Hi and welcome to J-Everything.

I created this blog to give voice to my thoughts about Japanese entertainment – everything from jpop to dramas to variety shows. I was an anime fan when I was a kid, and started getting into the other stuff as I got older. Now, pushing thirty, I think I can make some cogent observations.

I tend to like dramas and variety shows that feature people from Johnny’s Entertainment because there’s always a lot of action and humor, and I can put myself in their shoes. Also, I can often find subtitles for the dramas from the JE fan communities. Do not, however, expect me to start flailing or to refrain from criticism when I see something not working out. I’m not that kind of fan. The groups I follow, in decreasing order of frequency, are Arashi, Hey! Say! Jump, Kis-My-Ft2, SZ, the Juniors, Kanjani8, NEWS, SMAP, KAT-TUN, TOKIO, and V6. In other words, I’m not too picky.

I like too many things to list, but at the top are the Hiyao Miyazaki movies that really got me started – especially Castle in the Sky. I never tire of watching the following : Cowboy Bebop, Horikita Maki dramas, Arashi variety shows, Kimura Takuya dramas, Music Station, Shounen Club, Matsumoto Hitoshi, and Tokyo Friend Park 2. For music, I like Mr. Children and Bump of Chicken (though I can’t say their names aloud without laughing), Hikawa Kiyoshi, Arashi, and the music Hisaishi Joe composed for Miyazaki’s movies. I’m up for anything with a catchy tune and/or good vocals, though.

I’m a science-fiction writer, composer, graphic artist, and I generally like making stuff. Nothing I do sells particularly well (yet), but I’m frugal and get by. I will try to post to this blog regularly, but if I get caught up in a project . . . .

My goal is to introduce people to stuff they might like – entertainment opportunities that the English-speaking world is largely unaware of. Along the way, I will practice my Japanese (which I have been learning very, very slowly over the course of a decade) and hopefully getting myself to the point where I can translate. For now, with my limited knowledge of the language, I’m confined to watching either shows that are already subbed, or shows that are easy to understand without a firm grasp of the language (and, actually, a lot of the variety shows and music shows are self-explanatory – the dramas are a bit more difficult). I would appreciate any explanations readers can provide.

By the way, I know the title is a bit . . . yeah.

Suggestions are welcome.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy reading!