Sorry about not posting the last couple of days – I’m currently caught up in a project that is preventing me from watching stuff to review. Still have the time to do the Oricon update, though, so here we go:

The top single for the past week was Nogizaka46’s “Natsu no Free & Easy”, which sold 421,622 copies. That’s a drop from 457,837 for “Kizuitara Kataomoi”, but that was a huge jump on all their other singles, so this number is nothing to sneeze at.

At #2 was “E.G. Anthem -We Are Venus-” from E-girls, selling 49,207 copies.

There’s no end to the singles from μ’s, and they keep managing to pass my threshold. The new release this week was “KiRa-KiRa Sensaion!/Happy maker!”, which took #3 by selling 49,099. However, there was also “Love wing bell/Dancing stars on me!” at #18, which added 2,778 in its fifth week to bring its total to 59,986. But that’s not all – “Yume no Tobira” got #23, and now has a seven-week total of 56,907. That’s three singles in seven weeks.

Taking #4 was GLAY’s “BLEEZE”, which sold 45,078.

Kanjani8’s “Omoidama” was at #7 in its second week, selling 12,306 to bring its total to 181,172.

Also in its second week, AAA’s “Wake up!” did well, taking #9 by selling 6,325 copies, boosting its total to 47,033.

“R.Y.U.S.E.I.” from Sandaime J Soul Brothers found itself at #13 this week, and it now has a three-week total of 176,285.

King Cream Soda really doesn’t want to leave the top 30. In its eleventh week, the group’s “Geragerapo no Uta” climbed from #16 to #14, selling 3,863 to push its total to 76,984.

Speaking of artists whose singles stick around on the standings, Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Tougegoe” took #16 with 3,138 copies sold. Its fifteen week total is 74,928.

At #17 in its sixteenth week, NMB48’s “Takane no Ringo” sold 2,865 and now has a total of 451,127 copies sold.

Jin’s “daze/days” was at #25, getting itself to a four-week total of 54,386.

Finally, Hoshino Gen-san’s “Crazy Crazy/Sakura no Mori” cracked the 50k mark at #30 this week, with a five-week total of 50,859.

The album side was packed with big names, though the sales figures at the top of the list this week were tame compared to the recent boom.

The top album for the week was “Pikapika Fantajin” from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, which saw 47,695 copies sold.

JUNHO from 2PM took #2 with “FEEL” selling 45,109.

Oda Kazumasa-san’s “Oda Hiyori” held #3 in its second week, selling an impressive 30,295 to bring its total to 105,179.

Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi-san’s “All Time Best 2014” also held its spot at #4 with 17,847 copies sold in its second week and a fresh total of 86,343.

Climbing to #5 in its third week, Chris Hart’s “Heart Song II” sold 16,450 and now boasts a total of 74,181.

Last week’s top album, “Kis-My-Journey” from Kis-My-Ft2 , took #6 with 15,887 copies sold, getting its two-week total to 261,669.

The Frozen soundtrack gained a spot, taking #7 in its twenty-second week and tacking on 15,204 in sales to get its total to 865,000.

At #9, UVERworld’s “O CHOIR” sold 10,679 and has a two-week total of 95,489.

“Ballada” from Amuro Namie-san took #10, selling 8,655 in its sixth week for a total of 395,282 copies sold.