After spending about two months having four teams battle it out by taking on different challenges, Gamushara (ガムシャラ) decided to take the time for a debriefing episode led by Yasui Kentaro-kun.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 000 2014.08.24 Gamushara 001

Actually, it’s more of a deleted scenes episode, as we get to see some stuff that they didn’t include while telling us the story of the challenges the first time around. Probably most of this stuff should have just been included in the first place, but at least we get to see it now.

First, the team leaders each offered some thoughts.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 002 2014.08.24 Gamushara 003

But I don’t think they got thirty seconds before the annoying announcer took over to narrate the video clips we missed.

The breakdance team was covered first and we got more focus on the windmill move which they seemed so unprepared for.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 004

The focus started on Genki-kun again. That’s been the story of this team from the start, but we’ll get a Matsuda Genta moment and a Takahashi Kaito moment as well.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 005 2014.08.24 Gamushara 006

Now, during the previous episodes, I noted that the camera angle seemed to conceal what was going on – only showing two of the members clearly. Well, this time they showed us a different angle so that we could see how the efforts of all five members turned out.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 007 2014.08.24 Gamushara 008

Well, why didn’t they just show us the clear angle in the first place? And as I expected, Iwahashi-kun wasn’t the only one struggling.

Another member got some focus, after that, though – it turned out Matsuda Genta-kun had an injury during the performance, and I didn’t even notice! It looked like he twisted/sprained this ankle or something around there.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 009

The reason it wasn’t very noticeable was because he soldiered on . . .

2014.08.24 Gamushara 010

. . . but backstage afterwards, he was in serious pain.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 011

The way his teammates approached him felt a bit awkward – they seemed rather distant. He actually apologized to them, and the way Genki-kun said, “it’s totally okay” was stilted for some reason.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 012 2014.08.24 Gamushara 013

Genta-kun didn’t sense any problem with it, though, so I guess it’s just how they interact.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 014

During the practice where Iwahashi-kun had to skip out because of a fever, Takahashi Kaito-kun misplaced his cell phone and started exploring around the room to try to find it. You know how it is – if you lost something, you end up checking the weirdest places.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 015 2014.08.24 Gamushara 016 2014.08.24 Gamushara 017

Anyway, Fuu-kun eventually found it for him.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 018 2014.08.24 Gamushara 019

On to the percussion team, we began by watching them practice the cymbal kick move . . .

2014.08.24 Gamushara 020 2014.08.24 Gamushara 021

. . . and flailing at it. It was particularly funny to see Jinguji-kun miss it, since he’s a karate guy. Reia-kun decided to abort an attempt at the last second – hitting the cymbal with a mallet instead of his foot to make it seem like he had succeeded when he actually hadn’t.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 022

Reia-kun was also the focus of the next bit, where he had to practice tossing mallets backward into bins held by two of the others. Obviously, the key was to ensure they could catch the mallets without moving much – it doesn’t look very impressive otherwise.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 023 2014.08.24 Gamushara 024 2014.08.24 Gamushara 025

They reflected on the power of being in the middle of the actual performance as well Reia-kun’s sneakiness.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 026 2014.08.24 Gamushara 027 2014.08.24 Gamushara 028

The basketball team was up next, and here we found out that they experienced some unexpected injuries even when attempting the simplest practice – the ball would go awry and hit team members.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 030 2014.08.24 Gamushara 031 2014.08.24 Gamushara 032

In Fukusawa-kun’s case, he tripped himself up by accidentally landing on the ball after leaping into the air.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 0332014.08.24 Gamushara 034

That was it for the basketball guys – felt shorter than for the first two teams – then we turned to the double dutch team.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 035

Here, we saw them figuring out ways to encourage Juri-kun, and in particular throwing a birthday party for him, complete with cake.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 036 2014.08.24 Gamushara 037

That was all for them.

Next, Yasui-kun said that he wanted to try the double-dutch three-step entry and exit move. Hanzawa-kun shouted out that anyone could do it and that led to a brief shouting match.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 038 2014.08.24 Gamushara 039

Ultimately, Hanzawa-kun, Matsukura Kaito-kun, and Hayashi Ren-kun gave it a try for our amusement after watching the double-dutch team demonstrate it.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 040 2014.08.24 Gamushara 041

But the double dutch team pointed out what I’ve regularly emphasized – a lot of it has to do with the turners making up for mistakes by the people jumping.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 042

Yasui-kun was on hand for all the performances, and he picked out the most poignant (teary) moments.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 043 2014.08.24 Gamushara 044

Matsumura Hokuto-kun’s outpouring of emotion was probably the best of these.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 045 2014.08.24 Gamushara 046

We didn’t see as much from the basketballers, but apparently Jesse-kun was momentarily moved.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 047 2014.08.24 Gamushara 048 2014.08.24 Gamushara 049

For the percussion team, their youngest member – Inoue Mizuki-kun – was the most affected by the experience. Jinguji-kun gave him a verbal pat on the back.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 050 2014.08.24 Gamushara 051 2014.08.24 Gamushara 052 2014.08.24 Gamushara 053

Of course, for the breakdancers, leader Iwahashi Genki-kun was struck by the fact that his team had lost after all the effort they had put in.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 054 2014.08.24 Gamushara 055 2014.08.24 Gamushara 056

Following that, we got a sequence with different versions of their biggest triumphs (because they did these performances more than once, after all).

2014.08.24 Gamushara 057 2014.08.24 Gamushara 0582014.08.24 Gamushara 0602014.08.24 Gamushara 061

The more elaborate version of Hayashi Ren tossing looked exceptionally dangerous and close to failure – the final catch in particular looked very iffy.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 063 2014.08.24 Gamushara 064

Then there was Shintaro-kun’s exquisite diving backflip, which was the crowning achievement in an already impressive performance for this group.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 065

We got sort of an omake segment at the end, with Genki-kun showing off the muscle he built during the course of the challenge . . .

2014.08.24 Gamushara 066 2014.08.24 Gamushara 067

. . . and then there was a brief bit of singing from Jinguji-kun and Matsukura-kun.

2014.08.24 Gamushara 068 2014.08.24 Gamushara 069 2014.08.24 Gamushara 070

And there you have it – a bit of epilogue. The question now is what Gamushara is going to do from here. At the end of the show, we learned that the winning team would get rewarded during a location shoot while the losing team would suffer a penalty, so we’ll be getting the same teams for the next episode at least. That’s just an extension of this challenge (and I sure don’t think it needs another extension), though, and I’m interested to see the plan after that.

As for this episode, it was probably a better rundown of the activities of the four groups than we got in all the practice footage episodes, so if you enjoyed those, you’ll like this. It wasn’t a duplication in any way, but rather added some of the stories that I thought should have been mentioned along the way – the sort of stuff we knew had to be happening, but didn’t get shown. There’s probably more where this came from.

I’m more than ready to see something new from Gamushara at this point.