Well, there’s just one member of SHARK left who needs to accept Mizuki (Hirano Sho), and that’s the stubborn leader of the group, Kai (Hamada Takahiro). Since we already know what’s going to happen, will they at least manage to do it in style?

SHARK Ep 06 000

There seems to be growing camaraderie between Mizuki, Ayumu (Matsumura Hokuto), Kenzo (Iwamoto Hikaru), and Teppei (Kamiyama Tomohiro). When Mizuki tries to tell Kenzo that the drumming was too fast, the others all tell him that his singing was the one that was off-tempo. He objects, of course, but it has the feel of being safe.

SHARK Ep 06 001SHARK Ep 06 002SHARK Ep 06 003

That makes Ichika (Yamashita Rio) happy, but she’s got a tough job ahead of her. She’s got an appointment with Kai to check out the vocalist candidate he found – though really she just wants to convince him to accept Mizuki. She tells everyone about the meeting with Kai and reassures Mizuki that she supports him as vocalist 100%.

SHARK Ep 06 004SHARK Ep 06 005

Not only does Ichika listen to the vocalist Kai found . . .

SHARK Ep 06 006SHARK Ep 06 007

. . . but the others also listen in at a distance. They note that he has a good voice, which is true, but anyone can see that he completely lacks the stage presence of Mizuki and doesn’t even fit the SHARK style.

SHARK Ep 06 008SHARK Ep 06 009SHARK Ep 06 010

Kenzo decides to tell Kai this after Mizuki and the candidate vocalist both leave, but Kai isn’t ready to listen to reason.

SHARK Ep 06 011SHARK Ep 06 012SHARK Ep 06 013

Instead, when Ichika talks to him about moving on from Kazuki . . .

SHARK Ep 06 016SHARK Ep 06 018SHARK Ep 06 019

. . . he accuses her of just acting out of her guilt at Kazuki’s death. Going overboard, he basically accuses her of being the cause of Kazuki’s accident, and it’s surprising that the others didn’t react more drastically to what he said.

SHARK Ep 06 020SHARK Ep 06 022

After that, he tells them not to use the SHARK name in the audition, and that he’ll build a new SHARK himself.

SHARK Ep 06 023SHARK Ep 06 024

Poor Ichika.

SHARK Ep 06 025

Mizuki didn’t see this scene, having left once he heard his potential rival and knew that there was no competition. I’m sort of unhappy that they didn’t do more with the possible rivalry and instead decided that the other guy couldn’t be SHARK’s vocalist right away. Mizuki’s been needing a serious rival for three episodes now, and they haven’t even done anything with the nasty guys we met in episode 5. Shouldn’t SHARK be aiming to figure out who they were and making sure they don’t lose to them in the auditions?

Nope. The focus is completely on Kai.

Mizuki gets some advice from his counselor, Konno Kaede (Kawaei Rina), about how to get Kai back. She suggests that Mizuki should be honest with Kai about how much the band needs him. It’s basically her usual advice, but it looks like Mizuki might actually take it this time.

SHARK Ep 06 026SHARK Ep 06 027SHARK Ep 06 028

Meanwhile, Ichika gets some counseling from her boss. He recommends that she take a hard line against Kai – to tell Kai the opposite of what Kaede told Mizuki to say (audition with SHARK or get out of the way).

SHARK Ep 06 030SHARK Ep 06 031SHARK Ep 06 032SHARK Ep 06 033

She resists this advice . . .

SHARK Ep 06 036SHARK Ep 06 037

. . . but then goes to Kai to deliver the message.

SHARK Ep 06 038

Mizuki also reconsiders the advice Kaede gave him . . .

SHARK Ep 06 039SHARK Ep 06 040

. . . winds up seeing Ichika tell Kai to leave SHARK . . .

SHARK Ep 06 045SHARK Ep 06 046SHARK Ep 06 047SHARK Ep 06 049

. . . and blows up in shock.

SHARK Ep 06 051

I hate to say it, but this was not a convincing performance from Hirano Sho-kun. He’s been doing well so far, but he didn’t have the right tension and outrage that these lines required.

SHARK Ep 06 052SHARK Ep 06 053SHARK Ep 06 054SHARK Ep 06 055

Will the fact that Mizuki admitted that the band needs Kai get Kai to attend the audition? Will they win the audition?

SHARK Ep 06 057SHARK Ep 06 058SHARK Ep 06 059SHARK Ep 06 061

This was a very straightforward episode that did what it had to do and very little more. On the bright side, the final scenes of the episode were quite satisfying.

SHARK Ep 06 068SHARK Ep 06 069SHARK Ep 06 070SHARK Ep 06 071

Also, I admit that I like the trick the writers played in order to get Mizuki to express his real feelings in front of Kai.

I’m very disappointed, though, that they didn’t do more with this audition and the rival group that tormented Teppei. There should have been some tension at the audition between SHARK and some group – I don’t even care if it was that one.

It was also a miss that nothing more was done with the second vocalist who wanted to be in SHARK. There’s still a chance that the writers might put him to use in a future episode, but it seems unlikely considering how little impact he made on the plot. I mean, we didn’t even need to know his name.

But now that all the members are on board, perhaps we can start getting some more interesting stories for the rest of the series? At least this is the first time I can’t predict the main plot point of the next episode, so I’m looking forward to finding out what happens. The drama starts here. It’s like the Blues Brothers after they got the band back together – this is where the really crazy stuff starts to happen . . . right?