The top single for the past week was . . . EXILE TRIBE’s “THE REVOLUTION” which popped up from #129 to #1 in its fifth week by selling 156,271 copies to boost its total to 483,062. Really? Well, there’s no doubt at this point that we have some crazy manipulation on this one, since this is nothing like a normal sales curve. Even if the single sold just 100k in its first week, it shouldn’t have ended up all the way out of the top 100 in just its fourth week. And just like with that EXILE single a while back, it looks like the net goal is to get in the year-end top 10 by pushing everyone else up to and including Arashi, SKE48, and Nogizaka46 down a step.

If not for the EXILE TRIBE jump, it would have been 2PM’s “Midaretemina” at the top. As it was, it had to settle for #2 with 95,097 copies sold.

Hikawa Kiyoshi-san’s “Choito Kimagure Watari Dori” took #3, selling a solid 53,132.

At #4, “Omoide Breaker” from Lead sold 43,227.

“Sayonara no Mae ni” from AAA saw 25,018 copies sold at #5.

Southern All Stars saw their latest single, “Tokyo Victory”, take #6 in its second week. It sold a very strong 18,468 to boost its total to 111,113.

In its eleventh week, Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy” tacked on 6,598 in sales at #13, bringing its total to 508,856.

Taking #15 in its third week, Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Weekender/Ashita e no Yell” got above 200k, selling 5,528 to reach a total of 204,097 copies sold.

“Highschool Love” from E-girls took #19, selling 4,540 to bring its two week total to 65,586.

AKB48’s latest effort, “Kokoro no Placard”, took #22 in its fourth week, selling 4,257 and boasting a total of 1,039,411 copies sold.

Somehow, King Cream Soda’s “Geragerapo no Uta ” is still hanging around. In week 21, it was at #27 and now has 113,391 copies sold in total.

At #28, “Bukiyou Taiyou” from SKE48 has an eight-week total of 444,433.

On the album side, “TRAD” from Takeuchi Miriya-san was at the top for the second week in a row, selling an additional 48,697 copies to bring its total to 167,394.

YUKI’s “FLY” took #2 with 44,530 in sales.

Taking #3, CNBLUE’s “WAVE” managed 34,849 copies sold in its first week.

“Sekai no Chuushin wa Osaka Ya~Nanba Jichiku” from NMB48 went from #32 to #5 in its sixth week by selling 18,527. Its fresh total is 371,946. Not as dramatic a jump as the EXILE TRIBE single, but this was probably also event-driven.

Finally, Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” took #8 in its fourth week, adding an impression 13,396 to boost its total to 63,088.