For the past two months on Gamushara (ガムシャラ), four teams of juniors prepared special performances for the summer festival, trying to win audience approval. Now, the victorious team and the losing team each get their dues, and both in the same locations shoot with Yasui Kentaro-kun hosing. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between the winning team (Tanaka Juri, Morohoshi Shoki, Morimoto Shintaro, Kyomoto Taiga, Matsumura Hokuto) . . .

2014.09.07 Gamushara 000 2014.09.07 Gamushara 001

. . . and the losing team (Iwahashi Genki, Takahashi Kaito, Takahashi Fuu, Hayashi Ren, Matsuda Genta).

2014.09.07 Gamushara 002

But if the losing team manages to clear some challenges, they’ll be able to partake in the same meal as the winning team at the end. What are these new tests, though?

2014.09.07 Gamushara 003

They’re headed off to a private beach, but while the winning team gets a nice, large motorboat to accommodate them as well as the staff, the losing team has to settle for two dinky little rowboats. Very traditional stuff, so far.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 0042014.09.07 Gamushara 006   2014.09.07 Gamushara 007 2014.09.07 Gamushara 008

This is another case of deliberate contrast, which the director of this show has proven time and again that he loves. They kept flipping back and forth between the teams to drill in the point.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 009 2014.09.07 Gamushara 010 2014.09.07 Gamushara 011 2014.09.07 Gamushara 012 2014.09.07 Gamushara 013

It wasn’t all fun for the winning team, though, as both Morohoshi-kun and Juri-kun felt seasick.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 014

After half an hour of rowing, Genki-kun’s team got to board the motor boat. There was no choice really – it would have taken them too long to get to the location, if they could at all.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 015

Yasui-kun made the excuse that it was because of the two members who were seasick – because they wanted to get to land as quickly as possible – but that was definitely not the reason, and this would have to have been planned (unless they’re allowed to leave abandoned rowboats on the water without someone to bring them back?).

2014.09.07 Gamushara 016

Made me wonder if these two were really seasick at all.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 017

Anyway, they arrived at the beach . . .

2014.09.07 Gamushara 018

. . . and while both teams got to appreciate the beauty of it, Hokuto-kun’s team got the use of some kayaks while Genki-kun’s team had to first prove their worthiness.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 019 2014.09.07 Gamushara 020

The test was one of vocal loudness, which was immediately hilarious to me because Genki-kun’s team was the quietest bunch out of the four teams. I guess the staff must have noticed that as well. The situation was that they had to swim twenty meters to grab a question floating on the water, swim back and hand it to Yasui-kun. Then, they had to answer the question as loudly as possible. Yasui-kun has a decibel-meter, and their goal is over 110 decibels.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 021

Hmm . . . not the most flattering rendering of Yasui-kun and Genki-kun here:

2014.09.07 Gamushara 022

While Genki-kun’s team was taking care of that, the winning team got to head out on kayaks. Wait . . . what about the two who get seasick? I note that the director tried not to show Morohoshi-kun and Juri-kun on kayaks, but I still suspect that the seasickness was scripted and they went out on kayaks just fine – from a distance we saw five people in those boats.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 023 2014.09.07 Gamushara 024

We totally ignore that issue, and instead focus on the losing team. I said swim 20 meters, but they’re really just wading through water – it’s not more than four feet deep. It’s cold water, though.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 025 2014.09.07 Gamushara 026 2014.09.07 Gamushara 027

Takahashi Kaito-kun was the first back, and the question to him was an easy one – in English, “otou-san” is father. What’s “okaa-san”?

2014.09.07 Gamushara 028

But he was just short of the target of 110 decibels:

2014.09.07 Gamushara 029

This is going to be tough.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 030 2014.09.07 Gamushara 031

But which of these five will be the first to clear?

2014.09.07 Gamushara 032 2014.09.07 Gamushara 033 2014.09.07 Gamushara 034

And which one will have the most trouble?

2014.09.07 Gamushara 035 2014.09.07 Gamushara 036

I can’t believe Kaito-kun didn’t get the question about Sugi-chan’s gag right. All of the questions were easy – the test was of vocal volume, after all.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 037 2014.09.07 Gamushara 038 2014.09.07 Gamushara 039

This went on for quite a while. There was no apparent limit to the number of tries, it took most of them quite a while, and I have no idea what would have happened if someone had simply been unable to hit 110 decibels. Frankly, I’m surprised some of those shouts were 110 dB – I think the video must have had some serious sound normalization, so they seemed softer than they were.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 040 2014.09.07 Gamushara 041 2014.09.07 Gamushara 042

Eventually they all did clear the challenge, though, so they ventured out on kayaks as well.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 043

After that, they all gathered together for the promised meal, but the losing team had another task – they had to use leaky buckets to bring water to put out the fire that the meal was barbequed on. As it turned out, this wasn’t much of a challenge at all, and Hokuto-kun’s team was stunned by this unimpressive test of the losing team’s worthiness to partake in the victory meal.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 0442014.09.07 Gamushara 0462014.09.07 Gamushara 0472014.09.07 Gamushara 048

When you think about it, it’s sort of unfair – the second and third teams didn’t get this treat, and all the losing team had to do was some wading and shouting.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 049 2014.09.07 Gamushara 050

There was more to this episode, though – the winning team got to do promotion videos for themselves by the seaside.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 051

These were hilarious – especially Morohoshi-kun’s.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 052 2014.09.07 Gamushara 0532014.09.07 Gamushara 0552014.09.07 Gamushara 056

The other team got a chance to promote themselves, too, but without the special effects or the Beach Boys song in the background. Oh, and also from a distance of forty meters from the camera (though the camera seemed to feel free to zoom in).

2014.09.07 Gamushara 057

Yasui the director:

2014.09.07 Gamushara 058

This is what an aspiring idol looks like from forty meters away:

2014.09.07 Gamushara 059

Can you tell who it is? How about this one?

2014.09.07 Gamushara 061 2014.09.07 Gamushara 062

Out of all things, Iwahashi-kun tried to balance a pole to make his appeal to the camera:

2014.09.07 Gamushara 063

Kaito-kun went with pulling a tablecloth from under three bottles. Since the bottles were right at the edge of the cloth and had a fair bit of mass to them, I wasn’t very impressed even before I saw whether it worked or not. The trick is to do it with a full array of lighter things like plates, glasses, and utensils. That said, I’ll give points for originality.

2014.09.07 Gamushara 064

And there you have it – a very unpredictable episode of Gamushara. It was full of little surprises, like how they did in the decibel contest, the bucket challenge result, and Kaito-kun’s tablecloth trick. So, after two months of knowing most of what they were going to do in each episode, this was a welcome switch back to randomness.

These same juniors will continue next week, but the teams will be mixed up as they compete directly against each other in a series of physical challenges. Since they were all in this wonderfully scenic location, it was only logical for the staff to decide to record another episode there, and I’m just glad they finally decided to change the teams.

So, I’m looking forward to that, as well as the episode after that (which I’ve already taken a peek at).