Last time in 49, Dan (Sato Shori) got to show off a skill no one knew he had – he’s actually a very strong Go player. While it’s not possible to become a strong player just by reading books, it is possible to become one even if you’re reclusive thanks to high-level internet Go, so it’s one of the few things Dan could really master on his own.

49 Ep 09 000

Sachi (Yamamoto Maika) starts out by complimenting him on his victory, but leaves a bad taste in the viewer’s mouth as she ends the conversation by pointing out how grateful he should be to his father for saving him. She taunts him by saying that he’d have far greater injuries if his father hadn’t turned him the right way in the midst of the fall.

49 Ep 09 00149 Ep 09 00249 Ep 09 00449 Ep 09 005

Look, I understand that she doesn’t know Dan likes her and that she’s totally and irrationally in love with Dan’s father, but that’s no excuse for the way she acts. I’m eagerly waiting for the point where they tell her how Dan feels about her so she feels a bit of regret about treating him this way. Hopefully.

49 Ep 09 00649 Ep 09 00749 Ep 09 008

Thankfully, Dan’s father didn’t trust Sachi to send a message to his son, but instead recorded it himself:

49 Ep 09 009

Finally, finally, we get come communication between father and son since they started sharing the same body. And it was an interesting message, considering how Dan’s father talked about him until recently. I won’t give the specifics away, but it seemed like the combination of Dan’s suicide attempt and the talk with Aiko and Yuko in the previous episode made Dan’s father realize that maybe the most important thing his son needed was for someone else – especially a parent – to have some confidence in him and be positive about him. That support was doubtless something Dan’s father got from his parents, but Dan was lacking.

49 Ep 09 010

Still, this seemed like a big jump from where we left off in the last episode, and we really didn’t see the moment when Dan’s father figured it out – I’m just piecing together the most likely scenario.

Back at school, Mana (Nishino Nanase) walks in on Dan, who is contemplating a basketball.

49 Ep 09 01149 Ep 09 01249 Ep 09 013

He tells her that he likes someone else (only after some prodding from her), but that it’s one-sided.

49 Ep 09 01449 Ep 09 016

Mana realizes that she jumped to conclusions – automatically assuming that Kan (Real Dan) liked her just because Dan (Possessed Dan/Dan’s father) had approached her. She takes this blow rather well, considering she’s hardly used to rejection.

49 Ep 09 017

Dan feels uncomfortable when she tears up a bit, though, and diminishes his feelings for Sachi (he doesn’t name her, by the way), saying that it’s just because they’ve known each other since they were little.

49 Ep 09 018

I can’t say that Mana has been a very likable character so far, but when she asks if it’s all right for her to keep trying with Dan and Dan says yes, I think she manages to win the audience over finally. At least she’s treating him like a human being rather than a pet now.

49 Ep 09 019

Shogo (Teranishi Takuto) was eavesdropping on the whole conversations and wonders about the Dan-Kan thing. But what can he possibly do to tear Mana away from Dan/Kan?

Well, thanks to their net début, Chicken Basket becomes wildly popular . . .

49 Ep 09 02049 Ep 09 02149 Ep 09 022

. . . and perhaps too popular, as Shogo apparently decides to stalk Dan. He finds out about Dan’s expulsion-worthy gig. It’s a shame too – Dan seems to finally be getting good at the dance.

Returning home after a long day, Dan sees his mother shortly after she’s taken a shower and, because his father is still drawn to Aiko (Konno Mahiru), they switch places.

49 Ep 09 023

So now it’s Possessed Dan – Dan’s father in charge – and the same strong feelings for his wife that brought him forward also make him go too far. He doesn’t actually kiss Aiko (thankfully), but only a slap from her stopped him.

49 Ep 09 024

And here’s another long-awaited scene/revelation – Aiko finally realizes that her husband is possessing her son, and promptly faints (well, if you’re ever going to faint, it might as well be something like this).

49 Ep 09 02549 Ep 09 026

Cut to the next day, and it’s pretty obvious that no one has told Yuko (this family isn’t very good at communicating, is it?). Aiko and Dan’s father have a real talk after Yuko leaves, in which he explains the 49 days and there’s even a mention of the cat that Aiko thought was his mistress. All Aiko contributes is that he should leave Dan’s body, even though he tries to make clear that it’s not really his choice.

49 Ep 09 02749 Ep 09 02849 Ep 09 02949 Ep 09 031

In the end, angry words are exchanged. While Aiko certainly doesn’t respect her son, she still positively hates her husband (or at least blames him for many things), so I guess it’s not a surprise that she’d rather have her son back ASAP rather than have this last chance to speak with her not-quite-departed husband.

49 Ep 09 03249 Ep 09 03349 Ep 09 034

As we saw in the last episode, Dan’s personal council now has a new member – Kenta (Yasui Kentaro) – along with Sachi and Satoshi (Jinguji Yuta). Dan’s father tells them all that Aiko now knows about the situation, too.

49 Ep 09 035

Sachi’s reaction continues to be annoying. She wants to make sure Dan’s father and Aiko no longer have feelings for each other because she likes him. Up to now, she hasn’t confessed to Dan’s father directly, but now that he knows, I must say that his reaction was rather bland.

49 Ep 09 03649 Ep 09 03749 Ep 09 038

Of course, the others have a little surprise for her, telling her about Dan’s feelings for her.

49 Ep 09 03949 Ep 09 04049 Ep 09 041

We’ll have to wait to find out whether that will really change Sachi’s attitude toward Dan or whether she’ll continue to be an ass toward him.

First, the basketball team rushed onto the scene with bad news that had nothing to do with basketball. This is where the serious spoilers start happening. What’s going to happen with Chicken Basket? Will the boys be forced to give it up or be expelled?

49 Ep 09 04249 Ep 09 043

And what will owner of the club Kiryu Tetsuya (Kyan Yutaka) do if they’re faced with that choice? We’ve already gotten the sense that there’s something wrong with him because he didn’t protect Dan from that creepy guy at the club, so how will his decision-making process regarding this situation be.

49 Ep 09 04449 Ep 09 04549 Ep 09 046

By the way, we find out a bit more about that creepy guy and it turns out that he’s even worse than I previously thought . . . though in a good way? It’s tough to explain – you’ll have to watch and decide for yourself.

49 Ep 09 04749 Ep 09 053

Besides that, we have the continuing issue between Aiko and Dan’s father. Where will the end of this episode leave us on that front?

49 Ep 09 05649 Ep 09 05749 Ep 09 05849 Ep 09 059

And in an episode already packed with revelations, we get another critical one toward the end.

49 Ep 09 066There you have it. This was a brilliantly packed episode with lots of subplots moving forward. Real Dan is getting a better footing and becoming a bit more enjoyable to watch. Dan’s father isn’t quite as engaging anymore – he seems to be receding as his son grows – and that’s just in time for him to deal with Aiko, which is bound to be frustrating viewing.

Somewhat in parallel, Mana has superceded Sachi. For much of the series, Sachi had the better personality, but oh how the tables have turned! All because Sachi had to go and start loving the ghost of a man probably more than twice her age (but who, to be fair, at least looked like he was her age).

As the Mana-Dan and Sachi-Dan’s father stuff gets to dominate things, is seems like the other two sidekicks – Satoshi and Kenta – don’t get as much time. The basketball team still got a good scene in, at least.

All seems to be going well. On to episode 10!