The release schedule really picks up going into February, and the floodgates fully open by the 19th. While the most of the top spots are probably going to the obvious names, seeing as how Arashi, AKB48, and other marquee groups are in the mix, there’s going to be plenty of depth to the charts soon. No more of these lingering singles filling up the top 30.

This list has selected single and album releases for the month, not all of them (i.e. releases from groups that I’m interested in tracking or at least recognize). With the sudden explosion of releases to keep track of, I know I must have missed important ones, so please mention the artist and title in a comment and I’ll update the list.

More complete listings are available on merchant websites (I use CD Japan’s list).

February 5th

Hey! Say! Jump – AinoArika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life

Tohoshinki – Hide & Seek/Something

The SECOND from EXILE – The II Age (album)

Itano Tomomi – little

NICO Touches the Walls – NICO Touches the Walls no Best (album)

MISIA – Boku wa Pegasus Kimi wa Polaris

KREVA – Tranquilizer

February 12th

Arashi – Bittersweet

Domoto Tsuyoshi – Shimanippon – Roinochinoi (album)

T.M. Revolution/SCANDAL – Count ZERO/Runners High

SID – hug

Yuzu – Hikare

miwa – Faith


ayaka – number one

Funky Kato – My Voice

FOLKS – NEWTOWN (mini-album)

February 19th

Kanjani8 – King of Otoko!

Sexy Zone – Sexy Second (album)

Kobukuro – Ima, Sakihokoru Hana Tachi Yo

JUJU – Door/Hot Stuff

Yuzu – Shinsekai (album)

Ieiri Leo – a boy (album)

Every Little Thing – Fun-Fare (album)


Fairies – Run with U

Berryz Kobo – Otona Nanoyo!/1 Oku 3 Zenman So Diet Okoku

Miliyah Kato – LOVELAND (album)

AAA – Love

Yusuke – (New Single Title TBA)

The Back Horn – Symmetry/Kowaremono

February 26th

AKB48 – Mae Shika Mukanee

Sukima Switch – 10th Anniversary Arena Tour 2013 (album)

E-girls – Diamond Only

HY – Super Best (album)

HY – Glocal (album)

Kondo Masahiko – Sennen Renbo

Makihara Noriyuki – Life Goes On -like nonstop music-

Koda Kumi – Bon Voyage (album)

Chris Hart – I LOVE YOU

Berryz Kobo – Berryz Kobo Special Best Vol. 2 (album)

BIGMAMA – Sweet Dreams

Gouriki Ayame – Anata no 100 no Kiraina


Alice Nine – Shining

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Yume no Hajimarinrin

KANA-BOON – Kesshousai

salyu – Ainyukeru/Line

Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Feedback File 2 (album)

March 5th

Kis-My-Ft2 – Hikari no Signal

JUJU – Door (album)

Tohoshinki – Tree (album)

Maeda Atsuko – Seventh Code


Angela Aki – Tapestry of Songs – The Best of Angela Aki (album)

Cute – Kokoro no Sakebi no Uta ni Shitemita/Love take it all

Sako Tomohisa – Maho no Yoru to Fushigi na Waltz

androp – period (album)

Plastic Tree – echo (mini-album)

Douchin Yoshikuni – Bronze Caravan (album)

Plenty to talk about with February. As interested as I am to see the number on the Arashi single and the Hey! Say! Jump single, I’m even more interested in the songs that might be on the Sexy Zone album, since I need to change up my running playlist (the temperature is getting warmer around here and I need to work off the weight I gained from Christmas and will gain from Chinese New Year). There are complications when it comes to the SZ album number, and I’ll have to remember to check Soundscan to get a better indication on the sales for that.

I hope Hey! Say! Jump does a lot better this time than on their December single, or their sales trajectory will turn decisively negative, and that would not be good for such a young group.

Another Kanjani8 single?! Are they just going to release a new single every time there’s a week that doesn’t have a gold-guaranteed single scheduled?

I wonder how the Ieiri Leo album will do. Some of the début luster might have worn off, but she still seems to get a lot of attention.

HY releasing a new album and a best-of album in the same week – I suppose their fans have big budgets and little free time? That week is a killer week on albums, though – there’s going to be a lot of turnover in the top 10 this month.

Gouriki Ayame-san’s début single didn’t do very well, but I also didn’t think much about the sound of it. Will this be an improvement or the same style? If its just the same, I wonder if it’ll sell five figures.

Chris Hart might have caught some attention around the year-end special timeframe, so I’m looking forward to seeing him get good numbers.

I’m sure I have more to say about some of these releases, but maybe it’s best to just wait and see how they do. Don’t forget to comment if you know of a major J-Pop single or album I missed!