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Gamushara 2014.04.20 Review

In the first episode of Gamushara (ガムシャラ), while delighted that a fair number of juniors were getting time in the spotlight, I was a bit distressed by how choppy the show was and how often the director chose to cut to VTRs. Will we see the same problem in this second episode, or will things go smoother this time? I’m going to have a stopwatch going to time how many minutes we’re listening to the announcer instead of the people involved in the challenges.

2014.04.20 Gamushara 000

As before, Yasui Kentaro-kun was the MC . . .

2014.04.20 Gamushara 001

. . . but the juniors were more restrained this time, with only Mohohoshi Shoki-kun jumping out to the front to mess around.

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49 Ep 11 Review

Here it is, the final episode of 49. Among the dramas I’ve reviewed, I don’t think there’s any that I’ve been more reluctant to see end. For most series, it’s pretty clear they need to wrap things up. Shinryochu was the last one that I thought should have had more episodes to it because too many of its storylines were wrapped up too hastily, but it was so intense and disconcerting that I was nowhere as eager to see that one continue as this one.

Right up front (because I’ll be focusing on the review at the close of the article), I’d like to thank arisu-subs for the wonderful translation effort throughout the series. I don’t acknowledge the subbers often enough – mainly because I’m not sure whether they want me to.

So, the writers have only an hour left to do right by the story of Kagami Dan (Sato Shori) and his father. Can they manage it?

It begins with Dan recording a message to his father – a longer one than his father left him, but just as meaningful in its own way. We find out something quite surprising – that Dan’s father wasn’t the one who died. Dan distinctly remembers his spirit floating away from his body. He realizes that his father left his own body and pulled Dan’s soul back in by force, and that’s how they got merged in Dan’s body.

49 Ep 11 00049 Ep 11 001

The writers have had a lot of tricks up their sleeves along the way, but this one really takes the cake. I’m properly impressed by this twist to things.

I also like how they have the two of them facing each other like this when Dan says he’s afraid that he’s going to be the one who’ll disappear after the forty-nine days are up rather than his father. Very artsy.

49 Ep 11 002

Dan’s father doesn’t know what will happen at the end of the 49 days, either, it turns out, and this is a state of affairs that we should be able to get some serious resolution out of. I noted in the previous episode that we didn’t really know whether Dan was now enjoying life enough so that he wouldn’t contemplate suicide. Well, I think we’re at least going to find that out, and if he still wants to live, that’s a start.

On the less serious side of life, Possessed Dan, Kenta (Yasui Kentaro), and Satoshi (Jinguji Yuta) find Kiryu Tetsuya (Kyan Yutaka) sleeping in his money. He’s really got the whole decadent thing down!

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49 Ep 10 Review

This is the second-to-last episode of 49 and I’ve admittedly stalled on reviewing it to delay gratification. On the bright side, the last episode will be double-length, but I wonder if even that will be enough time to put a satisfying cap on things. The acting and stories have been so engaging thus far that I doubt any viewer could resist wishing for an episode or two more (though the plot effectively limits the possibility of a special or second season).

When we last left Kagami Dan (Sato Shori), he had just retaken control of his body from his father’s ghost – doing so right in front of Mana (Nishino Nanase), who had so far believed that she was dealing with twins rather than a young man temporarily possessed by the ghost of his father. The switch seemed to signal that Dan now has feelings for Mana – feelings he used to only have for Sachi (Yamamoto Maika).

49 Ep 10 000 49 Ep 10 001

Mana naturally demands an explanation, but she posits her own – multiple personality disorder – before he even gets a chance to say anything substantial.

49 Ep 10 002

Sachi steps in, offering to tell Mana what’s really going on, but Mana spots a rival and they immediately start fighting over Dan.

49 Ep 10 00349 Ep 10 00449 Ep 10 005

Ah! Young love! I bet Dan never thought that he’d have two girls fighting over him! Well, to be more accurate, one girl fighting for him, and another fighting for his father who has been using his body like a time share. You can sort of tell Shori-kun has a bit of trouble not smiling here as he tries to put on a convincing wince of pain, but he gets his expression down to one of dismay before they cut to the opening credits.

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49 Ep 09 Review

Last time in 49, Dan (Sato Shori) got to show off a skill no one knew he had – he’s actually a very strong Go player. While it’s not possible to become a strong player just by reading books, it is possible to become one even if you’re reclusive thanks to high-level internet Go, so it’s one of the few things Dan could really master on his own.

49 Ep 09 000

Sachi (Yamamoto Maika) starts out by complimenting him on his victory, but leaves a bad taste in the viewer’s mouth as she ends the conversation by pointing out how grateful he should be to his father for saving him. She taunts him by saying that he’d have far greater injuries if his father hadn’t turned him the right way in the midst of the fall.

49 Ep 09 00149 Ep 09 00249 Ep 09 00449 Ep 09 005

Look, I understand that she doesn’t know Dan likes her and that she’s totally and irrationally in love with Dan’s father, but that’s no excuse for the way she acts. I’m eagerly waiting for the point where they tell her how Dan feels about her so she feels a bit of regret about treating him this way. Hopefully.

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49 Ep 08 Review

At the end of the previous episode of 49, Sachi (Yamamoto Maika) drove Dan (Sato Shori) – the real Dan – to attempt suicide because she didn’t appreciate that he had feelings for her and would be deeply hurt by her harsh words. Real Dan isn’t very thick-skinned, and it sure showed here.

49 Ep 08 000 49 Ep 08 001

Now that he has taken this drastic step, but will undoubtedly survive it, will Sachi and Dan’s father be a bit more attentive to him rather than just assuming to know what’s best for him?

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