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We found out in the last episode that the finale of the drama Nobunaga no Chef (信長のシェフ) would feature a cooking competition between the two chefs from the Heisei era – Ken (Tamamori Yuta) and Youko (Kashii Yu) – to decide which peace terms between the Oda clan and the warrior monks of Ishiyama Hongan-ji. I’m pretty sure that a cook-off wasn’t the way the peace terms were really decided (actually, Nobunaga laid Siege to Ishiyama Hongan-ji for a whopping eleven years!), but having a competition between Ken and Youko is a solid idea, and they had to have decent stakes in play to make it interesting. So, I’m mostly all right with the premise of this episode – at least they didn’t have the cooking determine the outcome of the larger fight between Nobunaga and the Azai-Asakura alliance.

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 09 000Nobunaga no Chef Ep 09 001

Ken seems hesitant about competing against Youko, so Nobunaga decides to berate his cooking for the first time, and instills some fighting spirit in him.

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 09 002Nobunaga no Chef Ep 09 003Nobunaga no Chef Ep 09 004

But Ken is still unhappy with the situation when Mitsuhide (Inagaki Goro) decides to offer him a crucial bit of information.

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This episode of Nobunaga no Chef (信長のシェフ) is mainly about the main character Ken (Tamamori Yuta) attempting to save Mori Yoshinari (Ukaji Takashi). That’s a bit odd, because Mori Yoshinari died in 1570 and Nobunaga dies in 1582, yet we spent the last episode worried that Mitsuhide (Inagaki Goro) would betray Nobunaga (Oikawa Mitsuhiro) when it’s at least twelve years too early? Does this mean we’re not going to get the climactic struggle between Mitsuhide and Nobunaga because including it would mean aging Ken by twelve years?

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 08 000Nobunaga no Chef Ep 08 003

First things first, we last left Ken in the embrace of the other person who has traveled back in time from the Heisei era – his beloved Youko (Kashii Yu).

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 08 004

Or is she his beloved? He admits to not remembering anything about their past, which would have been fine if Youko also had that amnesia. Instead, she seems to have her memories intact, and the news that Ken doesn’t know anything about their history leaves her distraught.

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This episode of Nobunaga no Chef (信長のシェフ) begins with the simple delight of anpan (red bean buns). Ken (Tamamori Yuta) let rival chef Inoue (Kitaro) help out with the preparation.

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 07 001

But why is Nobunaga (Oikawa Mitsuhiro) getting ready to shoot them? Oh, wait, he’s just trying out those guns Ken secured for him.

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 07 002Nobunaga no Chef Ep 07 003

But because he had to use an alternative sweetener instead of sugar, the anpan wasn’t quite as spectacular as it was meant to be. Ken pointed this out, and Nobunaga decided that he would have Mitsuhide – you know, the man who would eventually assassinate Nobunaga – pick some sugar up from the capital, where the shogun had apparently received some.

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Nobunaga no Chef (信長のシェフ) begins with recently-escaped Ken (Tamamori Yuta) facing a sword:

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 06 002


Fortunately, it’s a friendly sword held by Nobunaga’s right-hand shinobi Kaede (Ashina Sei), who came to save Ken as a promise to Natsu (Shida Mirai).

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 06 003Nobunaga no Chef Ep 06 004

And he looks like he could do with the extra protection, as rogues/bandits quickly surround them, planning to take Kaede as a prisoner and kill Ken. Their initial approach catches Kaede by surprise and she gets cut on her leg.

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At the end of the last episode of Nobunaga no Chef (信長のシェフ), Oda Nobunaga (Oikawa Mitsuhiro) decided to send his chef from the future Ken (Tamamori Yuta) right into Azai Nagamasa’s castle in the place of one of three Azakura cook-spies they captured in the act of trying to poison the water. But why? What does he want Ken to do there?

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 05 001

Since the spies were supposed to poison Nobunaga, it seems fair to assume that Nobunaga wants Ken to return the intended favor, but Nobunaga doesn’t say so explicitly. There’s also the issue that Ken doesn’t want to poison anyone – it’s in violation of his art. Good thing, too, since there’s no way Nobunaga would trust Ken to cook for him anymore if he was willing to put poison in a meal. Not that Ken could ever come back from such a mission alive.

Nobunaga no Chef Ep 05 002

There’s no escape, either. Nobunaga has assigned shinobi Kaede (Ashina Sei) to make sure that Ken goes through with his mission.

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