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Piece Ep 13 Review

This is the final episode of Piece. If you don’t know what has happened so far, it would be a good idea to stop reading, because this review is likely to ruin the entire series for you. Rather than taking on a separate story in each episode, Piece has generally focused on its overarching plot, with only slight detours. The resolution of that plot begins immediately.

Unexpectedly, the character at the center of the mystery’s unraveling is Remi (Arai Moe), who hasn’t figured highly in the proceedings.

In a remarkable twist, it was Remi who was pregnant and had to get an abortion, not Origuchi (Mizuno Erina).

Piece Ep 13 000Piece Ep 13 001


And this is how a mystery about a pregnancy is different from a murder case. In a murder, there’s generally no question about who got killed since there’s an identifiable corpse. Throughout the series, weaned on murder mysteries, I never considered the possibility that Origuchi was not the one who got pregnant and had to have an abortion, so good job to the writers for popping up with something that could surprise me.

But why did Origuchi’s mother find that stuff about being pregnant and getting an abortion, then? Well, it turns out that Origuchi was supporting Remi, and she tried to communicate with Sakata Kouji, the boy in the equation, on Remi’s behalf.


Piece Ep 13 002Piece Ep 13 003Piece Ep 13 005Piece Ep 13 006

The others listen . . .

Piece Ep 13 007

. . . as Remi’s words take us into another flashback.

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Piece Ep 12 Review

With Piece in its second to last episode, it’s about time that Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) and Hiro (Nakayama Yuma) meet. We’ve had episodes of build-up to this, so there’s no mistaking it – this is the climax of the series. Enjoy!

At the end of episode 11, the two of them passed each other by chance, and we left them in mid-stride. Before we go back to that scene to see what happened, we get a little flashback into Hiro’s past.

Piece Ep 12 001Piece Ep 12 003

And we see Origuchi (Mizuno Erina), the center of this mystery, admiring his paintings.

Piece Ep 12 004Piece Ep 12 005Piece Ep 12 006Piece Ep 12 007

And he still has a painting of her:

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Piece Ep 11 Review

So in Piece we have not met Hiro yet (though that’s quickly about to change). I made a mistake in the last review, so let me make it quite clear up-front that the fellow we met in episode ten was somebody else – not Hiro – and we’ll find out who he is in this episode. Actually, this episode decides to make it clear right at the beginning, too, with Yanai (Matsumura Hokuto) explaining the relevant backstory to Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa).

Piece Ep 11 000 Piece Ep 11 001 Piece Ep 11 002

He got the story from Kido (Iwamoto Hikaru), who was part of a group who used to bully Hiro. Narumi Hikaru (Nakayama Yuma) would come over from Tokyo to defend his more timid older brother, but then eventually became friends with Kido and the rest.

Piece Ep 11 003Piece Ep 11 004

Cue a flashback to seven years ago . . .

Piece Ep 11 005

. . . where we find out that Hiro is also played by Yuma-kun, which I probably should have guessed would happen but totally didn’t. This is great, though, because we really get to see Yuma-kun’s acting ability, and it is truly something to behold.

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Piece Ep 10 Review

Piece left us with a real cliffhanger last time. In her quest to find answers, Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) had hit a dead-end, unable to find Narumi’s brother Hiro, nor able to reach Narumi (Nakayama Yuma) himself. So, she finally decided to visit the person possibly most responsible for this whole mess – Narumi’s mother (Narumi Risako, played by Toda Naho)- wondering if she might know where Hiro is.

Piece Ep 10 000 Piece Ep 10 001

Now, what do we know about Narumi Risako? She used her own children as test subjects in her research to see what the effects of raising children without a mother would be, as long as there was a very definite method to the raising of the child. Her idea was that mothers might actually do harm to their children. Not only is this unethical, but it’s scientifically dubious, because there isn’t a sufficient sample nor a control group. However, just to come up with the idea in the first place means that she must have had some trauma. Was it her parents?

Anyway, meeting her for the first time, we expect a nasty piece of work, and she’s definitely that.

Piece Ep 10 002 Piece Ep 10 003

She quickly puts Mizuho on the defensive, clearly because she’s defensive about anything to do with Hikaru and Hiro and the best defense is a good offense.

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Piece Ep 09 Review

Things started to pick up in the last episode of Piece, as it looked like Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) was finally on the right trail, and might soon see the truth about Origuchi’s boyfriend. Is Narumi (Nakayama Yuma)’s brother Hiro really the one Mizuho has been looking for?

Piece Ep 09 000


The house Hiro lives in looks eerily familiar. It’s exactly like Narumi’s place.

Piece Ep 09 001 Piece Ep 09 002

What kind of twisted situation did these two brothers live in?

Piece Ep 09 003

Mizuho has high hopes for the revelations her visit to Hiro might bring – though more about Narumi than Origuchi. The intent of her investigation has shifted, and she’s now more focused on unveiling the mystery that has had a real impact on her life (though not completely ignoring the issue of Origuchi’s boyfriend, of course).

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