The top single for the past week was Arashi’s “Dare mo Shiranai”, which sold a relatively weak 461,622 copies. The weak number was not surprising at all, though, since this single and the previous release followed the same pattern as “Face Down” and “Your Eyes” in Spring of 2012.

AKB48’s “Labrador Retriever” took #2, selling 62,802 copies to bring its total to 1,725,067 in its second week. This is a pretty normal AKB second week in terms of percentage of first week sales.

μ’s sure has a quick release schedule. They’ve got a new one – “Yume no Tobira” – out now, and it sold 40,710 copies at #3.

At #4, “FINAL DANCE/nerve” from BiS saw 33,706 copies sold.

“ADRENALINE” from BEAST was right behind with 32,023.

And the last of the notable new releases was “Kyupi” from Idoling!!!, which took #6 by selling 27,243.

Speaking of the proximity between the two Arashi releases, “GUTS!” was hanging out at #13 in its fifth week, selling 8,832 copies for a running total of 577,909.

I didn’t think I’d have to mention it, but here we go: King Cream Soda’s “Geragerapo no Uta” actually broke the 50k mark in its fifth week, taking #17 with 4,655 copies sold to push its total to 53,297.

Sexy Zone’s “King & Queen & Joker” stayed in the top 30, taking #21 by adding 3,866 in sales for a three-week total of 165,306.

On the album side, the Frozen soundtrack was denied the top spot again. This time, it was aiko’s “Awa no Youna Ai Datta” that took #1, selling 82,051 copies.

That left the Frozen soundtrack at #2 with a still-impressive 61,027 copies sold and a sixteen-week total of 713,656. I wonder if we’ll see it hit the million mark before leaving the top 10.

Shiina Ringo-san’s “Gyakuyunyu ~Kowankyoku~” took #3, selling 31,045.

Hirai Ken-san was right behind at #4. His “Ken’s Bar III” sold 30,340.

Michael Jackson’s second posthumous compilation album “Xscape” was at #8, selling 14,235 in its third week to bring its total to 52,392.

Last but not least, Inaba Koshi-san’s “Singing Bird” – last week’s number one – was at #10 this week, selling a respectable 12,258 to get its two-week total to 90,454.