The top single for the past week was Kanjani8’s “Hibiki”, which sold 206,091 copies  and seems to be on a similar trajectory as their previous single released only seven weeks ago – “Kokoro Sora Moyou”.

There was very little competition for Kanjani8, as the number two spot was taken by Sakanaction’s “Goodbye/Eureka”, which sold 22,195 – little more than a tenth of the number Kanjani8 put up. It’s still not a good time for new releases, apparently.

Nogizaka46’s “Barrette” was the next notable single, taking #9 in its eighth week by selling 10,097 copies to push its total to the vicinity of 500k – 496,164.

At #12, Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Nanbu Semishigure” is still hanging out. It now boasts a sixty-five week total of 135,463.

Kanjani8’s “Kokoro Sora Moyou” no doubt benefited through the coattail effect from the release of the new single – it bounced from #30 to #13, selling 5,049 copies in its seventh week for a total of 230,342.

“101 Kaime no Noroi” from Golden Bomber took #14 this week with its three-week total now at 170,306.

The Busaiku team from Kis-My-Ft2 was right behind at #15, with their “Tana kara Botamochi” selling 3,733 in week six. Its total is now 192,367.

At #16, AKB48’s “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” is still adding to its formidable total after twenty-two weeks. It surpassed 1.5 million this week, reaching 1,503,487.

SKE48’s “Sansei Kawaii!” got #20, bringing its nine-week total to 557,853.

Interestingly, “Peace & Hi-lite” from Southern All Stars is still at it, taking #22 in its twenty-fourth week, now with 353,114 copies sold in total.

The fourth week of sales for Hey! Say! Jump’s “Ride With Me” brought the single to #23, pushing its total to 185,188.

Yuzu’s “Hyouri Ittai” is almost looking like it might pass 50k while still in the top 30. Its four-week total is 46,942, and it took #25 this week.

AKB48’s single with the long title was at #26, and now has a total of 1,077,767 copies sold after six weeks.

Last but not least, “Shareotsu/Hello” from SMAP sold an additional 2,096 copies as it took #29. It’s five-week total is 245,036 – tantalizingly close to platinum

The top album for the week was . . . really? Sandaime J Soul Brothers for the fourth week in a row? Well, “The Best/Blue Impact” barely made it this time – with 22,569 copies sold, it was only 145 ahead of #2. Still, that four-week total of 275,440 is really something.

Not much else of note in the album standings, actually. It’s still a pretty bare month so far.

Kobukuro’s “One Song From Two Hearts” took #7, selling 6,180 to bring its five-week total to 154,438.

“Midnight Memories” from One Direction popped back in from #16 to #9, tacking on 5,429 new copies sold to get its eight-week total to 135,869.

Well, hopefully things are going to start to pick up after this week.