A little late with this update, but I’m sure everyone knows why (and I didn’t take a flight to be with my extended family for nothing).

SMAP’s “Shareotsu/Hello” was the top single for the past week, selling a reasonable 207,665 copies. Hopefully, it will pass the platinum mark before dropping out of the top 30, but that might be difficult.

“Nano-second” from UVERworld took #2, selling 55,111.

At #3, S/mileage’s “Ii Yatsu/Eeka!?” saw 33,320 copies sold.

The Busaiku subunit (is it really alright to call them that?) of Kis-My-Ft2 saw an extremely strong second week of sales for “Tana kara Botamochi”. It sold 26,441 at #5 to bring its total to 158,979. That’s a 20% second week – even given the late release date for the single, that’s well beyond expectations for an idol single. Do you suppose this is good enough so that these four members won’t have to be treated like second-class citizens within Kis-My-Ft2?

AKB48’s *insert really long title here* had a very normal AKB second week – pretty much 5% of first week sales on the dot. It sold 22,600 at #6 and now has a total of 1,055,936. Sort of impressive that the Busaiku team’s second week was stronger than AKB’s.

And since “Barrette” from Nogizaka46 is holding #8 again in its fourth week, selling 19,626, I think we’re going to see a crossover where, once again, Nogizaka46 shows its longevity in the rankings. The total for the single is now at 457,614.

SKE48’s “Sansei Kawaii!” is not to far behind, either – at #11 in its fifth week with a total of 542,474 copies sold. It should be able to cross above AKB’s single, too (and if you just compare its fifth week with what will be AKB’s fifth week, it’s likely it has already shown a better grip on the standings).

Taking #13 in its sixty-first week, Fukuda Kohei-san’s “Nanbu Semishigure” (thanks for the romanization, ryusenkai) is actually climbing – it was at #17 last week. It sold another 6,372 and the Fukuda boom has now brought the single 113,199 sales.

Kanjani8’s “Kokoro Sora Moyou” went to #14 with 6,108 copies sold and now has a three-week total of 215,317.

Well, if AKB48 is at all saddened by the performance of their newest single (with a million copies sold yet again, I doubt they need to be), they can take solace in the fact that their two previous singles – “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” and “Heart Ereki” took #21 and #28 respectively and now boast totals of 1,487,199 and 1,267,373. Now, the fact that we keep getting around 4,000 copies of these singles sold each week raises some question marks about where and how they are being sold, but at this point all they really serve to do is paint a portrait of the diminishing returns that will come when a group releases singles too close together.

Super Junior’s “Blue World” dropped from #3 to #23 in its second week, tacking on 4,116 in sales for a total of 72,800.

To round out the singles, Kis-My-Ft2 were still hanging in there at #27 as their “Snow Dome no Yakusoku/Luv Sick” now has a six-week total of 315,199.

Okay, now on to the albums!

Kobukuro’s “One Song from Two Hearts” was the surefire #1, but it was a bit disappointing to see them come in just a hair’s breadth shy of the gold mark – 99,398. That seems a bit weak for one of their albums, but this wasn’t a particularly good week for sales figures anyway, and we’ll see how the album does into the new year.

The big issue in the album standings last week was the fact that RADWIMPS likely got robbed of the top spot bu Shoujo Jidai. This week, RADWIMPS’ “Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to” took #4 with 18,239 copies sold for a total of 95,019. That’s a strong showing, though in-line with expectations for a non-idol group.

Shoujo Jidai’s “Love & Peace”, by contrast, fell to #8 with 12,716 in sales to bring its two-week total to 141,971. As a percentage of first week sales, that’s only a little weak for an idol group, and backtracking suggests first week sales of 84-120k (any less than 84k and that would mean a greater than 15% second week, which is pretty rare for idols). However, I don’t know whether the gimmicks we saw the first week still have any effect on the numbers this week.

Somehow, Chris Hart’s “Heart Song” popped back up from #75 to #10 with 9,710 copies sold in its 29th week. I suppose it was probably an event of some sort. Its total is 190,779.