This is the second-to-last episode of 49 and I’ve admittedly stalled on reviewing it to delay gratification. On the bright side, the last episode will be double-length, but I wonder if even that will be enough time to put a satisfying cap on things. The acting and stories have been so engaging thus far that I doubt any viewer could resist wishing for an episode or two more (though the plot effectively limits the possibility of a special or second season).

When we last left Kagami Dan (Sato Shori), he had just retaken control of his body from his father’s ghost – doing so right in front of Mana (Nishino Nanase), who had so far believed that she was dealing with twins rather than a young man temporarily possessed by the ghost of his father. The switch seemed to signal that Dan now has feelings for Mana – feelings he used to only have for Sachi (Yamamoto Maika).

49 Ep 10 000 49 Ep 10 001

Mana naturally demands an explanation, but she posits her own – multiple personality disorder – before he even gets a chance to say anything substantial.

49 Ep 10 002

Sachi steps in, offering to tell Mana what’s really going on, but Mana spots a rival and they immediately start fighting over Dan.

49 Ep 10 00349 Ep 10 00449 Ep 10 005

Ah! Young love! I bet Dan never thought that he’d have two girls fighting over him! Well, to be more accurate, one girl fighting for him, and another fighting for his father who has been using his body like a time share. You can sort of tell Shori-kun has a bit of trouble not smiling here as he tries to put on a convincing wince of pain, but he gets his expression down to one of dismay before they cut to the opening credits.

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