I wasn’t as excited about watching this episode of Sexy Zone Channel as most of the others because it’s another food episode, and you know how I think they’re the bane of variety shows, hence the delay in the review. Now I have faith in SZ that they’ll somehow manage to make it interesting, but while there was an excuse for the previous food episode (the celebration of three birthdays), there’s nothing like that this time, and I really don’t want there to be a food hour every fourth episode or so.

Anyway, the guys tried to do a proper welcome to the show at the start, had some of their normal humorous banter . . .

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0002014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0012014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 002

. . . and then revealed a new uniform for the show. Apparently, Fuma-kun was instrumental in this.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 003

Now, I don’t mind the outfits they’ve already got, since these convey a strong sense of athleticism. But hey, if they want a change, why not?

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0042014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 005

Hmm . . . these new overalls . . . don’t seem quite as conducive to the kinds of activities we’ve seen them do. I mean, could they really have done double dutch in overalls? The staff member mentions that they’ll keep the existing outfits for sporty occasions (which I would hope will be most of the time).

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0062014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0072014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 008

Most of them seemed to like the new threads – Kento-kun especially. They took ten minutes to change into the new suits, and I give extra points to Shori-kun and Fuma-kun for immediately tying the upper portion at the waist, since that look gives me much more hope for the future. Shori-kun seemed to have issues with the size of his.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0092014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0102014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 011

So, since they’re all dressed up like this, we know they’re probably not going to do anything sporty . . .

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 012

. . . and when Kento-kun once again jokes about a yakitori location shoot, like he did as a running gag previously, the staff guy held his tongue and asked what they thought of their activities so far.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 013

Someone mentioned bowling, and had to be reminded that they hadn’t done bowling yet. Well, it’s a good idea.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0142014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 015

They talk about the other things they’ve done, other possibilities for future activities (massage?) and it seems like the staff is stalling for effect.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 016

And finally, finally, the staff reveals that they’re going to have a yakitori party for Shori-kun’s sake – part of the running gag (this is around eight minutes into the show). Well, at least it means Kento-kun is going to have to come up with a new gag (not that he’s short of them).

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0172014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0182014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 019

Now don’t worry – they won’t just be eating through the whole episode and there will be a game involved (of sorts).

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0202014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0212014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0222014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 023

They had another good laugh outside the establishment, as there was a label outside the door saying it was booked for “Sato-sama and four others”.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 024

So here’s the plot: Aside from Shori-kun, the others are in two teams of two apiece, and Shori-kun decides that it should be the elder two against the younger two.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0252014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0262014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0272014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 028

In each round, they will all be presented with two dishes, and each team will try to guess which of the dishes Shori-kun would prefer. All five members will then simultaneously reveal their picks, and the team/teams which matched Shori-kun’s choice will get to eat.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0292014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0302014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 031

Not exactly the most exciting game they could have come up with. Then again, the group is already in crazy energy mode, so maybe they’ll find ways to spice things up.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 032

The question being posed is how well the members of SZ, after being together for three years, know each other. Well, actually it’s about how well they know Shori-kun.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 033

Expect a lot of funny Shori faces in this.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0342014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 035

Now, I’m going to tell you what happened in the first round, but I promise to leave the details of how the other rounds went out.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 036

It turns out that no one matched picks with Shori-kun, and I got a laugh when Marius-kun mentioned that Shori-kun celebrated when he saw this – seems like he feels his goal is to trick them. It would certainly make things more interesting if he was intentionally trying to fool them.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0372014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 038

By the way, I think I just discovered another reason why the staff on all these variety shows like doing food episodes – in this case, the staff eat the dish that Shori-kun didn’t choose (and presumably the leftovers of the dish he did). So yeah – in addition to being really easy to set up, the food corners can also leave the staff with a treat if they play their cards right. Sneaky.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 039

The staff took pity on the hungry young boys, though, and created a special rule – they could draw sticks to get some food. I didn’t really like this special rule, since it undermined the main game. Besides, the members only seem to do crazy stuff when they’re waiting to eat food – once they get food, they settle down.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0402014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 041

Hence, when Sou-kun and Marius-kun drew the marked sticks, it was Fuma-kun who started doing a horrendous screeching rendition of “Lady Diamond”.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0422014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 043

You’re going to have to watch to find out how the other rounds went, if you’re interested.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0442014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 045

All I’m going to do is catalog the funny happenings and throw some of the worthy screencaps.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0462014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0482014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0492014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 050

In the birthday food fest, it had been Kento-kun who took the entertainment lead. This time, Kento-kun was fairly reserved, and Fuma-kun was the energetic one.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0532014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0542014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 056

That’s not to say that Kento-kun was completely out of it . . .

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 055

. . . just that this was a Fuma episode.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0582014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 065

While they took their time with the first round, the dishes started coming fast after that, and they went through a lot of iterations.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 059

And while you’d think that this would all revolve around Shori-kun, and that he’d be the center of attention, part of Shori-kun’s charm is that he’s a bit shy about being at the center – not that he ever shies away from it, but you can tell he’s only borderline comfortable at it.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0602014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 063

So, the others actually got quite a lot of mileage out of this episode . . .

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0672014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 068

. . . as you can see:

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0692014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 070

Actually, that scene was a lot more fun than the screenshots convey.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 071

While the members still did their best to entertain us, there was no avoiding the fact that this was the slowest episode of Sexy Zone Channel so far, and not quite as good as the birthday episode.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0742014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0752014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 077

You pretty much have to be a 100% fan of SZ to be able to enjoy this one, especially if you already watched the previous food episode, which already introduced us to a lot of the craziness that they would bring into this.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0782014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0792014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 082

The only potentially new angle to this one was the position of Shori-kun as the island of calm in the middle of the turmoil.  Oh, and I guess the type of meat involved was different, too.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0832014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0842014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 085

Fans will definitely be satisfied, but even for them I have to believe this episode was too close to the previous one in the same style.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0862014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0872014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0882014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 091

The one positive aspect to the episode was that there were lots of good screenshots. As usual, the staff showed off some of their own captures during the closing credits.

2014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0922014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 0932014.06.04 Sexy Zone Channel 094

I’m biased against food shows, and while I enjoyed the birthday party episode, this was the first SZ Channel episode to test my patience at any point during an episode. Knowing what SZ could have been doing during the hour instead of this (that bowling challenge didn’t sound too bad) meant that it was a bit harder to sit through the episode. I don’t think they’ll end up doing food episodes so frequently in the future.

The next episode is already out, so I know that they go fishing. Now, watching people fish is even more tedious than watching people eat, but I don’t know how SZ might be able to make it fun to watch. Will they find a way to make fishing entertaining?