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Priceless Ep 10 Review

In good form, episode 9 of Priceless (プライスレス) ended on the climax of the series. This is the last episode of the drama, so if you haven’t watched the rest of it yet, or at least know what’s happened, you don’t want to read the rest of this review. This is too good a series to risk spoiling.

Now, about that climax. After being treated like cogs in a machine by the management of Miracle Electronics, the employees of the company decided to leave their resignations on their desk en masse, and they all end up at the doorstep of Happiness Thermoses – Kindaichi (Kimura Takuya)’s company. Actually, they don’t end up at the office of the company (which Happiness might not still have the use of after the patent issue in the last episode), but in front of Grandma Marioka’s house – all of them.

Priceless Ep 10 000


Kindaichi, Nikaido (Karina), and Moai (Nakai Kiichi) retreat back inside to digest this unexpected turn of events.

Priceless Ep 10 001Priceless Ep 10 002

Meanwhile, it’s very lonely at Miracle Electronics, now that there are only two people at work:

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Priceless Ep 09 Review

As the antagonist of Priceless (プライスレス), Oyashiki Toichiro (Fujiki Naohito) becomes steadily less comfortable in his position as president of Miracle Electronics . . .
Priceless Ep 09 000
. . . the three protagonists decide to get better threads . . .
Priceless Ep 09 001Priceless Ep 09 002Priceless Ep 09 004

. . . and to move Happiness Thermoses to more impressive premises.

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Priceless Ep 08 Review

In Priceless (プライスレス), Kindaichi (Kimura Takuya) is getting more comfortable as his thermos venture gains success. At the start of this episode, we see him playing around with the Marioka boys as he gets settled into his new office.

Priceless Ep 08 000 Priceless Ep 08 001 Priceless Ep 08 002 Priceless Ep 08 003

There is work to be done, though, especially when an unforeseen equipment failure means thermos production is halted until they can muster the money for a replacement.

Priceless Ep 08 004

Meanwhile, Nikaido (Karina) has gone AWOL, deciding that she isn’t really needed by Kindaichi.

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Priceless Ep 07 Review

The heroes of Priceless (プライスレス) find themselves crowded out by thermoses of their own making:

Priceless Ep 07 002Priceless Ep 07 004

With their precious living space, so ardently fought for (and over), now occupied by inanimate objects of no clear practical value, Nikaido (Karina) argues that the thermoses should be sold to a secondhand shop for whatever cash they can fetch.

Meanwhile, the one thermos that they actually managed to sell has inspired a very influential writer for a consumer goods column.

Priceless Ep 07 003

His article hits the stands . . .

Priceless Ep 07 005

. . . just as they’re getting the thermoses hauled away.

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Priceless Ep 06 Review

In Priceless (プライスレス), Kindaichi (Kimura Takuya) finally got the idea that I was hoping he would get – the one that would pit him up against his old company in a way that would prove that he deserved the company presidency more than Toichiro (Fujiki Naohito).

Priceless Ep 06 001Priceless Ep 06 000

With Toichiro deciding that Miracle Thermos would no longer make thermoses because they couldn’t get enough profit out of it, Kindaichi decides that there’s a chance for them to take the thermos business.

The morning after he has this brilliant thought, there’s a guest waiting for him – Hirose Ryoichi (Kusakari Masao), the father of Kindaichi’s girlfriend Yoko.

Priceless Ep 06 002

At first, Kindaichi pulls away to confer with Nikaido (Karina) and Moai (Nakai Kiichi), afraid of what Hirose might want with him. Moai suggests apologizing for ignoring Yoko, and taking the two or three punches that are no doubt coming.

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