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The top single for the past week was “Hikaeme I Love You!” (控えめ I love you!) from HKT48, which saw 277,534 copies sold. That’s the best first week result for the group, narrowly continuing their streak of growth.

Fudanjuku was at #2 with “BE HERO” selling 32,248.

Taking #3 in its second week, “Midaretemina” from 2PM had a very good second week – selling 14,374 to pass the gold mark, reaching 109,471.

“Tokyo Victory” by Southern All Stars got #9 with 8,273 sold in its third week, and now boasts a total of 119,386 copies sold.

Right behind was Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy” which now has a twelve-week total of 516,931.

Hikawa Kiyoshi-san’s “Choito Kimagure Watari Dori” took #14, selling 6,206 in week two to bring its total to 59,338.

In its second week, “Omoide Breaker” from Lead sold a solid 5,556 for a running total of 48,783 sold.

At #26, Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Weekender/Ashita e no YELL” added 3,351 to its total, getting it to 207,448 in its fourth week.

AKB48’s “Kokoro no Placard” is still hanging out – taking #28, now with 1,042,729 copies sold in total after five weeks.

“Geragerapo no Uta” from King Cream Soda found itself at #29, which sold 2,894 to boost its twenty-two week total to 116,285.

The album side was thinner than it has been in a while. SHINee got #1 with “I’m Your Boy”, which sold 45,053 copies.

“TRAD” from Takeuchi Mariya-san was at #2 in its third week, still going strong by selling 25,055. Its fresh total is 192,449.

Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” bounced up to #5 by selling 13,165, and its five-week total is 76,253.


The top single for the past week was SKE48’s “Bukiyou Taiyou” with 324,076 copies sold. This continues a trend of declining first week sales for them which began with their all-time best single, “Choco no Dorei”, which sold 538k in its first week early in 2013. This single is now below levels that the group hasn’t seen since 2011, when they first managed to get the top spot on the singles chart.

At #2 was ONE OK ROCK’s “Mighty Long Fall/Decision”, which saw 50,670 in sales.

Momoiro Clover Z was right behind with their “Moon Pride”, the theme song to the new version of Sailor Moon, which sold 50,340. I was somewhat surprised that it didn’t do better, considering the tie-in to a much-anticipated anime and previous single in the 60-70k range.

“Black Butterfly/Kaze ni Fukarete” from Juice=Juice was at #4, selling 37,008.

Taking #5 in its second week, “Ti-Ti-Ti-Terette Teretititi ~Dare no Ketsu” from Busaiku sold a very impressive 27,824 to get above the gold threshold, now with a total of 105,205. The sales profile for Busaiku is so far not like any other idol group that I’ve seen – we’re talking about second week sales approximately 30% of first week sales compared to 9% for Johnny’s groups in general and 3% for AKB groups.

Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy” took #12 by selling 12,888, bringing its four-week total to 468,366.

In its second week, “NEW HORIZON” from EXILE sold 10,701 at #14 to push its total to 158,273.

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Well, Johnny’s WEST sure hit it out of the ballpark with their debut single “Ee ja nai ka”, didn’t they? It was the top single this past week, and sold 262,154 copies – passing the platinum mark. That’s at the top end of my expectations and even with any mitigating circumstances, I think the agency has to be pleased. Of course, with the group named directly for the agency, I think they went full-force with the promotions.

“Never Let You Go” by Generations from EXILE TRIBE took the second spot, selling 86,442.

At #3, it was “Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki” from μ’s with 65,930 copies sold.

CNBLUE’s “Truth” came in at #4, with 35,602.

SCANDAL’s “Departure” was #5, and sold 30,953.

In its seventh week, “Sakura, Minna de Tabeta” from HKT48 popped back up from #24 to #7, selling 17,738 to bring its total to 318,188.

Taking #8, Dream5’s “Break Out/Youkai Taisou Daiichi” saw 16,640 copies sold.

Nogizaka46’s “Kizuitara Kataomoi” finally scored double platinum, tacking on 11,427 at #11 to push its four-week total to 506,666.

Fukuda Kouhei-san’s long-lived single is finally out of the top 30, so I guess I’ll start covering his new one. “Tougegoe” took #15 in its fourth week, selling 7,808 for a total of 37,772. I think it’ll manage 50k before leaving the top 30 (assuming it leaves the top 30 before returning for fifty weeks).

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The top single for the past week was Morning Musume’s “Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe/Password is 0” (時空を超え 宇宙を超え/Password is 0) , which saw 119,409 copies sold. I’d normally think 時空 would be read jikuu (space-time) and 宇宙uchuu (universe), but Wikipedia says different. Anyway, this is a significant drop from the results on the group’s previous two singles – both of which scored in the 140k range in their first week.

SMAP’s “Yes we are/Koko kara” took #4, selling an additional 13,417 copies to bring its two-week total to 152,385. That’s a solid second week for the group after a lackluster first week.

At #7, “Kizuitara Kataomoi” from Nogizaka46 sold 12,734 in its third week and now boasts a total of 495,239 copies sold. It will probably pass 500k next week.

Taking #8 in its second week, Sekai no Owari’s “Honoo to Mori no Carnival” saw a very strong 11,575 copies sold and its total is now 78,044.

“Mirai to wa?” from SKE48 was at #11, selling 8,354 for a five-week total of 473, 937.

There were a lot of new releases populating the middle section of the top 30.

Going all the way to #24, we find HKT48’s “Sakura, Minna de Tabeta” at a six-week total of 300,450.

At #29 was “Takane no Ringo” from NMB48, which now has 420,835 copies sold after four weeks.

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In what was a somewhat soft week for releases, the top single was SMAP’s “Yes we are/Koko kara”, which sold 138,968 copies. That’s obviously on the weak side for the group, but they’re not the only ones languishing this week.

Take SEKAI NO OWARI at #2, for instance. Their “Honoo to Mori no Carnival” (炎と森のカーニバル) sold 66,469 compared to 100k and 79k for their previous two singles (with the 79k selling “RPG” released in the beginning of April, too).

After that, there were no significant new releases – all other new releases sold less than 25k.

Nogizaka46’s “Kizuitara Kataomoi” got #3, selling 24,668 in its second week for a total of 482,505. That’s pretty good for a -48 family group – more than 5% of first week sales compared to the usual 2-3%.

Let me just run through all the other members of the -48 family. SKE48’s “Mirai to wa?” took #12, selling 4,732 for a four-week total of 465,583. “Mae Shika Mukanee” from AKB48 was at #18, gaining two spots in the vacuum of releases and pushing its seven-week total to 1,140,117. Right behind #19 in its third week, NMB48’s “Takane no Ringo” now has a total of 418,720 copies sold. HKT48’s “Sakura de Tabeta” took #23 with a five-week total of 297,277. And finally, SKE48 got a second single into the top 30, with “Sansei Kawaii!” going from #93 to #25 by selling just 1,761 copies. Its twenty-one week total is 569,011.

Okay, with all those out of the way . . .

Nakayama Yuma-kun’s “High Five” took #16 in its second week, selling a respectable 3,522 to bring its total to 37,899. That’s a solid 10% second week.

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