SHARK is a drama about a five-member band. It’s tough to guess at first glance how they’ll manage to make this interesting, but I do know what I’ll definitely be looking for – at least five well-developed characters.

This drama is in the same time slot as 49 and a continuous string of dramas I’ve reviewed stretching back to Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. Some of those dramas have been spectacular and others dull, so I’m not coming in with any particular expectations. I do hope for the best, though.

I’ve taken a while to get to this episode both because I’ve been finishing up 49 and also because I was hoping for subtitles. A valiant translator, hakucchan at livejournal, has come to our rescue, so . . . yay! Thank you, hakuchan!

The show opens with a crowd chanting “SHARK! SHARK!” and a guy from Tower Records saying that the amazing thing about SHARK is its vocalist Kitagawa Kazuki (Fujii Ryusei).

SHARK Ep 01 000SHARK Ep 01 001SHARK Ep 01 002

While we might not get much of Fujii-kun in this series for reasons that will soon become apparent, this is already a nice change of speed for him from his part in Miss Pilot last season. There he was the goofy comic relief, but here he’s Mr. Cool.

SHARK Ep 01 003SHARK Ep 01 005

This is not the story of how a scrappy band starts out. These guys are already popular and professional, even though they still haven’t signed with a major label. So, on the downside that’s one source of potential struggle removed from the picture. The positive side to that is the issues they face will likely be more subtle and require some good acting from the band members. Of course, just this opening scene does loads for their image.

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