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Kamen Teacher Ep 07 Review

In Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー), Araki (Fujigaya Taisuke) has now more or less dealt with the trouble students we were introduced in the first episode . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 07 000

. . . which leaves the writers with a bit of a quandary. They probably don’t want to go too far into the dark Kamen Teacher plot – not unless this series is going to be shorter than the previous dramas in this time slot.

Kamen Teacher Ep 07 001Kamen Teacher Ep 07 002Kamen Teacher Ep 07 003

So, they need something new. But since they already hyped up those specific students as being the real problem with the school, will what they come up with next feel equally important?

Interestingly, what we get first is Ichimura (Omasa Aya) remembering how, when she was a student, a teacher said she believed in her and asked for the same trust in return.

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Kamen Teacher Ep 06 Review

This was a remarkably straightforward episode of Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー). It was so focused on the central story about Kinzo (Kikuchi Fuma) that they didn’t even have time to have a café/Kinpatsu-sensei scene. This is really the second part of the story from the last episode, so the writers didn’t feel the need to add the regular scenes – there wasn’t even a consultation between Araki (Fujigaya Taisuke) and Bon (Kyomoto Taiga).

We last left Kinzo enraged and about to fight the dark Kamen Teacher . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 06 000Kamen Teacher Ep 06 001Kamen Teacher Ep 06 002Kamen Teacher Ep 06 003

. . . and because there are a bunch of teachers watching, we can pretty much rule out everyone except the guy at the department of education (Sato Takumi) and Keigo (Jesse) as the dark Kamen Teacher. So, those rooting for Keigo to be the one are now much closer to seeing that twist come about.

Kamen Teacher Ep 06 004

As you might expect, Kinzo’s battle with the dark Kamen Teacher does not go well for him . . .

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Kamen Teacher Ep 05 Review

In Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー), Araki Gota (Fujigaya Taisuke) has now managed to win over most of the M4 students . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 05 000 Kamen Teacher Ep 05 001

. . . but he still has to deal with Kinzo (Kikuchi Fuma) and Shishimaru (Kishi Yuta), not to mention the dark Kamen Teacher.

Kamen Teacher Ep 05 002 Kamen Teacher Ep 05 003

In the school staff room, Araki wonders who the dark teacher is. I hope it’s not the person we’re being led to think it is (Tooyama Shunsaku played by Yamada Shintaro). Anyway, the staff is entirely at ease thanks to the Kamen Teachers . . .

Kamen Teacher Ep 05 004

. . . except for Ichimura (Omasa Aya), who’s more impressed by the way Araki handled Ryota (apparently risking his own body in the process).

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Kamen Teacher Ep 04 Review

There were all sorts of interesting developments at the end of the previous episode of Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー) – all of which I couldn’t mention because I didn’t want to give away spoilers – but they recap them at the beginning of this episode. The shockstick-wielding Ryota (Yanagi Shuntaro) attacked Kobayashi Toobee (Musaka Naomasa) – Araki (Fujigaya Taisuke)’s cafe-owning acquaintance. Ryota in turn was assaulted by a dark Kamen Teacher.

We pick up the story with Araki visiting Kobayashi at the hospital. Kobayashi tells him about the other Kamen Teacher, and how Ryota was probably also seriously injured and brought to this hospital.

Kamen Teacher Ep 04 000Kamen Teacher Ep 04 001Kamen Teacher Ep 04 003Kamen Teacher Ep 04 006

And indeed, Araki finds Ryota, whose childhood traumas (the ones he had been suppressing with his cold attitude) have exploded to the surface due to the harsh beating he experienced at the hands of the dark Kamen Teacher. He’s now a panicky wreck.

Kamen Teacher Ep 04 008Kamen Teacher Ep 04 009

At the sight of this, Araki says “kamen teacher” as if speaking about an enemy he wants revenge against.

Kamen Teacher Ep 04 010

And so it begins . . . .

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At the end of the last episode of Kamen Teacher (仮面ティーチャー), Kusanagi Keigo (Jesse) hinted that he knew that Araki Gota (Fujigaya Taisuke) was the Kamen Teacher, but he didn’t make it conclusive. With the continuation of that conversation at the start of this half-hour, there’s some reason to believe Kusanagi will only state what he knows if he finds some clear advantage in it – perhaps to blackmail Araki. You see, if a Kamen Teacher’s identity is exposed, that’s the end of their role in the program – they’re basically fired.

Kamen Teacher Ep 03 000 Kamen Teacher Ep 03 001 Kamen Teacher Ep 03 002 Kamen Teacher Ep 03 003

That’s not the only problem on Araki’s mind. Last time, we thought he had set Kotaro (Maeda Goki) straight, but it might have been too straight, since Kotaro now doesn’t fight back when his former followers beat him up. Those followers certainly have a reason to be unhappy after what Kotaro did to them, but why doesn’t he fight back?

Kamen Teacher Ep 03 006Kamen Teacher Ep 03 008

In the staff room, there’s no indication at all that Kotaro is being assaulted by fellow students – the teachers simply say that the Kamen Teacher is taking care of Kotaro. Have I mentioned that Araki has to do something to fix this faculty, too?

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