The top single for the past week was AKB48’s “Mae Shika Mukanee”, which saw 1,091,406 copies sold, which is in-line with expectations set by the first AKB single of the year for the past three years.

E-girls had a good showing with “Diamond Only” at #2, selling 72,808. That’s at exactly the same level as their previous two singles, so full marks for consistency.

At #3, Lead’s “Sakura” did well, selling 41,559.

AAA’s “Love” took #4 with 25,486 copies sold.

In its second week, “King of Otoko” from Kanjani8 sold only 20,761 at #5 to bring its total to 373,649. That’s just 6% of first week sales, and suggests some . . . interesting features . . . were involved in getting the first week number where it was.

“Bittersweet” from Arashi took #10 in its third week, tacking on 13,201 to push its total to 567,793.

Two instances of special coverage this week: Gouriki Ayame-san’s new single took #12 and sold 9,231 in its first week. Kondo Masahiko-san’s “Sennen Renbo” was at #22 and saw 5,003 copies sold.

As expected, it’s never safe to count Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Nanbu Semishigure” out. It bounced back once again to #21, selling 5,134 to bring its seventy-one week total to 164,091. It’s sort of amazing that it’s only sold 164k after spending so long in the top 30.

The two Kanjani8 singles that got a pop on the coattails of “King of Otoko” are still hanging out. “Kokoro Sora Moyou” took #24, selling 4,925 to push its thirteen-week total to 259,906. “Hibiki” sold 4,268 to sneak in at #28, and its seven-week total is 261,491.

Rounding out the singles, “Takaramonozu/Paradise Live” from μ’s took #29 in its fifth week and now has a total of 68,717.

On the album side, Koda Kumi-san’s “Bon Voyage” took the top spot with 46,091 copies sold – less than half of the first week sales for her previous studio album. That is . . . bad.

The Uta no Prince-sama album was at #2, selling 42,823 copies.

“Ride Me” from Super Junior Donghae & Eunkyuk got #3 by selling 40,065.

At #4, the self-titled debut album from BABYMETAL sold a solid 37,463. There’s some growing awareness of this group, and they’re sufficiently out-of-the-ordinary for me to be interested in how they do. I sort of wish they had taken the top spot this week.

Yuzu was right behind at #5, selling 37,039 copies of “Shinsekai” to get its two-week total to 150,931. That’s very strong, as would be expected from Yuzu.

In special coverage on the album side, Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s new album got #6 by selling 21,137 and HY’s “SUPER BEST” sold 15,013 to take #7.

Finally, “Midnight Memories” from One Direction took #10, selling 11,598 to bring its fourteen-week total to 194,036.

Wait . . . what about the Sexy Zone album that was just released last week? Well, “Sexy Second” got knocked down to #13, selling 9,027 for a two-week total of 130,670. These second week results support the calculation that, excluding non-public versions, the album sold between 90k and 105k in its first week.