The top single for the past week was “ER2” from the Kanjani8 alter-ego Eight Ranger, which sold 208,282 copies. Tough to judge this novelty act in the context of Kanjani8’s other releases.

Akanishi Jin-kun’s “Good Time” took #2, selling 39,746.

In its second week, SKE48’s “Bukiyou Taiyou” had a very strong second week for a -48 family group – selling 39,314, which was more than 11% of first week sales for a total of 363,390. If the goal among fans was to take the top spot for two consecutive weeks though (as has been mentioned, but I can’t verify), they badly miscalculated. Also, the combined first two weeks of sales for SKE48 did not match first week sales for their previous single, which initially sold 397k (which was already very weak). So, this looks like a dire situation for SKE48.

“Skeleton” from Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk was right behind at #4, selling 36,575.

At #5, STYLE FIVE’s “Future Fish” sold 32,460.

In some special coverage, Koda Kumi-san’s “HOTEL was at #7, selling 19,196 and T.M. Revolution’s “Tsuki Yabureru -Time to SMASH!” saw 13,588 copies sold at #8.

Week two for ONE OK ROCK’s “Mighty Long Fall/Decision” was very good, as it sold 10,750 copies at #12 to boost its total to 61,420.

Momoiro Clover Z’s “Moon Pride” also did relatively well in its second week, seeing 6,373 copies sold and taking #17. It now has a total of 56,713.

The fifth week of sales for “Natsu no Free & Easy” from Nogizaka46 brought it to #18 with a running total of 474,036.

Taking #23, Busaiki’s “Ti-Ti-Ti-Terette Teretititi ~Dare no Ketsu” seems to be losing some steam, selling 5,296 for a three-week total of 110,501.

“New Horizon” from EXILE was at #26, selling an additional 4,740 in its third week to bring its total to 163,013.

After four weeks, SMAP’s “Top of the World/Amazing Discovery” was at #28 and has a total of 148,945 copies sold.

King Cream Soda still snuck in there at #29 in its fifteenth week. It did so by adding 3,607, pushing its total to 91,547.

On the album side, Johnny’s WEST’s debut album “go WEST Yo-idon!” sold 82,887 in its first week to take the top spot. Not sure what to make of that number just yet, especially since I don’t think the group was properly setup for their first album.

GreeeeN has had some unconventional album titles in the past, but “Ima kara Oyayubi ga Kieru Tejinashima-su.” is fairly normal by comparison. It took #2 and sold 33,193 in its initial foray.

Nakamori Akina-san’s “All Time Best -Original-” sold 27,756 at #3.

“THE BEST” from Shoujo Jidai took #5, tacking on 15,857 for a total of 122,255 sold after three weeks. A very good third week.

Last but certainly not least, the soundtrack from Frozen got #8 as it slowly inches closer to the million mark. It scored 10,711 in week twenty-six and how has a total of 924,439.