Hot on the heels of the Christmas releases, here are the first results of the new year.

No surprise at all in the top spot – Golden Bomber took it by a couple of miles with “101 Kaime no Noroi” selling 157,660, which I think is roughly in-line with expectations given the group’s current growth in popularity.

Hey! Say! Jump’s “Ride With Me” took #3 by selling 14,518 additional copies to push its total to 177,511. That’s about a 9% second week, which is all right but not great, and certainly doesn’t suggest that its first week sales could have been any higher.

It might be the case that the Busaiku subunit of Kis-My-Ft2 will overtake HSJ which . . . is difficult to read. On the one hand, KMF2 is the elder group (though it debuted later), but on the other, this is just a subunit of that group. Anyway, “Tana kara Botamochi” gained three spots to take #5 in the first week of 2014. It sold 9.285 more copies to bring its four-week total to 183,095.

SMAP’s “Shareotsu/Hello” held onto #6 for the second week in a row. It sold 8,367 in its third week for a grand total of 239,304. Looks like we will see this one cross platinum before it drops out of the top 30.

Also still hanging out in the top 10, Nogizaka46’s “Barrette” took #8 and not has a six-week total of 481,041.

And here I thought Fukuda Kouhei-san’s “Nanbu Semishigure” would be on its way down. Instead, it benefitted both from his Kouhaku performance and the relative vacuum in the rankings and took #9 – the highest it has ever been in its sixty-three week run. It sold an additional 6,500 copies for a total of 124,921.

AKB48’s newest single “铃悬の木の道で「君の微笑みを梦に见る」と言ってしまったら仆たちの関系はどう変わってしまうのか、仆なりに何日か考えた上でのやや気耻ずかしい结论のようなもの” held #10 again. Its four-week total is now 1,072,478.

After Kouhaku, it looks like “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” from AKB48 might have gotten a boost (it is a catchy tune), because it climbed to #15 in its twentieth week and now boasts 1,496,390 copies sold.

Speaking of end-of-year boosts, here’s Linked Horizon again. “Jiyuu e no Shingeki” is all the way up to #17 now, selling 240,978 in total after twenty-six weeks.

At #18, Kis-My-Ft2’s “SNOW DOME no Yakusoku/Luv Sick” sold 4,285 copies to get its eight-week total to 323,860.

NMB48 was right behind them at #19, with “Kamonegikkusu” accumulating a fourteen-week total of 467,865.

“Nano-second” from UVERworld spent its third week at #20, tacking on 3,580 to bring its total to 65,988.

Taking #23 in its fifth week, “Kokoro Sora Koyou” from Kanjani8 now has a total of 223,070 and looks like it will, in fact, drop out of the top 30 before striking platinum.

Southern All Stars’ “Peace & Hi-lite” continues to see a boost, finding itself at #24 with a twenty-two week total of 347,920.

SKE48’s “Sansei Kawaii!” spent its seventh week at #26, now with 550,030 copies sold in total.

At #27, “Ame nochi Hareruya” from Yuzu has an eight-week total of 58,106.

AKB48’s “Heart Ereki” is back in it again at #28, selling 2,881 in its tenth week, now with a total of 1,272,976.

On the album side, Sandaime J Soul Brothers took the top for the second week in a row, also as expected. What might not have been expected was the huge boost to the sales of “The Best/Blue Impact” –  a whopping 74,004 was added to bring the album’s total to 220,542. I don’t have firm numbers, but this seems like a massive success for the group.

In the sales vacuum, Kobukuro’s “One Song From Two Hearts” took #2 in its third week, selling an additional 16,631 copies to bring its total to 139,423.

Somehow, all the recent big English-language releases have returned to the top 10. One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” took #5 for a six-week total of 126,598. Avril Lavigne took #7 with her self-titled album selling 7,526 to get its nine-week total to 148,347. And Lady Gaga nabbed #8 as “Artpop” boosted its score to 164,711 after nine weeks.

In the midst of all of that, RADWIMPS’ “Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to” took #6, selling 8,308 for a four-week total of 114,334.

Finally, Porno Graffitti’s 15th Anniversary “All Time Singles” compilation album got #10 in its seventh week. Its total is now 174,965.