This episode of Sexy Zone Channel may not be as exciting as the previous two. I couldn’t resist scanning through the episode before writing this review, and I saw what I always dread seeing in Japanese variety shows: food. Now, it’s not that I don’t enjoy food or finding more about food – it’s that once variety shows start down the food road (especially with the main personalities sitting and eating as they will be in this episode), they have a tendency to get stuck on it.

That said, the boys do have an excuse for making this a chow-down episode. You see, they’re celebrating the birthdays of Kento-kun, Fuma-kun, and Marius-kun since all three of them have birthdays in March. So it’s sort of a party – and apparently a surprise party since only Shori-kun and Sou-kun were told where they were going ahead of time.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 000

They try to get the other three to guess what’s going on based on the clue that only the two of them know. Marius-kun guesses that they’re going swimming, which I’m sure all SZ fans would like to see, Kento-kun says snowboarding, and Fuma-kun opts for skating. I’m glad they all picked activities like that, since that shows what sorts of things we might get in future episodes (as opposed to more food stuff).

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0012014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0022014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0032014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 004


So here’s the question: can SZ make a birthday party fun for the audience, or will it be an endless stream of ‘umai’ and ‘oishii’?

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 005


The three birthday boys each get sashes expressing birthday wishes:

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 006


When Shori-kun asks Marius-kun how old he is, Marius is a bit shy for some reason, so Kento-kun pipes in, guessing that he’s 6. Marius-kun seems unhappy about admitting that he’s turning 14.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 007

Fuma-kun is 19 now (though apparently he’s often mistaken for 22), and of course Kento-kun has turned the big 20. Shori-kun seems to be enjoying himself being the MC for this part. Too bad Sou-kun was sort of hidden in the corner.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0082014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0092014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0102014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 011

There was a long talk from Kento-kun about turning 20, and Fuma-kun at one point looked like he was dozing off.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0122014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0132014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 014


So, what sort of food will they be eating? Well, they’re all young men who have been faced with a lot of physical activity, so surely this calls for meat, no? And when we say meat, naturally it has to be yakiniku.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0152014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 016


That gets Fuma-kun awake. Actually, Kento-kun had talked about a yakiniku reward in the first episode, but here he feels it’s coming a bit too soon. The staff point out that the only activity they have for the hour is eating yakiniku so they face a challenge in making it worth watching.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0172014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 018

Heading in to the establishment, the guys were totally fascinated by everything, including the glittery door handle. Kento-kun is a total ham.

The three birthday boys were arrayed on the left, while Shori-kun and Sou-kun were on the right.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 019

Sou-kun introduced the types of meat and their prices. The skirt steak (harami) was 3500 yen for one portion, and it just got worse from there.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0202014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 021


To keep things moving along int he program, Shori-kun and Sou-kun planned some things to do. They decided that the birthday three would have to participate in a lottery for each of the dishes – one of the three wouldn’t be able to eat that dish.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0222014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 023

First, they get to order the food.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 024


While they were waiting, Kento-kun asked Shori and Sou what they would like to do for their birthdays, since the staff seems willing to fulfill wishes.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0252014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 026


About ten minutes of this chat were cut out . . .

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 027

. . . and then the first meat arrived on dry ice, ready to be cooked in front of them.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 028


Sou-kun did a taste test to verify that it was delicious, then the other three drew straws to see who would get to eat it.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 029


And somehow, they make this scene really fun to watch. I’ve seen a lot of people eat on Japanese TV, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone as excited about it as this bunch. I guess you can tell by the fact that he’s standing up that Kento-kun was the one who didn’t get to eat in this round, and wow did he make up for it by providing silly entertainment.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0302014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0312014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 032

Points to Marius-kun for the maneuver where he pretended to offer Kento-kun some meat, but then redirected the chopsticks to his own mouth. Fuma-kun also took the liberty of taunting him.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0332014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0342014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0352014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 036

But don’t worry about Kento-kun not getting fed – there was more meat where that came from.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0372014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0382014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0392014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 040

Actually, he lost the second round as well (sorry for ruining the potential surprise), but there were a surprising number of rounds, and you can be sure he was extra-intent on winning all the rest.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 041


Anyway, if there was anyone who could make being left out like this entertaining, it was Kento-kun. Fuma-kun doesn’t have the same range of brilliant reactions (at one point, Kento-kun chewed a napkin), and if they had taunted Marius-kun it would have just come off as mean.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0422014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 043

The lottery system ended up being an amazingly successful way to spice things up . . .

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 044


. . . but personally I enjoyed Shori-kun continuous attempts to pilfer food and the umai reactions from him and Sou-kun. So young, and already they’re pros at this.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 045


Kento-kun is the master of silliness. There’s no competition.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0462014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0472014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0482014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 049

We got to see what happens when Marius-kun tries to taunt Fuma-kun:

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 050


Wow, they actually got rice, eh? And here I thought it was just going to be meat all the way.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 051

Shori-kun insists on the rules, though, so one of them will be garlic and carbohydrate deprived.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0522014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0532014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0542014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 055

The more expensive meat is still on the way, though, so the stakes (and steaks) go up as the episode progresses.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 056


Can you guess who didn’t get to eat here?

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0572014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0582014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 059

This is just . . . .

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 060


The key to their entertainment value is that they don’t bother sitting still:

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 061


Marius-kun was great here. I really didn’t think he’d be this entertaining when he was left out, but he pulled out all the stops.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0622014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 063

These guys . . . the screencaps really speak for themselves:

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0642014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0652014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0662014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 067

I’m trying to think back through all the years I’ve seen people eat on Japanese TV, and I don’t think I’ve seen a more entertaining or energetic food session. Yes, there was plenty of ‘umai’ and ‘oishii’, but they also ended up shouting a lot more than that.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0692014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 070


And doing stuff like this:

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0712014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0722014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 073

This is emperor roast is 10,000 yen ($100) per person:

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 075

Marius-kun thanks God and Kento-kun for the bounty.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0762014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0772014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 078


Shori-kun gets a taste of the emperor roast as well, and bows in thanks to Kento-kun.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 079

I couldn’t really include the screencaps without ruining who got to eat and who didn’t, so I might as well include the final tally:

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 080


Looks like Kento-kun missed out on four dishes, Fuma-kun two, and Marius-kun only one.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 081


In the end, there was also a birthday cake and a serious special message from Shori-kun and Sou-kun.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0822014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0842014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 085


Sou-kun wasn’t even pretending to read the letter for much of his part – he had his own thoughts he wanted to express.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 086

After the party concluded . . .

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0872014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0882014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0892014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 091

. . . there was still some time left in the show for the birthday three to share some thoughts with fans. It’s worth keeping in mind that this is still the end of the winter season, and a point where closing thoughts are appropriate.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0922014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 0932014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 094


Still, much more than in the first two episodes, I felt that this episode was specifically targeted to fans, and this way of ending the show heightened that sense. Episodes one and two had more general appeal.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 095

Great photos during the closing credits, as usual.

2014.03.26 Sexy Zone Channel 096

So yeah, even though it was totally food-centered, they managed to make it ludicrously entertaining. There was unbelievable energy, amazing expressiveness, and tons of craziness.

I’ve always known that Kento-kun had a great sense of humor, but he was in top form in this one. All three birthday boys were really good at pouring on the humor – something about people born in March, I guess. Shori-kun and Sou-kun were amusing in their own way, but more or less let the birthday three dominate this time.

It looks like April will be double-dutch month. The schedule on the official website has “Double-Dutch Challenge! First Part” on April 9th, which presumably means that we’ll get a second part on the 23rd. We’ll suddenly have a lot of young Johnnys on variety show TV – Shounen Club, this show, and the new junior show Gamushara! Oh, and Maido Jani on the Kansai side.