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This is the final episode of Shinryochu (心療中 – in treatment), which is certainly the most intense drama I’ve reviewed on this site so far. It has featured some phenomenal acting from young actors and actresses playing students who consult with counselor Tenma Ryo (Inagaki Goro), and solid performances from the adults as well. The question in this episode is to what extent the plots will be resolved, and the likely answer given what we’ve seen so far is – not as far as the viewer would like, but perhaps as far as is realistic. After all, with so many characters facing such a range of psychological issues, is it reasonable to believe that a single counselor could somehow magic their pains away?

When we first see Ryo, he’s made a deal with his son to ensure the kid goes to class, then enters to talk with his wife Kanae (Sakai Miki). The breakdown of their marriage is only the first of the plots that this episode has to deal with. Are they going to be able to keep it together?

Shinryochu Ep 12 001Shinryochu Ep 12 002Shinryochu Ep 12 003Shinryochu Ep 12 005

Well, if you’ve been following along, you know the prospects are definitely not good. Kanae has been trying to break away from Ryo from the very beginning of the series.

As if Ryo doesn’t have problems of his own, he has to be worried about student Tanaka Shun (Takada Sho), who blames himself for his friend Toma’s suicide. In this fragile state, he wants to try hypnotherapy to explore his past, but Ryo doesn’t think dredging up all those painful memories is a good idea when Shun already has grief to digest.

Shinryochu Ep 12 006Shinryochu Ep 12 007

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At the beginning of this episode of Shinryochu (心療中 – in treatment), Tenma Ryo (Inagaki Goro) gets a call about his father’s condition worsening, but he can’t bring himself to go to the institution to visit.

Shinryochu Ep 11 000Shinryochu Ep 11 001

His wife Kanae (Sakai Miki) tries to comfort him. Is she being inconsistent, or is she just continuing to think of him as the troubled one – the one who really needs counseling.

Shinryochu Ep 11 002Shinryochu Ep 11 003

Speaking of counseling, Ryo has to deal with a patient he hasn’t seen in a while – Tanaka Shun (Takada Sho). Last time they met, Tanaka confessed to wanting to burn something – possibly his house, possibly something else – particularly in response to his parents contemplating divorce.

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This episode of Shinryochu (心療中 – in treatment) covers two of the more interesting storylines in the series – those of Katayama Hikaru (Tanaka Juri) and Aikawa Sakuya (Sanada Yuma). Katayama’s session is first.

Shinryochu Ep 10 000Shinryochu Ep 10 001Shinryochu Ep 10 002Shinryochu Ep 10 003

This session clears a great deal up about who Hikaru is and what’s really going on with him – so much so that I’ll have to leave out details, because it rather feels like the culmination of the story if not the resolution.

Shinryochu Ep 10 004Shinryochu Ep 10 005Shinryochu Ep 10 006Shinryochu Ep 10 007

Why is Hikaru suddenly willing to talk? Perhaps counselor Tenma Ryo (Inagaki Goro) finally manages to ask the right questions.

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This episode of Shinryochu (心療中 – in treatment) has school counselor Tenma Ryo (Inagaki Goro) looking out of the window at couples twice. The first time is right at the beginning of the episode . . .

Shinryochu Ep 09 001Shinryochu Ep 09 002

. . . and he shouts for his wife Kanae (Sakai Miki) because the girl outside his window is his daughter Tomoka.

Shinryochu Ep 09 003

But we don’t get to see what happens. Instead, it’s time for Tenma’s session with Kitahara Ren (Senga Kento).

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For once, Shinryochu (心療中 – in treatment) picks up where it left one of the stories in the last episode. It left the Katayama Hikaru (Tanaka Juri) story in a very weak state – totally obscuring what was going on with Hikaru – so hopefully this quick follow-up shows that the writers recognized that problem, and wanted to fix it immediately.

In the last episode, counselor Tenma Ryo (Inagaki Goro) called Hikaru’s parents about his plans to go to a hot spring with his brother. As a result, they’re now keeping a close track of his activities and he blames Ryo for that.

Shinryochu Ep 08 002Shinryochu Ep 08 003Shinryochu Ep 08 004

Well, I say he blames Ryo, and he seems upset at first, but his emotions are incomprehensible.

Shinryochu Ep 08 005Shinryochu Ep 08 006

He doesn’t feel like Ryo trusts him . . .

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