The top single for the past week was Kanjani8’s “Omoidama”, which saw 168,866 copies sold. That seems shockingly low for the group, as I normally expect to see a 2- handle on their numbers. This didn’t happen when “Ai Deshita” closely preceded the “ER” release, so I have no idea what’s going on this time.

INFINITE’s “Last Romeo ~Kimi ga Ireba ii~” took second place with 47,262 sold.

At #3 was “Wake up!” from AAA, which sold 40,708 copies.

“Kimi ni Deaeta kara” from miwa was in at #4, selling 25,025.

Last week’s top single took #6 this week. Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ “R.Y.U.S.E.I.” sold an additional 9,402 copies to boost its two-week total to 171,576.

Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Tougegoe” shot up to #10 from #28 in its fourteenth week, selling 3,855 to bring its total to 71,790. As expected, it’s not going to leave the top 30 without a fight or another Fukuda Kouhei single to take its place.

That pop was nothing compared to the one for NMB48’s “Takane no Ringo”, which went from #112 to #11 in its fifteenth week, selling 3,820 to reach 448,262 copies sold in total.

Jin’s “daze/days” was at #12 with 3,808 copies sold and a three-week total of 52,305.

Taking #16 in its tenth week, “Geragerapo no Uta” from King Cream Soda now boasts a total of 73,121.

After four weeks, Hoshino Gen-san’s “Crazy Crazy/Sakura no Mori” found itself at #23 with a running total of 49,236.

UVERworld took #25 as “Nanoka-me no Ketsui” sold an additional 2,447 in week three and reached a total of 58,315 copies sold.

At #27, Arashi’s “Dare mo Shiranai” tacked on 2,195 to bring its six-week total to 518,205.

Rounding out the singles, “Kizuitara Kataomoi” from Nogizaka46 also had a mini-surge in its fourteen week, going from #92 to #28 with 2,188 copies sold. Its total is now 543,122.

On the album side, Kis-My-Ft2 took #1 with “Kis-My-Journey” selling 245,782 in its first week. That’s better than their previous album by 23k.

UVERworld’s “O CHOIR” took #2 and saw 84,810 copies sold.

Taking #3, Oda Kazumasa-san’s “Oda Hiyori” sold 74,884 copies.

Another legend, Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi-san, was right behind Oda-san in the standings. Nagabuchi-san’s “All Time Best 2014” sold 68,496 in its first week to take #4 – only at that number because it was up against some seriously tough competition.

The legends don’t stop there, as Hamasaki Ayumi-san was at #5 with “Colours”. It only managed to sell 39,295, which is much less than what her previous album, “Love Again” managed in 2013 (56,348), which in turn was a significant drop from her previous studio album, 2012’s “Party Queen”, which came in at 97,691.

Itano Tomomi-san’s first solo album “SxWxAxG” ended up at #6, selling only 19,863 copies. That’s a strikingly low number for the former AKB48 member, and I continue to wonder whether any AKB graduate will continue to be supported by fans more than a year or two after their departure from the group – every single release for Itano-san has seen declining sales, and the same is true for other graduates.

Chris Hart’s “Heart Song II” had a very strong second week at #7, selling 19,458 to bring its total to 57,731.

The soundtrack to Frozen is still hanging out, with 18,494 copies sold at #8 this week to push its twenty-one week total to 849,796. We might not see it cross a million before it falls out of the top 10 after all – not with so many strong new albums coming in.

Finally, “Ballada” from Amuro Namie-san came in at #9, selling 12,900 in its fifth week. Its total is now 386,627.