The top single for the past week was SKE48’s “Bukiyou Taiyou” with 324,076 copies sold. This continues a trend of declining first week sales for them which began with their all-time best single, “Choco no Dorei”, which sold 538k in its first week early in 2013. This single is now below levels that the group hasn’t seen since 2011, when they first managed to get the top spot on the singles chart.

At #2 was ONE OK ROCK’s “Mighty Long Fall/Decision”, which saw 50,670 in sales.

Momoiro Clover Z was right behind with their “Moon Pride”, the theme song to the new version of Sailor Moon, which sold 50,340. I was somewhat surprised that it didn’t do better, considering the tie-in to a much-anticipated anime and previous single in the 60-70k range.

“Black Butterfly/Kaze ni Fukarete” from Juice=Juice was at #4, selling 37,008.

Taking #5 in its second week, “Ti-Ti-Ti-Terette Teretititi ~Dare no Ketsu” from Busaiku sold a very impressive 27,824 to get above the gold threshold, now with a total of 105,205. The sales profile for Busaiku is so far not like any other idol group that I’ve seen – we’re talking about second week sales approximately 30% of first week sales compared to 9% for Johnny’s groups in general and 3% for AKB groups.

Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy” took #12 by selling 12,888, bringing its four-week total to 468,366.

In its second week, “NEW HORIZON” from EXILE sold 10,701 at #14 to push its total to 158,273.

Spending its third week at #15, SMAP’s “Top of the World/Amazing Discovery” now has 144,787 copies sold altogether.

HKT48’s “Sakura, Minna de Tabeta” popped back up to #22 in its twentieth week, getting its total to 327,815.

“Geragerapo no Uta” from King Cream Soda is still in it, taking #23 in week fourteen, tacking on 3,207 for a total of 87,940 copies sold.

At #26, it was Perfume’s “Cling Cling”, which sold 2,998 in its third week to bring its total to 83,478.

On the album side, Shoujo Jidai took the top spot for the second week in a row, as “THE BEST” sold an additional 31,477 copies for a total of 106,398 sold. That’s a fairly strong second week.

Ketsumeishi’s “Ketsunopolis 9” sold 14,165 in week two, which was good enough for #3. Its total is now 64,390.

The Frozen Soundtrack continued to hold #4, selling 13,413 to do it, boosting its twenty-five week total to 913,728. It looks increasingly like we’ll see it reach a million while in the top 10 after all, provided there isn’t a flood of new albums in the key week.

Taking #8 in week three, “HEART” from TOKIO sold 7,389 for a running total of 57,723.

Last but not least, Oda Kazumasa-san’s “Oda Hiyori” got #10 and sold 6,670 in its fifth week, bringing its total to 140,500.