adult chaperone – any of the generic talents or comedians who populate panels on Japanese TV – who might not be a useful addition to the show. It looks like Maido Jani is avoiding that pitfall.

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Maido Jani 2012.10.10 Review

The second episode of Maido Jani (まいど ジャーニ~) featured a theme that the Kansai junior hosts were all too familiar with – audition.

As usual, the hosts were the members of Kin Kan (in this episode, Mukai Koji-kun and Kaneuchi Toma-kun) and Naniwa Oji (Nishihata Daigo-kun, Nagase Ren-kun, and Onishi Ryusei-kun).

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0002012.10.10 Maido Jani 0012012.10.10 Maido Jani 0022012.10.10 Maido Jani 004

After their own introductions, they gave their special guest – manzai comedian Hyoudo Daiki-san (兵動 大樹) – his intro.

2012.10.10 Maido Jani 0052012.10.10 Maido Jani 006

Now, of course, Hyoudo-san had to do comedy auditions for his agency (Yoshimoto, which is to Japanese comedy what Johnny’s is to Japanese male idols), but he also had ties to and has worked with other Kansai Johnny’s like Kanjani8’s Murakami-kun and knows Kotaki Nozomu-kun and Nakama Junta-kun by nicknames. So it’s not as if they’re bringing in some random guest -Hyoudo-san is as well-suited to be on this show as a comedian can get.

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This is the very first episode of Maido Jani, a half hour talk show hosted by the Kansai junior groups Kin Kan and Naniwa Oji. I thought it’d be good to review this show alongside Johnny’s Jr Land, especially since it started so recently that I can cover it from the first episode on. At first, I didn’t know whether I could get copies of it at all, but it looks like the kansai-juniors livejournal community is doing an excellent job keeping up with the episodes.

In this episode, Kin Kan was Mukai Koji-kun (向井 康二) and Kaneuchi Toma-kun (金内 斗馬). Naniwa Oji had its full membership – Nishihata Daigo-kun (西畑 大吾), Nagase Ren-kun (永瀬 廉), and Onishi Ryusei-kun (大西 流星). Mukai Koji-kun was the MC.

2012.10.03 Maido Jani 0002012.10.03 Maido Jani 001

The topic for this episode was Sexy Zone, the youngest debuted Johnny’s agency group. In general, the topics for Maido Jani will not be so internal to the agency, but I guess Johnny’s wanted to try to get SZ fans tuning in, too, since the hosts for this show were in the same age group as SZ.

2012.10.03 Maido Jani 002

Aside from Kin Kan and Naniwa Oji, there was an adult observer/helper – entertainment reporter Komai Chikako-san (駒井千佳子). Komai-san apparently covers SZ, so she’s a specialist in the topic.

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