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So here we are – the conclusion of A.B.C-Z’s Johnny’s Journey through Australia. It’s fair to say that this has been a great season of the Johnny’s Journey sequence, and it deserves this victory lap.

2013.06.17 JJ ABC-Z Trip 000

The trip remaining for the group is still a full one between Tamworth and Sydney – 387 km – but this episode is mainly about recapping what has happened as they make their way south.

2013.06.17 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0012013.06.17 JJ ABC-Z Trip 002

On this last day in Australia, they have $112 remaining, and most of it is coinage so Goseki-kun complains that the wallet is getting really heavy.

2013.06.17 JJ ABC-Z Trip 004

Tsukada-kun pumps himself up for his last drive in this long trip. He’s really put a lot of energy into these nine days.

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The members of A.B.C-Z are getting ever closer to their goal of Sydney. Amazingly, despite having to work their way down from Cairns, they’re only on their eighth day – I was sure that they would take longer on this trip than the previous Johnny’s Journey travelers did.

2013.06.10 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0002013.06.10 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0012013.06.10 JJ ABC-Z Trip 002

But at the end of the previous episode, they only had $225, and at the start of this one they already have to get gas.

2013.06.10 JJ ABC-Z Trip 003

Thanks to Hashimoto-kun’s efforts, the gas cost them the usual $100, leaving them with $125.

2013.06.10 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0042013.06.10 JJ ABC-Z Trip 005

As Kawai-kun points out (looking quite tired and worn out), that’s not enough money to carry them all the way to Sydney, since they’ll need to fill up again on the way and also stay somewhere for the night.

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For the first time on “A.B.C-Z オーストラリア縦断 資金0円 ワーホリの旅” (A.B.C-Z’s working holiday trip through Australia with 0 yen), we’ll be seeing the members of A.B.C-Z trying their luck on two opportunities at once – dividing up into teams of three and two. Which of the two teams will end the day contributing more money for their continuing journey to Sydney?

2013.06.03 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0002013.06.03 JJ ABC-Z Trip 001

Catching up to the group as they continue toward their new workplace the day before they’re supposed to work, we see Kawai-kun reminding Tsukada-kun to check the fuel. When Tsukada-kun initially insists it’s all right, Kawai-kun tells him to actually look at it and, sure enough, it’s down to the second notch bar above zero. Goseki-kun has sharp words after this third fuel-related miss from Tsukada-kun.

2013.06.03 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0022013.06.03 JJ ABC-Z Trip 003

As usual, Hashimoto-kun will be fueling it up. Will he be able to hit $100 exactly this time?

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This episode of “A.B.C-Z オーストラリア縦断 資金0円 ワーホリの旅” (A.B.C-Z’s working holiday trip through Australia with 0 yen) continues with the second half of the group’s working day in Gold Coast. Last time, all five worked on a golf course during the afternoon. Now, Tsukada-kun and Hashimoto-kun have to spend the evening working at a Japanese restaurant washing dishes.

2013.05.27 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0002013.05.27 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0012013.05.27 JJ ABC-Z Trip 002

I don’t know whether they got there on-time or not (they only had half-an-hour for travel time), but they had to make a dash for the door.

2013.05.27 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0032013.05.27 JJ ABC-Z Trip 004

In the kitchen, they first take stock of the situation . . .

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Since the last episode of “A.B.C-Z オーストラリア縦断 資金0円 ワーホリの旅” (A.B.C-Z’s working holiday trip through Australia with 0 yen) left the guys with only a bit of spare change, they need to spend this time looking for work.

2013.05.20 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0022013.05.20 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0002013.05.20 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0012013.05.20 JJ ABC-Z Trip 003

They seem pretty relaxed as they drive into Gold Coast (again going “umi da!” – “it’s the sea!” – as if that’s a surprise at a place called ‘Gold Coast’).

2013.05.20 JJ ABC-Z Trip 0042013.05.20 JJ ABC-Z Trip 005

They even spend a bit of the morning at the beach, though Tsukada-kun seems to be the only one willing to spend time in the water. Thankfully, they eventually pull themselves away from the water to search for work.

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