The top single for the past week was SMAP’s “Top of the World/Amazing Discovery”, which saw 122,850 copies sold. That seems a tad light, but I hesitate to opine since I haven’t had a chance to hear this single yet.

Perfume’s “Cling Cling” took #2 with 73,425 sold.

At #3, “The Power/Hishiki Heaven” from C-ute sold 55,570 copies.

I don’t remember seeing Boudan Shounendan in the standings before, but its single “BOY IN LUV” got #4, selling 42,494.

“Yoake no Ryuuseigun” (夜明けの流星群) from SCANDAL sold 32,013 copies at #5.

Himuro Kyosuke-san’s “ONE LIFE” merited mention at #6, selling 26,857.

In its second week, “Natsu no Free & East” by Nogizaka46 sold an additional 17,701 copies at #8 to bring its total to 439,323. Fairly standard second week for the -48 family, but perhaps a little underwhelming for Nogizaka46, considering they tend to run a bit ahead of the curve.

GLAY’s “BLEEZE” sold 5,447 in its second week, putting it at #14. Its running total is 50,525.

Also in its second week, “KiRa-KiRa Sensation!/Happy maker!” from μ’s cane in very close behind GLAY, selling 5,420 for a total of 54,519.

Taking #16 in week three, Kanjani8’s “Omoidama” added 5,361 to push its total to 186,533.

E-girls got #17 with “E.G. Anthem -We Are Venus-” selling 5,106 for a two-week total of 54,313.

King Cream Soda is still hanging out, taking #20 this week. “Geragerapo no Uta” sold 3,898 in its twelfth week to bring its total to 80,882.

“R.Y.U.S.E.I.” from Sandaime J Soul Brothers got #22 in its fourth week, tacking on 3,657 for a total of 179,942 copies sold.

Week sixteen for Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Tougegoe” brought it 3,582 in sales and the twenty-third spot in the standings. It now has a total of 78,510.

On the album side it was another light week, but thankfully that meant TOKIO was able to nab the top spot with “HEART” selling 41,156 copies.

At #2 was “D’s love” by D-LITE (from BIGBANG), which sold 37,517.

Kalafina’s compilations albums – THE BEST “Blue” and THE BEST “Red” – sold 26,739 and 25,598 copies respectively to get #3 and #4.

The soundtrack to Frozen gained a spot, getting #6 this week with 19,307 sold for a twenty-three week grand total of 884,307.

Taking #7 was Oda Kazumasa-san’s “Oda Hiyori”, selling 17,524 to boost its three-week total to 122,703.

Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi-san’s “All Time Best 2014” sold an additional 16,935 copies at #8 in its third week to bring its total to 103,278.

Finally, Chris Hart’s “Heart Song II” saw 11,014 copies sold this week, getting its four-week total to 85,195.