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Hello everyone!

I’ve added photo pages for the juniors similar to the ones I already had for the debuted groups in the Johnny’s Database. The pages are organized by surname alphabetical order and you can see them either by using the menu above, or by the following links: Juniors Born Before 1994 – Photo Profiles, Juniors Born Since 1994 A-L Photo Profiles, Juniors Born Since 1994 M-Z Photo Profiles.

For more information about the scope of the database and my plans for it, check out this post: Johnny’s Database (WIP).

I sort of view these photo profile pages for the juniors as the most useful part of the database, since I can recognize the members of the debuted groups on sight, but really needed a reference for the juniors. I’ve managed to get photos for most of them, but there are a few for which no photo was available, and I’d be thankful if anybody could help fill in those gaps, or provide updates to any of the information (especially the heights, since that’s the most helpful thing in terms of recognizing juniors except for their portraits). You can comment to this post, or on the various pages.

As always, suggestions and corrections are welcome, and I’ll do my best to incorporate new features. I plan to include drama appearances and better cross-linking next, and I’m also compiling information on non-Johnny’s TV talents that are mentioned in this blog (all 580 of them so far, so it’s going to take a while before I can get that database in order).

I hope these pages prove useful.


Johnny’s Database (WIP)

If you take a look up at the menu bar, you should see a new item next to “Variety Shows” called “Johnny’s Database”. Eventually, I plan to make a general talent database for all the people I mention in the articles on this site, but I’ll start off with this section. Under Johnny’s Database, there are four pages – Johnny’s Dai-senpai, Johnny’s Senpai, Johnny’s Juniors – Born 1993 or earlier, and Johnny’s Juniors – Born 1994 or later. These are just tables listing all the individuals I know in order of birthdate. I wanted to make the tables sortable by users, but it turns out that doing so requires javascript, and doesn’t like javascript, so that’s not an option for now. If you hover over Johnny’s Dai-senpai or Johnny’s senpai in the menu, you’ll see group profile pages that include pictures.

My plan for the Johnny’s Database is to have picture profiles for all the current members of the agency as well as any member who had more than five minutes of screen time on Shounen Club, whether they’re still with the agency or not. So far, I think I’ve got the debuted groups ready, and I’ve got info tables for all the debuted acts and juniors that I know about, but I haven’t finished with the pictures for the juniors, so I don’t have those profile pages up.

The division of the debuted individuals into “Dai-senpai” and “Senpai” groups is really just for my convenience and based on my own age – the Dai-senpai are all substantially older than me, while the Senpai are around my age or younger. It’s not meant to imply anything further – it’s just to keep the databases easy to manage.

By the same token, using Jan. 1, 1994 to split the juniors is arbitrary. It means that the older juniors are all roughly contemporaries with Hey! Say! Jump or otherwise older, and that they will all be at least 20 by the end of this year.

My main motive for constructing this database is to deal with the juniors and to figure out who’s who on Shounen Club. For now, I just put the basic identifying information – the stuff that’s easiest to find on the internet – and will plan to add more later. I hope this is helpful to other fans, as well.

If there are any omissions, mistakes, or changes that need to be made (as the juniors grow, their height will need to be updated, for instance), please either comment here or on the pages themselves. I’ll need all the help I can get to make this database as useful as possible.

Suggestions are welcome, but there’s a limit to the kind of information I’m going to include. I want to include all dramas and variety shows each person has participated in on their picture profile pages, but I’m not going to include stuff like favorite color/food/animal etc. I doubt I’ll include family details except in cases where a family member is also in show business. There are certain interesting facts – like if a member knows other languages or plays an instrument – that I will eventually want to include, but that’s a little way off yet.

I need particular help in figuring out which juniors have left the organization – sources are notoriously bad about making that clear because there’s rarely a clear announcement. Even if a junior has left, as long as they had Shounen Club appearances, they’ll stay in the database.

So yeah, this is one thing I’ve been working on in lieu of covering a full slate of dramas this season. It’s sort of a way to celebrate reaching 250k hits, as well.

By the way, if you have trouble reading stuff on this site because of the light text/dark background scheme, you can try, which has everything mirrored, and uses black text over white background for maximum contrast. I might also be able to implement the sorting on that version, since it’s not under, but there are still complications with that.

J-Everything Archive

For the past month, and as an ongoing project, I’ve been building an improved alternative (read backup) to this site – J-Everything Archive at The primary motivation was that I already had the hosting account for other purposes and I wanted to make sure I had a functional copy of everything in case disaster struck. I always have the XML backups, but those don’t include the images, and re-uploading those . . . simply isn’t going to happen. There’s also the fact that limits how much you can store for free, so I’m storing the images at anyway.

J-Everything at will still be the main site, and the site where you should comment if you want to. J-Everything Archive will be more experimental – features will appear and disappear from time to time in the months to come, and the look of the site will change as I try new stuff out. Content-wise, articles will be posted on both more-or-less simultaneously (except for this one). Comments from here will be ported there every couple of months.

I think some people might find the alternative easier to read, though, and I’d like to hear what you think about the look. If you have any comments about it, please contribute them to this post. I plan to change the background there from time to time. If there’s anything not quite working right (I messed with the php and wrote the css myself, so there’s bound to be bugs right now, unlike with the pre-built themes), please make a note of it so I can fix it. There’s a lot that can go wrong with this stuff, and it’s still very much beta.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, I know the title and nav bar look different – that’s because IE sucks. It doesn’t support HTML5 gradients properly. Please change to Chrome or Firefox as soon as possible. Hopefully IE10 will be better, but that’s what designers have been saying about every future version of Internet Explorer since IE7.

Maintaining both sites doesn’t take any additional time, so if you’re not curious about what I’m cooking up, feel free to ignore this post completely.

Vacation Time

Just as a courtesy to those who visit this blog frequently, I thought to mention that my ability to access the internet and especially watch new material will be limited while I’m on vacation until the 29th. I’m in a severely bandwidth limited zone. However, I should still be able to post drama reviews because I acquired a bunch of them ahead of time, and have a sufficient number queued up to last a while. What I won’t be able to do is keep up with the variety shows for the next week-and-a-half. In particular, I’ll be late getting to all the Christmas specials, including the one for Shounen Club, and the last HSJ Johnny’s Journey episode. In exchange, I’ll be trying to catch up with the dramas, which I’ve been badly behind on.

I might also be slow to respond to comments, depending on a variety of factors (family stuff). I can write a bunch of reviews in my spare time and stagger their release to cover times I can’t access the internet, but can’t respond to comments during those times. I’ll still try my best, though.

Anyway, all will be back to normal after the 29th. Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

100000 hits!

I guess, on this occasion, it’s reasonable to post a meta-blog.

If you had told me that, after eight months in service, this blog would reach the 100,000 hit threshold, I’d probably have proposed a more reasonable target instead. After all, I wasn’t posting any videos or anything like that. I made it a point to add “review” to the titles of my articles to make sure people searching on Google wouldn’t get the wrong idea and come here looking for downloads. And really, I haven’t had much success getting people to read stuff I’ve written before.

Well, it looks like I’ve seen more success with this blog than I could have expected. And that success isn’t just measured in hits. I’ve browsed through plenty of blogs in my time, but I’ve never seen more consistently helpful and insightful comments on anything short of a technical site. When I think about this blog, these contributions are what make me happiest about posting every day. Without that feedback, I really have no idea whether anyone is reading (instead of just stopping by in search of something else), or what you’d like to see improved. Thanks to the comments I’ve gotten, I’ve been introduced to new sources of information and erased some of my ignorance.

That said, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to present some of the statistics from the back-end of this site. Part of the reason I’m fascinated by these numbers is that they’re often not what I expect. I’m including them here for those interested

First, the top 15 countries this blog is visited from, with the number of hits:

1 – United States – 18,254

2 – Singapore – 9,512

3 – Malaysia – 9,411

4 – Philippines – 6,816

5 – Indonesia – 6,222

6 – Canada – 5,270

7 – Thailand – 4,855

8 – Australia – 4,476

9 – Japan – 4,435

10 – United Kingdom – 2,979

11 – France – 2,580

12 – Vietnam – 1,756

13 – Germany – 1,571

14 – Hong Kong – 1,246

15 – Spain – 1,238

Those proportions have been relatively consistent throughout the lifetime of this blog. Singapore and Malaysia have always vied for #2 and #3, switching places from time to time.

Now, for the 10 most visited pages of all-time, not including the home page. Keep in mind that this will naturally favor older articles:

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