The top single for the past week was KAT-TUN’s “In Fact”, which sold 145,872 copies. That’s pretty much standard for them.

EXILE SHOKICHI’s “Back to the Future” saw 61,804 copies sold at #2.

At #3 was Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku’s “Butterfly Effect”, scoring a very respectable 53,913.

The new Berryz Koubou single had one of those long titles. Let’s see if I get this right . . . “Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni/Futsu, Idol 10-nen Yatterannaidesho!?” sold 44,219 copies.

Taking #5 in its third week, AKB48’s “Labrador Retriever” tacked on an additional 39,422 to its total, boosting it to 1,764,489.

Kobukuro’s “Hidamari no Michi” sold 37,703 at #6 in its first week.

In its second week, “Dare no Shiranai” from Arashi was at #7, selling 35,752 copies to bring its total to 497,374. That’s not a very good number.

Perhaps part of the reason for the weak sales of “Dare mo Shiranai” could be found at #16, where Arashi’s “GUTS!” was still hanging out, selling 5,086 copies for a six-week total of 582,995.

King Cream Soda’s “Geragerapo no Uta” took #20, adding 4,002 to its total, which is now at 57,299 after six weeks.

I normally wouldn’t mention him in this list, but I was thinking about Kitajima Saburo-san today and even decided to watch his performance of “Matsuri” at the end of the most recent Kouhaku. He released his newest single this week – “Takao-san” – and it sold 3,750 copies at #21.

Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Tougegoe” temporarily left the top 30 last week, but don’t worry – it’s back up to #22. It added 3,651 copies to its ten-week total, bringing it to 59,483.

On the album side, Amuro Namie-san showed that she could still put the big numbers up, selling 254,944 copies of “Ballada” at #1.

ClariS’s “PARTY TIME” saw 43,146 copies sold at #2.

That pushed the Frozen soundtrack down to #3, but only just barely. It sold an amazing 40,751 in its seventeenth week to pass the triple platinum mark – now at a total of 754,407.

At #6, “Awa no Youna Ai Datta” from aiko managed a decent second week with 13,450 in sales, bringing its total to 95,501.

Last but not least, Pharrell Williams’ “Girl” passed the gold mark this week at #10, selling 9,831 copies for a fourteen-week total of 102,645.