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Sorry about not posting the last couple of days – I’m currently caught up in a project that is preventing me from watching stuff to review. Still have the time to do the Oricon update, though, so here we go:

The top single for the past week was Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy”, which sold 421,622 copies. That’s a drop from 457,837 for “Kizuitara Kataomoi”, but that was a huge jump on all their other singles, so this number is nothing to sneeze at.

At #2 was “E.G. Anthem -We Are Venus-” from E-girls, selling 49,207 copies.

There’s no end to the singles from μ’s, and they keep managing to pass my threshold. The new release this week was “KiRa-KiRa Sensaion!/Happy maker!”, which took #3 by selling 49,099. However, there was also “Love wing bell/Dancing stars on me!” at #18, which added 2,778 in its fifth week to bring its total to 59,986. But that’s not all – “Yume no Tobira” got #23, and now has a seven-week total of 56,907. That’s three singles in seven weeks.

Taking #4 was GLAY’s “BLEEZE”, which sold 45,078.

Kanjani8’s “Omoidama” was at #7 in its second week, selling 12,306 to bring its total to 181,172.

Also in its second week, AAA’s “Wake up!” did well, taking #9 by selling 6,325 copies, boosting its total to 47,033.

“R.Y.U.S.E.I.” from Sandaime J Soul Brothers found itself at #13 this week, and it now has a three-week total of 176,285.

King Cream Soda really doesn’t want to leave the top 30. In its eleventh week, the group’s “Geragerapo no Uta” climbed from #16 to #14, selling 3,863 to push its total to 76,984.

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The top single for the past week was Kanjani8’s “Omoidama”, which saw 168,866 copies sold. That seems shockingly low for the group, as I normally expect to see a 2- handle on their numbers. This didn’t happen when “Ai Deshita” closely preceded the “ER” release, so I have no idea what’s going on this time.

INFINITE’s “Last Romeo ~Kimi ga Ireba ii~” took second place with 47,262 sold.

At #3 was “Wake up!” from AAA, which sold 40,708 copies.

“Kimi ni Deaeta kara” from miwa was in at #4, selling 25,025.

Last week’s top single took #6 this week. Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ “R.Y.U.S.E.I.” sold an additional 9,402 copies to boost its two-week total to 171,576.

Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Tougegoe” shot up to #10 from #28 in its fourteenth week, selling 3,855 to bring its total to 71,790. As expected, it’s not going to leave the top 30 without a fight or another Fukuda Kouhei single to take its place.

That pop was nothing compared to the one for NMB48’s “Takane no Ringo”, which went from #112 to #11 in its fifteenth week, selling 3,820 to reach 448,262 copies sold in total.

Jin’s “daze/days” was at #12 with 3,808 copies sold and a three-week total of 52,305.

Taking #16 in its tenth week, “Geragerapo no Uta” from King Cream Soda now boasts a total of 73,121.

After four weeks, Hoshino Gen-san’s “Crazy Crazy/Sakura no Mori” found itself at #23 with a running total of 49,236.

UVERworld took #25 as “Nanoka-me no Ketsui” sold an additional 2,447 in week three and reached a total of 58,315 copies sold.

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The top single for the past week was “R.Y.U.S.E.I.” by Sandaime J Soul Brothers. It saw a very impressive 162,174 copies sold to take the top spot.

At #2 was DISH// with “Saisho no Koi ~Motetakute~/FLAME”, which sold 39,516 copies.

SHINee’s “Lucky Star” took #3, selling 35,837.

In its second week, Jin’s “daze/days” was at #7 and added 9,082 to its total, bringing it to 48,497.

UVERworld’s “Nanoka-me no Ketsui” took #12, selling an additional 4,732 to get its two-week total to 55,868.

Taking #19 in its ninth week, “Geragerapo no Uta” from King Cream Soda sold 3.796 copies and now has a total of 69,636 copies sold.

“ONE ~for the win~” from NEWS found itself at #21 this week after selling 3,329, lifting its three-week total to 193,467.

At #22, it was “Love wing bell/Dancing stars on me!” from μ’s, which sold 3,130 and boasts a three-week total of 55,328.

Arashi’s “Dare mo Shiranai” took #23 and has a total of 516,010 after five weeks.

Spending week three at #25, “Sweat/Answer” from Tohoshinki sold 2,900 and has a total of 137,684 copies sold.

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The top single for the past week was Kim Hyun-joong’s “HOT SUN”, which sold 83,307 to take #1.

That left UVERworld’s “Nanokame no Ketsui” at #2. It sold 51,136 copies in its first week.

Jin’s “daze/days” was at #3, selling 39,415.

At #7, “Sweat/Answer” from Tohoshinki did very well in its second week, with 15,483 copies sold for a total of 134,784.

In a bit of special coverage, Naoto Inti Raymi took #12 with “The World is ours!” selling 7,860.

Taking #13 in its second week, NEWS’ “One -for the win-” sold a weak 7,366 copies after a very strong first week to bring its total to 190,138. That’s only four percent of first week sales.

Passing the 50k mark at #14 this week was “Love wing bell/Dancing stars on me!” from μ’s, which sold 6,129 additional copies to boost its two-week total to 52,198.

Both of the recent Arashi singles are still in. “Daremo Shiranai” was at #19 with a four-week total of 512,921 copies sold, while “GUTS!” nabbed #30, now with 588,974 copies sold after eight weeks.

King Cream Soda’s “Geragerapo no Uta” took #21 and now has an eight-week total of 65,840.

“Tougegoe” snuck in at #29 for Fukuda Kouhei-san, and its twelve-week total is 65,200.

The top album was, of course, Hey! Say! JUMP’s “smart”, which sold 126,734 copies. That’s pretty much exactly what their previous album did (JUMP WORLD sold 126,578). That’s not bad but also not good. I’ve listened to the album a couple of times and, while some of it isn’t my style, at least I can see where they want to go with the music and there’s a mostly consistent trend. What they really need to do now is fire whoever makes their costumes, judging from the promotional appearances and the videos that came with the album.

X JAPAN’s compilation album “The World ~X JAPAN Hatsu no Zensekai Best~” was at #2, selling 39,009.

In its third week, Amuro Namie-san’s “Ballada” saw 32,176 copies sold to bring its total to 353,394.

At #4, “The Hunting Party” from Linkin Park sold 27,846.

The soundtrack to Frozen is finally losing steam, dropping to #5 with 25,075 sales this week, pushing its nineteen-week total to 811,578.

THE ALFEE took #6 with “Alfee Get Requests! 2”. It sold 19,102.


Lots of noteworthy new releases this week. The top single for the past week was NEWS’ “ONE -for the win-“, which saw a very strong 182,772 copies sold. I like sporty NEWS in general, so I’m glad this one did well.

Tohoshinki’s “Sweat/Answer” was at #2, selling 119,301 copies.

There’s another μ’s single already!? “Love wing bell/Dancing stars on me!” sold 46,069 at #3, which seems like what all of these μ’s single end up doing.

At #4 was Hoshino Gen-san’s “Crazy Crazy/Sakura no Mori”, which had 36,390 in sales in its first week.

“Nettaigyo no Namida” (熱帯魚の涙) from Flower took #5, selling 34,316.

Choutokkyuu’s “BelievexBelieve” was at #6, and sold 32,748.

In its third week, “Dare mo Shiranai” from Arashi got #11, adding 10,426 to its total to get above the double platinum level. It’s now at 507,800.

The top single last week, KAT-TUN’s “In Fact”, had a dismal second week, falling to #14, selling 6,997 to bring its total to 152,869. That’s less than 5% of first week sales – unusual for a Johnny’s group.

The previous μ’s single, “Yume no Tobira”, has only been out for three weeks and is still hanging out at #18, with a running total of 49,984.

At #19, “Geragerapo no Uta” from King Cream Soda sold an additional 4,295 copies to bring its total to 61,594.

Taking #20 in its fourth week, AKB48’s “Labrador Retriever” tacked on 4,251 for a grand total of 1,768,740 copies sold.

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