The previous episode of Ando Lloyd (安堂ロイド〜A.I. knows LOVE?〜) concluded with a bit of a surprise – Shinzo (Kiritani Kenta)’s attempt to revive Lloyd (Kimura Takuya) resulted in the android losing his memory – putting him back in the same state as in the first episode. That’s an interesting turn of events if they do something with it, but it’s unclear how much of his memory he’s lost. For instance, he seems able to access his mission to protect Asahi, he knows he’s in 2013, and he knows he’s supposed to kill anyone who finds out about him. Does he remember that he took justice into his own hands to kill the masterminds of a mass murder plot?

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 000Ando Lloyd Ep 08 001Ando Lloyd Ep 08 002

Asahi (Shibasaki Kou) is convinced that she can keep Lloyd from killing Shinzo and Isaku (Endo Kenichi) despite Lloyd’s programming, and that’s a fair assumption since she kept him from killing them and Nanase (Oshima Yuko) before. Whoever programmed Lloyd sure allowed for a lot of flexibility.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 003Ando Lloyd Ep 08 004Ando Lloyd Ep 08 005

After deciding not to kill them, though, Lloyd disappears. It’s unclear yet whether he’s still got his emotions or not – let’s face it, even when Suppli (Honda Tsubasa) installed emotions into him, he hardly changed at all.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 006Ando Lloyd Ep 08 007

Asahi is sure Lloyd’s memories are still in there somewhere, apparently on the basis that he cherished his memories. I’m . . . not too sure I follow that logic. At least, wanting to remember something has not been a guarantee that the information would remain stored him my brain in my limited experience. And as much as I cherish the information stored on my computer, sufficient damage to the hard drive can render it irretrievable even by professionals. Well, I guess it’s fair to hope, though – I’m sure Asahi doesn’t want to start at square one with Lloyd.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 008Ando Lloyd Ep 08 009

Far away from the Lloyd fan club, the plot to get rid of him is underway. Until now, their focus has been purely on killing Asahi for as-yet unknown reasons, but now they realize they need to deal with the ARXII-13 (Lloyd) or they’ll never get to her.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 010

According to them, newer model androids are designed with ideal human qualities like nobility. Could have fooled me – they’ve shown qualities like duplicity, and their willingness to kill an innocent woman who has done nothing wrong (yet) doesn’t strike me as the best of humanity.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 011

They say the ARXII-13 is not programmed with nobility, but while he talks tough, he sure manages to avoid killing people he claims he has to kill. That would be . . . mercy, right?

Anyway, the present-day security chief wants to be able to bend the law in order to go after Lloyd. I guess it wasn’t such a good idea for Lloyd to threaten him directly in the previous episode, but anger seems to be one emotion Lloyd has no problem exhibiting.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 012

Isaku managed to get a recording of the special lecture Lloyd gave to Matsushima Reiji’s class, and plays it for Shinzo. In the process, he proposes a theory based on an additional elementary particle that sounds like a more standard science fiction standard. I don’t know about particles that mediate feelings as described during the course of this episode, but a quantum field related to thought has been brought up in numerous sci-fi works like Star Trek, Star Wars (though the original version of the force was complicated by the idea of midi-chlorians in Episode I), and . . . well, my own novels.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 013Ando Lloyd Ep 08 014

The way they describe this field, though, it still violates causality, which is a no-no. It’s perfectly all right for feelings to affect the future, but it’s not all right for them to affect the past.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 015

There’s sort of a father-son feel between Isaku and Shinzo. Perhaps that’s just how partners of different generations tend to interact?

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 016

Nanase is looking through pictures of Reiji with her graduate students . . .

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 017Ando Lloyd Ep 08 018

. . . and then Asahi stops in to ask for help with Lloyd. They get hung up on the photos . . .

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 019

. . . and then Nanase suddenly tries to choke Asahi to death, saying that Asahi stole Reiji from her. That’s . . . strange. I mean, just in the last episode, the Mysterious Beauty (Kiritani Mirei) was making Nanase jealous of Reiji, but now it’s as if she was actually in love with her brother.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 020Ando Lloyd Ep 08 021

Nanase collapses before she completes the homicide. The doctor concludes that Nanase is suffering from multiple personality disorder, but we hadn’t seen any sign of it before the Mysterious Beauty started messing with her.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 022Ando Lloyd Ep 08 023Ando Lloyd Ep 08 024Ando Lloyd Ep 08 025

And the Mysterious Beauty makes an appearance here, at first choking Asahi in the hospital room just like Nanase had been doing, then disappearing when Lloyd appeared to defend Asahi.

Lloyd chases her, and she tries to convince him to wage war against humans – to wipe the useless species off the map. I can’t say that the evidence she offered was particularly compelling – I guess they’re a bit short on scenes of human-induced horror and depravity in Japan.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 026Ando Lloyd Ep 08 027Ando Lloyd Ep 08 028

Someone clearly forgot to program her with the Three Laws of Robotics.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 029

Lloyd does not agree to her plan to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth because if there’s one thing he knows, it’s that Ando Asahi must not die, and lucky for us, Ando Asahi is a human. Perhaps the Mysterious Beauty should have proposed killing every human except for Ando Asahi. That would still result in human extinction, since you need more than one person to perpetuate the species. Of course, it would create another paradox: who the heck creates these robots and who gets killed by the ARXII-13 in 2066? Time travel stories are a tricky business.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 030Ando Lloyd Ep 08 031Ando Lloyd Ep 08 032

Eventually, the two robots disengage after an interesting semi-fight, and Lloyd returns to Asahi, in need of recharging.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 033Ando Lloyd Ep 08 034

There’s no luck finding a solution to Lloyd’s memory problem yet. Isaku and Shinzo were hoping that Nanase would be able to help, but that’s clearly a no-go.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 035

As Asahi and Lloyd are eating, though, some circuits in Lloyd’s system snap into place and he gets a flash of the moment when Asahi named him. So . . . this is going to be like short-term amnesia? I didn’t think that could happen to computers, but hey, if we’re going to have time travel, I guess I’d better stop being picky.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 036Ando Lloyd Ep 08 037

We’ve seen this grim teddy bear around, but it finally plays a role in this episode. I’m not going to reveal how, though.

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 038

In fact, we’re coming to the point where the serious spoilers lie, so let me halt the synopsis and pose the questions that the episode has to answer. First, and most obviously, how does Lloyd get his memory back?

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 045Ando Lloyd Ep 08 046Ando Lloyd Ep 08 047

What’s with the grim reaper bear?

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 048Ando Lloyd Ep 08 049

Wait . . . is that Suppli?! What’s with the dull look?

Ando Lloyd Ep 08 054Ando Lloyd Ep 08 060

This was a good episode. Obviously it’s great the see Suppli back since she’s been the most delightful character in the series. But we also got a hint at the explanation for how Reiji managed to save Asahi, even though it’s bound to be a bit wishy-washy. The thing with the bear was a weird surprise, as was the deteriorating condition of Nanase. I also enjoyed the Isaku-Shinzo dynamic.

There were some compelling performances in this episode from Oshima Yuko-san, Kiritani Mirei-san, and Honda Tsubasa-san. The supporting actresses are looking stellar here.

While I’m not sure the future history the writers have created is at all coherent and logical, at least it looks like they’re going to be able to wrap this series up with a decent conclusion. I can say that it’s probably the best sci-fi Japanese drama I’ve seen, but I’ve admittedly not seen any other sci-fi J-dramas – I usually turn to anime for that, and it’s one area where American and British television is occasionally competent. It could turn out to have been a decent ride in the end, but I doubt this series is going to be a trend-setter.