The guest team for this VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is one of those prefecture teams with a mishmash of talents. In this case, the team members were all from Hiroshima, and they were the three members of Perfume (Nocchi, A~chan, and Kashiyuka), 9nine’s Nishiwaki Sayaka-san (the younger sister of A~chan), and the two members of Ungirls (Tanaka and Yamane). So, as far as prefecture teams go, this was a pretty close-knit bunch. I’m curious to see how Perfume does. We’ve seen Ungirls plenty of times, and so with them I’m just wondering what sort of antics they’ll pull.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 000

Actually, Perfume has been on VS Arashi as well – all the way back in 2008, six years ago. Sakurai-san brings this up.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 001

Next, they talk about how Nishiwaki-san is A~chan’s younger sister and how the main resemblance between them is their voices.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 002 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 003

There’s a bit of a gap between the Perfume+ end and the Ungirls end of the Hiroshima team, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to work together.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 004

While leaves the question of how Arashi will get along with the plus one guest . . .

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 005

. . . perennial loudmouth Yanagisawa Shingo-san. Well, we’re certainly going to get some fun and energy out of him, as he even does a cartwheel on his way to meet Arashi (which I believe is a first, correct me if I’m wrong). Ninomiya-kun has an especially strong reaction to Yanagisawa-san – the two of them seem to have a thing and we’ll see if there’s further signs of chemistry.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 006

The first game was Rolling Coin Tower, and they started the pregame talk by noting that this is the first time A~chan and her sister are appearing on a variety show together. Tanaka-san them asked them where in Hiroshima prefecture they were from, but when he answered the question himself, he named a town none of the rest had heard of. The graphics people helpfully put up a map with the location of the town he was talking about, but of course if he wasn’t just going for laughs, he would have just named the city.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 007 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 008 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 009 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 010

Yanagisawa-san and Nino-kun then reminisced about Nino’s first drama – Amagi Goe – which they were both in. That was back in 1998 when Nino-kun was just 14 years old, so these two go way back.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 012

Yanagisawa-san ended up telling an anecdote that he also told the last time he was on.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 013 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 014

Afterward, Ninomiya-kun noted that he’s heard that same anecdote around 80 times already. The staff take the liberty of repeating that that includes twice on VS Arashi.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 015 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 016 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 017

Well, the sisters got a kick out of the aftermath of this game, as the Arashi set Yanagisawa-san up for one of his gags.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 019 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 020

Next, it was Bank Bowling with Nino-kun and Yanagisawa-san. Once again, the topic turned to Amagi Goe, but Itou-san interrupted Shingo-san this time.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 021

Will these two be able to coordinate to get a good score?

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 022 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 023

Matsumoto-kun and Aiba-kun were set up as clean-up bowlers, but most of the silliness was still in the stands, as Yanagisawa-san and Nino-kun were still messing around. Ohno-san complained that the two of them were too close (physically).

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 024 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 025

Kashiyuka-san and A~chan were up first for Perfume, and they tried to get their bowling history straight but A~chan didn’t seem to remember very well.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 026 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 027 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 028 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 029


They seemed pleased with their results . . .

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 030

. . . but Ohno-san was certain that a spare was impossible.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 031

Will Nishiwaki-san and Tanaka-san be able to prove him wrong? Before they got to it, they and the rest of their team sang a TV jingle that’s apparently famous in Hiroshima.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 032 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 033 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 034

The third game was Dual Curling. With six members on each team, everyone will get to participate in either the first or the second round. The Hiroshima team send the three Perfume members up first to face Yanagisawa-san and the two elder members of Arashi.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 035 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 036

I’m not too sure what the talk was about this time – at one point they were talking about sleep, but that was all I caught.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 037 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 038 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 039 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 040

Of course, Shingo-san somehow managed to do yet another set gag.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 041

The Arashi team was fairly calm . . .

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 044

. . . but Ninomiya-kun had an interesting strategy for this one, as he basically sat out all but the last ten seconds, just distributing the bonus stones.

By the end Tanaka-san looked like this:

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 045 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 046

Game four was Kicking Sniper. Team Hiroshima had all of its members up, rotating through with each member taking half the shots in each slot.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 047 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 048

The main pregame talk was about the uniforms that Ungirls were wearing . . .

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 049

. . . and Tanaka-san’s completely irrelevant karate training.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 050 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 051

The Arashi team also had all six members up, taking turns. I’m not sure I like this all-in method, since it removes the possibility of magnificent streaks and makes this game somewhat less engaging.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 052

The Arashis started doing a World Cup Japan cheer . . .

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 053 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 054

. . . which was entirely meant to set Shingo-san for this:

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 055

I’m not much for scripted stuff like this. Unfortunately, Shingo-san is all about these set pieces.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 056

The final game was Korokoro Viking. Enough said, right?

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 057 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 0582014.07.24 VS Arashi 0602014.07.24 VS Arashi 062

Team Arashi had the final chance. Victory or defeat was ultimately down to their performance in this game, as has been true so many times before.

2014.07.24 VS Arashi 063 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 064 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 065 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 066 2014.07.24 VS Arashi 067

So, let me point out the elephant in the room first: they didn’t play the new game. That’s not a good sign for its continued usage, and once again reminds me of what happened with Popcorn Hitter. If they were really confident in it, they would have pulled it out this time to keep up the sense that they were genuinely trying something fresh. The preview shows them playing it in the next episode, but will it really have as much of a place as the games in this episode, which appear around 80% of the time?

In other words, the choice of games left a lot to be desired. All of the games featured were part of the usual rotation.

The guests were good. Ungirls didn’t do nearly as much as I thought they would, and most of the Hiroshima team focus was on the Perfume members. Actually, the focus was clearly on the two sisters – Sayaka-san and A~chan – and they made an interesting pair.

Yanagisawa-san quickly took over all of the humor duties so that Ungirls didn’t have to put in as much effort. That was sort of inevitable, but as I said earlier, I wish his comedy wasn’t as dependent on gags and set pieces.

Since Yanagisawa-san was so dominant throughout the episode, the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi was necessarily the one who interacted with the plus one guest the most – Ninomiya-kun. That was mostly in the first half of the episode, though. The others got moments in here and there, but nothing quite as memorable or sustained.