The top single for the past week was Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Weekender/Ashita e no YELL”, which sold 184,509 copies. That pretty much splits the difference between “AinoArika” (207,469) and “Ride With Me” (162,993), so it looks like this is the new standard for HSJ singles – around 185k in the first week.

“EXCUSE ME” from B.A.P took #2, selling 50,723 copies. If Wiki’s numbers are right, this is their best result on a Japanese single to date.

In at #3 was “Always with you” from Generations from EXILE TRIBE, which sold 44,777. Seems like a certain other single and album might have taken some sales away from this one, as this is lower than I would have expected from them.

Porno Graffiti’s “”Oretachi no Celebration” took #4 with 24,697 in sales.

At #5, “Kokoro no Placard” from AKB48 sold 21,546 copies to bring its two-week total to 1,027,320. That’s at the low end of second week expectations for a -48 family unit at 2%, which is already far below the normal 8-12 % I would look for.

In its sixth week, SKE48’s “Bukiyou Taiyou” popped from #21 to #8 by selling 14,896. Its new total is 435,645.

Nogizaka46 got a smaller bump-up in week nine of sales for “Natsu no Free & Easy”, going from #26 to #15, adding 6,477 for a grand total of 497,639.

The second week of sales for “Namida no Ato ga Kieru Koro” from V6 saw solid results at #16 – 6,355 more copies sold and 67,438 in total.

“Roller no Kizudarake” took #17 as Golden Bomber saw their latest single sell 5,489 copies in its third week, boosting its total to 63,119.

King Cream Soda popped back into the top 30, taking #21 with their “Geragerapo no Uta” selling 4,293 more to score a nineteen-week total of 107,224.

Taking #23, Kis-My-Ft2’s “Another Future” sold 4,091 in its fourth week  and its total is now 254,564.

SMAP’s “Top of the World/Amazing Discovery” got back into the top 30 – going from #58 to #24 – probably on the coattails of the group’s album release. It sold 3,928 and its eight-week total is 159,610.

Speaking of that album, SMAP’s “Mr. S”  took #1 on the album chart, selling 184,167 copies. That’s about what I expected to see from this one.

Unlike EXILE TRIBE’s dubious single, their album “EXILE TRIBE REVOLUTION” had a very strong second week, selling 43,369 at #2, bringing its total to 294,624. So . . . I don’t know precisely how to weigh this information. I’ll just report the numbers and . . . yeah.

Funky Kato (from Funky Monkey Babys” took #3 with his album “ONE”, which sold 34,060.

Taking #5, “ATTACK25” from Dreams Come True continued to go strong in its third week, selling 16,688 to lift its total to 135,083.