After the real Kagami Dan (Sato Shori) temporarily regained control of his body in the last episode of 49, his father’s spirit possessed it again and celebrates the fact at the beginning of this episode.

49 Ep 06 00049 Ep 06 001

His two buddies Satoshi (Jinguji Yuta) and Sachi (Yamamoto Maika) have some good questions about what happens to him  or his son when the other in controlling the body, and Possessed Dan answers without trouble. He also explains that they switch when each of them crosses a certain line – an NG line, if you will. It’s when they get mixed up – when Possessed Dan has feelings for a girl like Minaduki Mana (Nishino Nanase) or Real Dan feels love for his mother.

49 Ep 06 00249 Ep 06 00349 Ep 06 00449 Ep 06 005

Sachi is quick to figure out that Possessed Dan switched to Real Dan because he was attracted to her. Well, she made herself rather comfortable sleeping in his bed, so I’m not too sure she has a right to get angry – especially since she definitely has reciprocal feelings for him. But perhaps she’s also disappointed that he can’t have feelings for her without switching to Real Dan?

49 Ep 06 006

The discussion leads Possessed Dan to muse that at least it’s not summer, when everything is a bit more . . . revealing. He apologizes flippantly to Sachi . . .

49 Ep 06 007

. . . but then she actively tries to get him to go NG by showing off some thigh in a teasing way. She chases him around teasing him in a cute way.

49 Ep 06 008

Dan’s mother Aiko (Konno Mahiru) starts to learn a bit more about her husband as she meets Possessed Dan outside the secret apartment. Possessed Dan shows her that Ran, who Aiko thought was her husband’s mistress, is actually a cat. She also finds out that Kiryu Tetsuya (Kyan Yutaka) – the owner of the host club Dan works at – is living there for free.

49 Ep 06 00949 Ep 06 01049 Ep 06 01149 Ep 06 012

But what effect does this resolution to the misunderstanding between Aiko and her husband have? Right now, we’re not sure.

49 Ep 06 013

Possessed Dan talks it over with his counselor Sachi, but his real issue is with the fact that Aiko has a boyfriend – something Real Dan was apparently fine with, but he isn’t.

49 Ep 06 01449 Ep 06 015

He talks to the boyfriend directly, who says that Aiko had artistic talent and really shouldn’t have been trapped in the household the way Dan’s father left her. Sounds like she had wanted to divorce him for a long time, but was only waiting because Dan was still growing up.

49 Ep 06 01649 Ep 06 01749 Ep 06 01849 Ep 06 019

The realization leaves Possessed Dan feeling guilty and realizing both him and Aiko were in the wrong.

49 Ep 06 02149 Ep 06 02249 Ep 06 02349 Ep 06 024

While Real Dan was too quiet to object, Possessed Dan doesn’t like the old man who is way too forward and should probably be kicked out of the club

49 Ep 06 025

Life gets momentarily complicated when Dan’s sister Yuko (Nomura Masumi) walks in and looks like she’s going to attack Kiryu – her former boyfriend – for essentially taking advantage of Dan.

49 Ep 06 02649 Ep 06 027

On the contrary, seeing his club successful and the lengths that he’ll go to make it that way, she wants to make up with him. Aiko actually sent her over with Dan’s father’s life insurance money to ensure Yuko’s baby will have a father.

49 Ep 06 02849 Ep 06 02949 Ep 06 030

That’s strikingly generous, and with that windfall to the club the guys on stage wonder if it’s all right for them to disband – after all, they were only helping out because Kiryu was in dire straits. But then Kiryu does the noble thing and rejects the money.

49 Ep 06 031

Yashiro Kenta (Yasui Kentaro) praises him for this, comparing him to a samurai who pretends to have eaten even though he’s going hungry.

49 Ep 06 032

And thus the show goes on:

49 Ep 06 033

Yuko is sure turning out to be a better character now, and she reflects that it was better to get past her initial intransigence.

49 Ep 06 03449 Ep 06 035

Possessed Dan wonders aloud whether it wouldn’t have been better for Aiko to have been as open. Sounds harsh, but it’s because he’s handing her the divorce papers signed, claiming that her husband signed it before dying. Of course, he probably signed it only after hearing what her boyfriend had to say.

49 Ep 06 03649 Ep 06 037

So . . . what’s Aiko going to do now that she can get the divorce and move on? Does she now feel free to be with her boyfriend?

49 Ep 06 038

And is Possessed Dan really all right about this? I think he might be a little distracted during basketball practice myself. Actually, he’s a lot distracted. I’m not going to give away what happens, though.

49 Ep 06 04049 Ep 06 04149 Ep 06 042

Oh, and what about Minaduki Mana? Surely we can’t leave that potential relationship in the state it’s in, but how is Possessed Dan going to hand the baton to Real Dan? I don’t think he’s figured that out properly yet.

49 Ep 06 04349 Ep 06 04449 Ep 06 05149 Ep 06 052

Yashiro Kenta turns out to be even more interesting character than I imagined. Here’s a hint – he lives at a temple and believes in evil spirits.

49 Ep 06 05549 Ep 06 057

So far, the writers haven’t really shocked us in this episode, but don’t worry – they really can’t resist. It’s all about Sachi’s feelings for Possessed Dan.

49 Ep 06 066

Altogether, this was a slower episode than usual because Possessed Dan was in a pensive rather than active mood throughout, but that was all right because there was a lot of ground to cover on a huge range of subplots. We covered Dan-Dan’s father, Aiko-Dan’s father, Aiko-Aiko’s boyfriend, Yuko-Kiryu, Dan-Yashiro, Dan-Mana, and finally Dan-Sachi. Just moving all of those relationships forward a bit was enough.

While I enjoy watching Possessed Dan at work more, I think it’s really time for us to focus more on Real Dan – that’s where all of the really interesting developments are going to happen. By the end of this episode, it seems like Possessed Dan feels that way, too.