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The top single for the past week was Kim Hyun-joong’s “HOT SUN”, which sold 83,307 to take #1.

That left UVERworld’s “Nanokame no Ketsui” at #2. It sold 51,136 copies in its first week.

Jin’s “daze/days” was at #3, selling 39,415.

At #7, “Sweat/Answer” from Tohoshinki did very well in its second week, with 15,483 copies sold for a total of 134,784.

In a bit of special coverage, Naoto Inti Raymi took #12 with “The World is ours!” selling 7,860.

Taking #13 in its second week, NEWS’ “One -for the win-” sold a weak 7,366 copies after a very strong first week to bring its total to 190,138. That’s only four percent of first week sales.

Passing the 50k mark at #14 this week was “Love wing bell/Dancing stars on me!” from μ’s, which sold 6,129 additional copies to boost its two-week total to 52,198.

Both of the recent Arashi singles are still in. “Daremo Shiranai” was at #19 with a four-week total of 512,921 copies sold, while “GUTS!” nabbed #30, now with 588,974 copies sold after eight weeks.

King Cream Soda’s “Geragerapo no Uta” took #21 and now has an eight-week total of 65,840.

“Tougegoe” snuck in at #29 for Fukuda Kouhei-san, and its twelve-week total is 65,200.

The top album was, of course, Hey! Say! JUMP’s “smart”, which sold 126,734 copies. That’s pretty much exactly what their previous album did (JUMP WORLD sold 126,578). That’s not bad but also not good. I’ve listened to the album a couple of times and, while some of it isn’t my style, at least I can see where they want to go with the music and there’s a mostly consistent trend. What they really need to do now is fire whoever makes their costumes, judging from the promotional appearances and the videos that came with the album.

X JAPAN’s compilation album “The World ~X JAPAN Hatsu no Zensekai Best~” was at #2, selling 39,009.

In its third week, Amuro Namie-san’s “Ballada” saw 32,176 copies sold to bring its total to 353,394.

At #4, “The Hunting Party” from Linkin Park sold 27,846.

The soundtrack to Frozen is finally losing steam, dropping to #5 with 25,075 sales this week, pushing its nineteen-week total to 811,578.

THE ALFEE took #6 with “Alfee Get Requests! 2”. It sold 19,102.



JUMParty 4 Review

I would not normally review JUMParty because it’s not a TV Show as such, but with Hey! Say! Jump graduating from Shounen Club, I admit to feeling a sense of angst about the fact that I’m covering no show where HSJ members appear. I could start covering School Kakumei, but that only features three members and it’s generally a VTR fest. Anyway, in the middle of contemplating this dismal situation, I starting seeing certain screenshots in my weibo stream that made it look like HSJ had a new show. Alas, it was only JUMParty 4 – a nice surprise, but not really what I was looking for. Well, now that it’s here, I guess we’ll run with it.

In each JUMParty, there’s some sort of competition, and this time it’s a slick kart competition around an oval track. Upfront, I’m dubious about how interesting this can be without a more sophisticated track (I’m not a NASCAR fan and prefer rally racing), but let’s see how it goes. As usual, Arioka Daiki-kun acts as MC.

JUMParty 4 000JUMParty 4 001

The teams are as follows: the red Hey! team had Takaki, Inoo, and Yamada; the white Say! team had Chinen, Hikaru, and Keito; the blue JUMP team had Daiki, Yuto, and Yabu. At the start of activities, they note that Chinen-kun looks like he’ll be fast, but who among the HSJ members really has what it takes to drive in circles?

JUMParty 4 002

Will the greater experience of the older members mean that they will be the better drivers, or will the energy of the younger members win the day? Chinen-kun says that he’s actually fearful and anxious about this, but he strikes a confident pose when saying so – sort of mixed messages there.

JUMParty 4 003

There will be two rounds (heats, if you will), each composed of three races. In each race, three members will go head-to-head, doing ten laps. For the first round, the driver in first place gets three points, the second place finisher will get two points, and last place is worth one point. The team with the most points after both rounds wins.

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The top single of the past week was Kanjani8’s “King of Otoko!”, which became the group’s most successful single by selling 352,888 copies – narrowly beating the first week of the group’s previous best – “Musekinin Hero”. That’s quite a comeback after a pair of soft singles.

Arashi’s “Bittersweet” took number two, selling 42,896 copies to bring its two-week total to 554,592. That’s lower than what I’d usually expect for an Arashi single’s second week, and this one didn’t knock it out of the ballpark in the first week. On the other hand, it’s better than what we saw on “Endless Game”,  so I think we’re just looking at average results here.

At #3, “Aoi Ryu” (青い龍) from EXILE ATSUSHI sold 35,085 copies.

“Otona nano yo!” from Berryz Koubou took #4 by selling 30,229.

Kobukuro’s “Ima, Sakihokoru Hana Tachi Yo” sold 19,277 at #7.

Kanjani8’s new single has had significant coattail affects on their previous two singles – the ones that didn’t do so well. I don’t know if this is event-driven or whether people just didn’t know about “Hibiki” and “Kokoro Sora Moyou” until they went to the store to buy “King of Otoko!”. Anyway, “Hibiki” took #9 in its sixth week, selling 16,140 to finally get above the platinum mark with 257,223 sold in total. “Kokoro Sora Moyou” got #11 with 13,150 sold in its twelfth week to push its total to 254,981. In other words, Kanjani8 saw three of their singles crack platinum in the Oricon standings in the same week. That has to be some kind of strange record/coincidence, right?

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The top single for the past week was Arashi’s “Bittersweet”, which sold 511,696 copies. That’s better than their previous single, but right in the middle of their range for the past five years.

SUPER☆GIRLS sold 39,604 copies of “Sorairo no Kiseki” to bring it to #2.

At #3, Funky Kato’s “My VOICE” saw 38,002 copies sold.

“Faith” from miwa took #4 by selling 33,215 copies.

T.M.Revolution’s collaboration with SCANDAL on the Sengoku Basara single “Count ZERO/Runners high”, didn’t go quite as well as T.M. Revolution normally does on his own – it sold 30,178 at #5.

The second week of sales for Hey! Say! JUMP’s “AinoArika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life” were on the disappointing side – 14,672 sold at #11 to bring the single’s total to 222,141. That’s 7% of first week sales.

Taking #13 in its third week, “Takaramonozu/Paradise Live” from μ’s sold 11,535 copies to boost its total to 59,190. That’s some impressive staying power.

Tohoshinki’s “Hide & Seek/Something” does not have that kind of persistence. Only in its second week, it dropped to #16, selling 6,754 copies to bring its total to 114,167.

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The top single for the past week was “AinoArika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life” from Hey! Say! JUMP, which sold 207,469 copies. While that’s a lot better than the 162,993 that “Ride With Me” scored in its first week, it’s still a lot lower than the 235k level that would have kept HSJ from a declining sales trend. I’m still miffed that neither “Ride With Me” nor “AinoArika” got play on Shounen Club – I thought both songs were far superior to “Come On-A My House”. I’m not sure what the promotion efforts beyond SC were, but it’s pretty clear that they were not adequate.

Tohoshinki took #2 with “Hide & Seek/Something” selling 107,413 – nothing out-of-the-ordinary for the group.

At #3, Itano Tomomi-san’s “little” sold 34,037.

“Takaramonozu/Paradise Live” from μ’s got #10 by selling 10,730 in a strong second week to bring its total to 47,655.

Amuro Namie-san’s “TSUKI” was at #11, selling 9,252 to bring its two-week total to 51,273.

Also in its second week, “Otone Nagare Tsuki” from Hikawa Kiyoshi-san sold 8,651 at #13, now with a total of 54,963 copies sold.

Morning Musume’s “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” had a weak second week at #16 – selling 7,890 or about 5% of first week sales. Its total is now 157,251.

“Snow Magic Fantasy” from SEKAI NO OWARI took #18, selling 5,816 for a three-week total of 122,094.

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