There’s no avoiding it – May starts out very slow for releases. I must be missing some stuff, since the only noteworthy release I can see on May 7th – the first regular release date of the month – is Weaver’s “Kocchi wo Muite yo”. So, if you know of a release I should add, please mention the artist and title in a comment, and I’ll add it on. As it is, the list looks a little thin until later on, where we get the two big names – AKB48 and Arashi – as well as a number of releases I would be curious to see the numbers on. I’m still rooting for KAT-TUN to make a comeback and SZ to get a boost from their new programs.

As usual, more complete listings are available on merchant websites, and I use the CD Japan ones to generate this list.

May 7th

Weaver – Kocchi wo Muite yo

Creephyp – Neguse

May 8th

Momoiro Clover Z – Naitemo Iindayo

moumoon – Jewel

May 14th

Sexy Zone – King & Queen & Joker

Superfly – Live

Funky Kato – Kagayake

BABYRAIDS – Bucchake Rock’n Hacchake Roll/Baby Step

SUPER GiRLS – Hanamichi! Ambitious

Yoshikuni Dohchin – Samenagara Miru Yume

BUCK-TICK – Keijijo Ryusei

DEMPA – Dear Stage e Yokoso

BREATHE – Tomorrows

USAGI – Hello / USAGI ~Fumaina Story~

THE NOVEMBERS – Kyou mo Ikita ne

Tokyo Karankoron – Koi no Machine Gun

May 21st

AKB48 – Labrador Retriever

TOKIO – Love, Holiday.

Nishino Kana – We Don’t Stop

Otsuka Ai – More More

Kishidan – Kenka Joto

flumpool – The Best 2008-2014 “Monument” (album)

flumpool – Believers High

KANA-BOON – Full Drive

Go Hiromi – 99 wa Owaranai

ULFULS – One Mind

Inaba Koshi – Singing Bird (album)

Suga Shikao – Asteroid / LIFE

Matsuda Seiko – I Love You! ~Anata no Hohoemi ni~

May 25th

GLAY – Hai to Diamond Anthology (album)

May 27th

Shiina Ringo – Gyakuyunyuu ~Kouwankyoku~ (album)

May 28th

Arashi – Dare mo Shiranai

Hirai Ken – Ken’s Bar III (album)

Fairies – (Title TBA)

HY – Glocal – Special Asia Edition (album)

LUNA SEA – Never Sold Out 2 (album)

LUNA SEA – 25th Anniversary Ultimate Best The One (album)

The Miso Soups – ME SO SHE LOOSE (album)

aiko – Awa no You na Ai Datta (album)

Haruka to Miyuki – Sonna Koto Dodatte Ii, Kono Uta wo Kimi ga Sukidato Itte Kuretara. (mini-album)


June 4th

KAT-TUN – In Fact

Amuro Namie – Ballada (album)

Kobukuro – Hidamari no Michi

Nakashima Mika x Kato Miliyah – Fighter/Gift

Berryz Kobo – (Title TBA)

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku – Butterfly Effect

BUCK-TICK – Arui wa Anarchy (album)

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Killing Me Softly (album)

la la lark – ego-izm

the telephone – SUPER HIGH TENSION!!!

Base Ball Bear – Nijukyusai

ClariS – Party Time (album)

The Flickers – AT FIRST LIGHT


Che’Nelle – LUV SONGS 2 (album) – DIStopping (album)

“Labrador Retriever”, eh? I sure wouldn’t have guessed that would be the title of an AKB48 single, which just goes to show what I know about the -48 family side of things.

I watched the first episode of Shinigami-kun, for which “Dare mo Shiranai” is a theme. Given the tone of the show, which is far more restrained than Ninomiya-kun’s Yowakutemo Katemasu, for which “GUTS!” was the theme, I wonder how it’ll do.

If its title is any indication, KAT-TUN’s “In Fact” is a transition that will lead to something. Let’s hope so.

As usual, I’m not too thrilled by the A-side on the SZ single. And since this time the B-side is the outro theme to the anime series “Nintama Rintaro”, the feel of this single will likely be youthful in comparison to the cool temper of most of their album.  But while I liked the album, it didn’t sell particularly well, so maybe they’ll get better results with these songs.