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In the first Gamushara J’s Party!! (ガムシャラ J’s Party!!) of June, I was surprised by how Yasui Kentaro-kun didn’t get to do a performance despite the fact that he was in the spray art challenge. Well, they made up for that by starting off with him this time (when I say start with, I mean after the two minute opening that they force us to sit through before the show really starts).

2014.06.14 Gamushara Js Party 000

Yasui-kun starts the show singing “Kizuna”, and unlike the second episodes in previous months, this didn’t feel as much like it was starting in the middle of nowhere. That said, they could have just been lucky to have performance ot open with – I’m still not convinced that when they record the live J’s Party events, they have the need to edit them into episodes in mind.

2014.06.14 Gamushara Js Party 001

Anyway, Yasui-kun was great, of course. The twenty-two year old (going on twenty-three in a month) followed “Kizuna” with “Take Over”, and while he’s engaging on his own, I still hope that they find an appropriate and stable group to put around him soon. His voice is on the thin side, and could do with support.

2014.06.14 Gamushara Js Party 0022014.06.14 Gamushara Js Party 003

Speaking of voices, Masuda Ryo, Jesse, and Hanzawa Akatsuki joined Yasui-kun on stage to perform “Suna no Glass”. No problems with this combination, of course – even in off-stage activities it’s pretty easy to see how they could work together in variety shows and such, since their personalities are different.

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Gamushara J’s Party!! (ガムシャラ J’s Party!!) is a music variety show that features on-stage performances from Johnny’s juniors, the idol trainees of the Johnny’s Entertainment agency, as well as some backstage footage to show all sides of the experience. It is associated with another TV Asahi show called Gamushara, in which the same juniors featured in J’s Party also take on a variety of challenges.

My main hope going into the June episodes was that we see a wider selection of juniors than we saw in May. The opening credits highlighted Jesse, Hanzawa Akatsuki, Masuda Ryo, Miyachika Kaito, Nakamura Reia, Takahashi Kaito, Matsuda Genta, Suzuki Shunei, Haniuda Amu, and Kishi Yuta. So . . . that’s exactly the same number of juniors as we saw in May – ten. Is this going to be a pattern with this show, that we only see ten juniors each month? If so, I guess it could work out as long as they keep rotating most of them. And here, between May and June, I think Jesse-kun is the only person in J’s Party for both months.

2014.06.07 Gamushara Js Party 000

The show begins with an overture and the dramatic entrance of the three headliners – Jesse, Hanzawa, and Masuda – singing Kis-My-Ft2’s “Everybody Go”.

2014.06.07 Gamushara Js Party 0012014.06.07 Gamushara Js Party 0022014.06.07 Gamushara Js Party 0032014.06.07 Gamushara Js Party 004

The rest of the cast of ten soon join them, but except for Kishi-kun, the rest act as backdancers. It’s interesting to see Jesse-Hanzawa-Masuda since they’re a vocally adept trio, but even more interesting to hear Kishi-kun in the mix and getting solo lines in their company. Kishi-kun’s voice provides a contrast to those of the other three.

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Well, the new challenge in this episode of Gamushara (ガムシャラ) sure looks interesting:

2014.04.27 Gamushara 000

But before that, we have to check out the conclusion of the spray art challenge with Yasui Kentaro-kun, Haniuda Amu-kun, and Suzuki Shunei-kun. Yasui-kun introduced the show as usual . . .

2014.04.27 Gamushara 001

. . . but to my surprise, they skipped the lengthy intro bit where some of the juniors mess around. This was the first of a few signs that the director is finally figuring out how to edit this show – the way they did the opening in the first two episodes was fun, but took too much time considering how short the show is and how much they want to get done. So, they quickly explained the whole Gamushara J’s Party thing and how the three members were going to do spray art on stage.

2014.04.27 Gamushara 002

Another good sign that they’re compressing things a bit – they showed a single image with all three members involved in the challenge instead of showing them one at a time. Every second counts when you’ve only got twenty-two minutes or so to work with.

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Gamushara 2014.04.20 Review

In the first episode of Gamushara (ガムシャラ), while delighted that a fair number of juniors were getting time in the spotlight, I was a bit distressed by how choppy the show was and how often the director chose to cut to VTRs. Will we see the same problem in this second episode, or will things go smoother this time? I’m going to have a stopwatch going to time how many minutes we’re listening to the announcer instead of the people involved in the challenges.

2014.04.20 Gamushara 000

As before, Yasui Kentaro-kun was the MC . . .

2014.04.20 Gamushara 001

. . . but the juniors were more restrained this time, with only Mohohoshi Shoki-kun jumping out to the front to mess around.

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Gamushara 2014.04.13 Review

Gamushara (ガムシャラ) is a new variety show in which Johnny’s juniors – the trainees of the Johnny’s Entertainment agency – take on challenges to show that they have the right stuff. After all, the Japanese entertainment industry likes versatility in its stars.

The juniors participating are the same ones who appear in the concert program Gamushara J’s Party, though the cast for both might change from month to month.

It’s possible to view this series as the conceptual successor to Johnny’s Jr. Land, but what will it really be like? First of all, it’s just a half-hour show while JJL was a full hour, but the portion of JJL where they actually did the challenges was only about half the show, so it’s possible to compare that segment in particular.

Well, let’s find out. The opening sequence is much cooler than JJL’s, that’s for sure. They’re definitely aiming for kakkoii rather than kawaii here.

2014.04.13 Gamushara 000

The main challenge looks like shampooing patrons at a salon – certainly a nerve-wracking undertaking for someone who has never done it. There seem to be two other segments as well, so they’re really packing it in. Are they really going to be able to give each part enough time?

2014.04.13 Gamushara 001

Yasui Kentaro-kun is the MC for this show . . .

2014.04.13 Gamushara 002

. . . and the best part of the boisterous opening is when the juniors who are bouncing around in front clear up and we see Iwahashi Genki-kun somewhat meekly clapping.

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