The top single for the past week was Kis-My-Ft2’s “Hikari no Signal” (光のシグナル), which saw 202,877 copies sold. That seems to be a low number – I don’t have the first week numbers for all the group’s singles, but it’s at the bottom end of their range.

At #2, C-ute’s “Kokoro no Sakebi no Uta ni Shitemita/Love take it all” sold an impressive 62,405 copies. That’s in-line with their previous two singles, each of which beat all of their previous singles by a mile.

EXILE TAKAHIRO’s “Love Story” took #3, selling 54,397.

Maeda Atsuko-san only managed to get #4 with “Seventh Code”, selling 42,784 compared to 60k for her previous single – a far cry from the 177k and 136k for her début and second singles. So, we’re still not sure about the baseline for AKB members who go solo.

So here’s my question for the week: who’s DISH// and why have they picked a name designed to make file systems choke? I checked out their Wikipedia page, and it looks like the group is a male version of Momoiro Clover, which sounds pretty good. The fact that their “Freak Show” took #5 and sold 34,328 isn’t bad, either.

“Mae Shika Mukanee” from AKB48 got #6, selling 24,210 for a total of 1,115,616 after two weeks. That’s a 2% second week, which is becoming standard for AKB. At the same time, I’m wondering whether it might not be more interesting to judge singles by their second week, putting more weight on those results than the ones for the first week. There’s just too much effort to boost first week results – and not just from AKB – to give much credence to those numbers.

A lot of smaller releases populated the following ranks until we get to #16, where Arashi’s “Bittersweet” spent its fourth week, selling 5,680 copies to bring its total to 573,473.

In its third week, “King of Otoko” from Kanjani8 took #18, and its total is now 379,154.

NMB48’s “Kamonegikkusu” bounced from #46 to #20 in its twenty-third week by selling 5,410 copies, bringing its total to 506,653.

“Nanbu Semishigure” by Fukuda Kouhei-san is still here, now at #24. Its seventy-two week total is 168,461.

At #28, Hikawa Kiyoshi-san’s “Otone Nagare Tsuki” is back in, boasting a total of 69,402 after six weeks.

On the album side, Tohoshinki’s “TREE” scored 224,796 copies sold at the top of the chart. That’s definitely a respectable number, though once again, I think I’ll be more interested in the second week number.

At #2, “DOOR” from JUJU sold 39,653.

Angela Aki-san’s compilation album “Tapestry of Songs – The Best of Angela Aki” sold 26,823 at #3.

“Shinsekai” from Yuzu gained a spot – getting #4 this week by selling 22,710 copies, pushing its three-week total to 173,641.

One Direction is quite persistent, as “Midnight Memories” takes #8 in its fifteenth week, seeing 11,594 copies sold and a grand total of 205,630.

It’s worth mentioning that androp’s “period” narrowly got into the top 10 in the last spot, just barely beating out Shoujo Jidai’s “Mister Mister” by 59 copies – 10,102 to 10,043.