Somewhere in this episode of Gamushara (ガムシャラ), we’re going to find out about the new monthly challenge – the new thing three juniors are going to perform on stage at J’s Party. Naturally, though, they’re going to save that for later in the episode.

First, they start in-studio for no particular reason. By the way, the list of cast members at the bottom of the screen is blurry and hard to read as it scrolls by.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0002014.05.25 Gamushara 0012014.05.25 Gamushara 002

Anyway, the challenge for this week involved six juniors in two groups. Will it be another situation where the two groups face contrasting situations?

2014.05.25 Gamushara 003

The first group included Kishi Yuta-kun, Nakamura Reia-kun, and Morohoshi Shoki-kun, and they were told that they would face the foods that they hate.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0042014.05.25 Gamushara 005

And as usual, I totally didn’t buy their supposedly surprised reactions – they definitely knew what was coming before they heard it. Kishi-kun at least poured on the hilarity with his reaction.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0062014.05.25 Gamushara 007

But what are they going to do, just sit and stare at the food? Where’s the entertainment value? For now, they just told us why they didn’t like their own nemesis food.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0082014.05.25 Gamushara 009

Meanwhile, the other team – Morita Myuto-kun, Takahashi Kaito-kun, and Hanzawa Akatsuki-kun – met outdoors and they definitely knew what they were going to do, because they were standing right next to a rollercoaster. No real chance to convincingly pretend they were clueless. So yeah, they all hate rollercoasters and they’re going to have to get on one. I’m still not seeing the entertainment point.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0102014.05.25 Gamushara 0112014.05.25 Gamushara 0122014.05.25 Gamushara 013

Back at the studio, the staff came up with the answer (and I bet the boys already knew this was coming as well, or they would have at least started to try to eat the stuff – a challenge is a challenge for Johnny’s, after all).

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0152014.05.25 Gamushara 016

They brought in a hypnotist! A hypnotist and a translator, in fact.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0172014.05.25 Gamushara 018

And the hypnotist was deployed to the roller coaster team, as well.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0192014.05.25 Gamushara 020

Now, I happen to have some curiosity about hypnotism, as I’m sure most people do, but the boys resolutely day they don’t believe in it. Well, I don’t believe they don’t believe it – I think they’re just saying that. What I don’t believe is that it’s possible to do hypnotism through a translator.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0212014.05.25 Gamushara 0222014.05.25 Gamushara 023

And I’m not going to get to find out whether that’s possible, because we’re told that the hypnotist is a fake – both him and the translator speak Japanese, and they’re actors.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 024

The boys, however, don’t know this. Now this should be entertaining! So, we’ll get to see whether there’s some sort of placebo effect when it comes to hypnotism, and whether any of the juniors will catch on.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0252014.05.25 Gamushara 026

For once, I approve of going back to the studio to get the reactions. Do you think they were really tricked, or are the juniors pretending to be surprised again? Kishi-kun went a bit overboard with the dramatics, but I’ll withhold judgment here. I wonder what Takahashi-kun was looking at while the others were going crazy – he looked and pointed at something.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 027

Anyway, Yasui-kun explained that this tested their ability to read the atmosphere, but dokkiri is dokkiri, right? They were just getting pranked, and it’s as simple as that. But I think the idea was that for the sake of the show, they should do the things they hate and pretend to be alright with it, rather than embarrass the supposed hypnotist on television.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0282014.05.25 Gamushara 029

Now, I’m not going to tell you who was willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of entertainment.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0302014.05.25 Gamushara 031

Kishi-kun, though, is always entertaining. He’s an early favorite in this episode, and not just because it’s his first time on.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0332014.05.25 Gamushara 034

Will Nakamura-kun be able to ignore his strong distaste for tomato? If he can pull this off convincingly, maybe he’ll get more acting roles.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0372014.05.25 Gamushara 0382014.05.25 Gamushara 0392014.05.25 Gamushara 041

What about Morohoshi-kun? He’s already an acting veteran, right?

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0432014.05.25 Gamushara 044

But you know, on Japanese TV, saying you like food that you actually hate is a necessary skill with all the food stuff they have to do. It’s apparently less acceptable to show that you hate food than it is to say that you’re afraid of roller coasters. So, will there be a gap between the two groups?

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0462014.05.25 Gamushara 0472014.05.25 Gamushara 049

Takahashi-kun’s serious face was hilarious.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0502014.05.25 Gamushara 051

He is much more restrained about showing emotion than any of the others we’ve seen in this episode.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0522014.05.25 Gamushara 053

Somehow, I think Hanzawa-kun is a lot like me when it comes to stuff like this.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0542014.05.25 Gamushara 0552014.05.25 Gamushara 0562014.05.25 Gamushara 057

There was more in-studio debriefing. And in this case I thought it was justified because the participants deserved a change to express themselves after the results were revealed.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0602014.05.25 Gamushara 0612014.05.25 Gamushara 0622014.05.25 Gamushara 063

After that, it was time to see what Takahashi Fuu-kun, Jesse-kun, and Morohoshi-kun would be up to in the monthly challenge.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 065

They assembled in a gym and were dressed for action – very much a good sign.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 066

Their sensei did a jump rope performance on his way out to meet them, and I think we’re going to soon find out how fit and agile these three are.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0672014.05.25 Gamushara 068

First of all, what is their current jump rope level when it comes to double-spinning the rope (turning the rope twice on each jump)?

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0692014.05.25 Gamushara 071

Hmm . . . better than I can do, but not great in context. Looks like they’ll have a lot of practicing to do.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 079

And SADA-sensei has a lot of interesting skills to teach so that they can string them together and make a performance out of it.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 072

Mistakes will inevitably hurt, but they’re just going to have to put up with it.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 0732014.05.25 Gamushara 074

Iwahashi Genki-kun got an omake segment of sorts this time . . .

2014.05.25 Gamushara 075

. . . and it some how combined pitching with a kanji test.

2014.05.25 Gamushara 076

He was given the reading of a difficult kanji . . .

2014.05.25 Gamushara 077

. . . and he used it in a sentence while pitching. I didn’t quite understand the sentence, but there was a heart at the end of it, so that’s good . . . right?

2014.05.25 Gamushara 078

The viewer could play along by trying to remember what the kanji was and its meaning before they revealed the answer on the next screen. Genki-kun also explained how to remember the kanji.

Anyway, this was clearly one for the Iwahashi fans, and I think it went better than the Jesse English corner and the Hokuto gourmet corner (though that Hokuto corner was amusing).

So there you have it. The episode was thoroughly entertaining and pretty smooth. They did things in the order that made sense and spent the right time on each bit, so that was an improvement. Nine juniors got featured in this one, and that’s close to the maximum for an episode of this length.

The announcer didn’t seem as obtrusive in this episode, but I wasn’t satisfied with what the juniors had to say and their reactions – I think I’ve seen better from them.

The jump rope challenge will probably get better was they put things together and have to work together to get the timing right. I hope that, when we get to that part, the challenge will get enough time in the episode so we can enjoy their work. I’ve only recently seen the double-dutch challenge on Sexy Zone Channel, and that was a great model for how these sorts of challenges should be handled.