The top single for the past week was “AinoArika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life” from Hey! Say! JUMP, which sold 207,469 copies. While that’s a lot better than the 162,993 that “Ride With Me” scored in its first week, it’s still a lot lower than the 235k level that would have kept HSJ from a declining sales trend. I’m still miffed that neither “Ride With Me” nor “AinoArika” got play on Shounen Club – I thought both songs were far superior to “Come On-A My House”. I’m not sure what the promotion efforts beyond SC were, but it’s pretty clear that they were not adequate.

Tohoshinki took #2 with “Hide & Seek/Something” selling 107,413 – nothing out-of-the-ordinary for the group.

At #3, Itano Tomomi-san’s “little” sold 34,037.

“Takaramonozu/Paradise Live” from μ’s got #10 by selling 10,730 in a strong second week to bring its total to 47,655.

Amuro Namie-san’s “TSUKI” was at #11, selling 9,252 to bring its two-week total to 51,273.

Also in its second week, “Otone Nagare Tsuki” from Hikawa Kiyoshi-san sold 8,651 at #13, now with a total of 54,963 copies sold.

Morning Musume’s “Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa” had a weak second week at #16 – selling 7,890 or about 5% of first week sales. Its total is now 157,251.

“Snow Magic Fantasy” from SEKAI NO OWARI took #18, selling 5,816 for a three-week total of 122,094.

Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Nanbu Semishigure” is still here in its sixty-eighth week. This is getting ridiculous. It took #20, and now has 150,203 copies sold in total.

“Barrette” by Nogizaka46 popped back into the top 30 in its eleventh week, taking #28 by selling 3,374 copies. Its total is 508,293.

Rounding out the singles, Kanjani8’s “Hibiki” was at #30 and has a four-week total of 238,145.

While the world of singles is starting to get filled out again, the album side is still a bit thin. “The II Age” from The Second from EXILE took #1, selling 50,787 copies.

In a surprise pop, Ariana Grande’s “Yours Truly” went from #65 to #3 in the past week, selling 14,984 copies – more than 50% of what it had sold for the previous twenty-two weeks – to bring its total to 38,293. I’m guessing there was some kind of event involved?

AKB48’s “Tsugi no Ashiato” took #6, selling 11,975 in its third week to break the million mark. Its new total is 1,005,662.

The self-titled album from Flower had a very strong third week, tacking on 7,856 copies at #7, pushing its total to 85,829.

One Direction returned to the top 10 as their “Midnight Memories” grabbed #8, bringing its eleven-week total to 160,883.

At #9, Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ “The Best/Blue Impact” added 5,596 copies in its seventh week, now with a total of 303,991 copies sold.