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I’ve been looking for something more from Shinigami-kun (死神くん), and they once again hinted at the end of the previous episode that they’d give me something to look forward – an antagonist.

Shinigami-kun Ep 03 000

Antagonists grease the gears of plot – you might be able to keep things from creaking without them, but why risk it? Having the bad guy be the devil (or a devil) is usually a last resort, but I guess it’s unavoidable if the hero is an angel of death.

Anyway, the first target for the akuma (Suda Masaki) is a troubled young man who gets kicked out of a cosplay cafe in Akihabara because he was getting a bit carried away – getting inappropriate with one of the girls. The young man, Kirishima (Emoto Tokio), seeks solace at a church.

Shinigami-kun Ep 03 002

Of course, what devil can resist making a bargain for a man’s soul in a church?

Shinigami-kun Ep 03 003

And it’s what might be called the traditional bargain – devils are nothing if not traditional – which is three wishes for one soul. This is not as good a deal as the Faustian bargain, in which the devil served Faust with all his powers for a number of years – usually 24. It’s tough to make a Faustian bargain work in an hour-long drama – it’s better in anime.

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The first episode of Shinigami-kun (死神くん) had a compelling storyline, but the rules of the Shinigami world were a bit suspect, we didn’t learn much about the main character himself, and I was dubious about the entertainment value of spending an entire season watching people say their last farewells before dying. Then there was the teaser for this episode, which showed a man discovering Shinigami-kun (Ohno Satoshi)’s notebook. Now here, it seems, we might have some chance at a bit of fun.

Shinigami-kun Ep 02 000

I have to say that the notebook itself is another dubious part of the Shinigami world, since the way we see it record deaths is a bit . . . sparse. It must only be recording deaths in a small part of Tokyo, considering the deaths are around twenty-three minutes apart and all Japanese. Even if the notebook covered then entire Tokyo metropolitan area, I think the deaths would be two to three minutes apart.

Shinigami-kun Ep 02 001

Anyway, with this man (Hayashi Kento) discovering that the notebook records those who are about to die and the manner of their death, and Shinigami-kun desperately searching for it, what’s going to happen when they inevitably meet? Let’s find out.

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Usually when I review a drama episode, I watch it while reviewing to give authentic reactions that aren’t colored by knowing how the episode ends. With the first episode of Shinigami-kun (死神くん), though, I ended up watching the episode through first. That probably delayed this review, because I got rather confused about what to say about it. It was at the same time both a compelling hour and one that left a lot of questions about where this drama is headed.

We begin with Onishi Fukuko (Ohara Sakurako), who is at a hospital visiting her best friend Kobayashi Mami (Takada Riho).

Shinigami-kun Ep 01 000Shinigami-kun Ep 01 001

Mami, however, is not in her hospital room, but preparing to commit suicide.

Shinigami-kun Ep 01 002

And she in fact jumps, but survives. It seems as though she is caught by some force, which cushions her before she lands in the bed of flowers.

Shinigami-kun Ep 01 003

She hears a voice telling her that it’s not her time to die. That’s Shinigami-kun (Shinigami No. 413 played by Ohno Satoshi), who further states that death is only allowed if it is determined by fate. So . . . did Shinigami-kun just save Mami’s life because she’s not on the list? Why is he speaking to her at all if she’s not supposed to die?

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The hit locked-room mystery series Kagi no Kakatta Heya (鍵のかかった部屋) is back with a special a year and a half after its original run. Since they were clearly patient with it, I hope this special is the tour de force that this drama deserves. They have a whole two hours of program time to impress us.

It starts with security expert Enomoto Kei (Ohno Satoshi) setting the atmosphere of the episode, as he did during the main run of the series . . .

Kagi no Kakatta Heya 2014 SP 000

. . . and then they give us a run-through of the key points from the original series, including the character intros. That was a good move – I don’t like it when specials presume that the viewer watched the original series, especially when it’s been more than a season. This is was a fine and efficient recap (that happened to capture the most famous moments of the original drama) . . .

Kagi no Kakatta Heya 2014 SP 001Kagi no Kakatta Heya 2014 SP 002Kagi no Kakatta Heya 2014 SP 003Kagi no Kakatta Heya 2014 SP 004

. . . and a reminder of how Enomoto made his exit from the lives of lawyers Serizawa Gou (Sato Koichi) and Aoto Junko (Toda Erika) under suspicious circumstances, potentially getting away with quite a haul.

Kagi no Kakatta Heya 2014 SP 005Kagi no Kakatta Heya 2014 SP 006

Catching up to the present, we see Serizawa doing quite well for himself, wrapping up what looks like a big day in court.

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Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara (今日の日はさようなら) was the special drama shown as part of the 24-hr TV telethon (24時間テレビ) right after the first 2-hour segment. The telethon drama generally depicts the true story about a main character struggling through some physical issue, and is therefore not the sort of drama I typically gravitate to. Every now and then, though, it’s good to try something different (in my case, I guess it’s once a year in August now), but for those who haven’t seen one of these before, let me warn you that it is going to be serious and depressing, though possibly with an uplifting ending. Possibly. Hopefully. This isn’t Hollywood.

The stars are Ohno Satoshi-san as Fujioka Kota, Miura Tomokazu-san as his father Kenjiro, Kishimoto Kayoko-san as his mother Yasuko, Mimura-san as his sister Koharu, Kimura Fumino-san as his girlfriend Tanabe Etsuko, Fukada Kyoko-san as his counselor Okubo Yuriko, and last but not least, Yamada Ryosuke-kun as Harada.

During the opening credits, we see that Kota works as a chef, but he’s dissatisfied with his life because he doesn’t seem to be heading towards anything. On the bright side, he does have his family and his girlfriend, and since they’re the majority of the cast, I guess they play a large role in his life going forward. Oh, and the food at dinner definitely looked good, so he can’t complain about that (and if he could, then he can cook, so . . .).

Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara 000Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara 001

But if the intro made it seem like his only trouble in the world was a bit of ennui (which, let’s face it, a lot of us share), then that changed rather quickly after he took a nighttime stroll with his girlfriend . . .

Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara 002

. . . and suddenly, after he parted with her, he started bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth.

Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara 003

In the next scene, he was in the hospital (sort of a lucky thing, since he was out alone), reflecting that he had never thought about the possibility of dying before his parents.

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