I missed the November 21st episode of Kiss My Fake, and it looks like it was the first time the Kis-My-Ft2 members actually won, because they’re all present at the start of this episode (one of them has to sit out the following week if they lose).

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0002013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 002

It’s nice to see them all back, but I also wonder if it’ll ever be Kitayama-kun, Fujigaya-kun or Tamamori-kun sitting out – you know, the ones who are always in the limelight. So far it has been Miyata-kun, Nikaido-kun, and Yokoo-kun. What are the chances that only three Busaiku members would have gotten picked so far? 18.7%, which is still reasonable. And what about four times in a row (say, if they lose this episode)? 10.7%. At some point, it’s going to be pretty obvious that the wheel spin to pick who sits out is totally rigged against the Busaiku members.

Anyway, Kis-My-Ft2 is only part of the story on this show, there’s also host Yahagi-san. His comedic partner Ogi-san is the leader of the guest team as usual, and the other guests are IMALU-san and the comedy duo Football Hour. Slightly less illustrious guests than we’ve seen so far, but not bad.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0012013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0032013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0052013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 007

The first challenge involved a list of famous artists who have supposedly covered some famous songs (that aren’t theirs, of course). Just based on the list, each team had to take turns picking which matches between artists and songs covered were real, avoiding the fake matches.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 008

So, do you really think Char-san covered AKB48’s “Heavy Rotation”? How about Wada Akiko-san covering Mr.Children’s “Tomorrow never knows”? Ten points for each correct answer, but you lose all your points if you get it wrong.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0092013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0102013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 011

You can definitely play along as long as you recognize around half the artists and songs, so I’m not going to give away any answers.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 014 2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0162013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 020

If the famous singer really did cover the song indicated, though, they play a clip of it. So, this segment featured some stunning renditions of a few familiar songs.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0212013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0252013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 027

There was also some deep dissension within the Kis-My-Ft2 ranks concerning the choices. That was nice to see, by the way, because the group has been entirely too passive, and therefore not really taking enough of the show.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 034 2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0352013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 036

The second challenge was a familiar one – figuring out whether people appearing in-studio were really the siblings of entertainers. Unfortunately, the entertainers in question were either far from A-list or otherwise not familiar.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 038 2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 039

Kintaro-san and Yuutarou-san both pop up frequently – especially on past Arashi shows – but I’m not particularly excited to see their siblings.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 040 2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0412013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 043

It’s totally possible to play along, though, even if you don’t know anything about Japanese. All you have to do is compare the person in-studio with the picture of the entertainer, and try to figure out if they’re related.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 046 2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0472013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 048

I’m not good at this at all.

2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 050 2013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 0512013.11.28 Kiss My Fake 054

In the end, we are left with the obvious question: which team won?

It was an okay episode. On the plus side, it was easy to play along with and the first challenge featured some interesting music. The downside was that the second challenge went very slowly and the guests weren’t quite as engaging as those we’ve seen on previous episodes. Football Hour . . . .

Nothing particularly new here – just another solid episode of Kis-My-Fake.