At the end of the previous episode of Ando Lloyd (安堂ロイド〜A.I. knows LOVE?〜), even though the android (Kimura Takuya) said that if Ando Asahi (Shibasaki Kou) told anyone about him, he would have to kill that person, she felt so guilty about lying to Matsushima Nanase (Oshima Yuko) that she couldn’t help herself. She ultimately confessed the truth to Nanase – that Nanase’s brother Reiji had been murdered, and was now being impersonated by an android.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 001Ando Lloyd Ep 03 003

So now, of course, the android must kill Nanase.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 004

Asahi has a memory of a past conversation with Reiji – will it help her save Nanase?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 005

Well, perhaps, but only because the android took a shockingly long time to kill her – long enough to be approached by Reiji’s students who thought the android was the professor and for Asahi to explain that he was suffering memory loss.

Asahi tries to explain the delicate situation to Nanase, but how Nanase took it is . . . ambiguous.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 006

I don’t know what Asahi thought speaking to Nanase would do, but it certainly didn’t keep the android from going after her once he pried himself away from the students.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 007

Instead of just killing Nanase, he paralyzed her vocal cords so she wouldn’t be able to scream. I really don’t get this – is he trying to avoid killing her? Putting her on mute and then letting her run away doesn’t seem to accomplish anything – human beings can communicate by a variety of means that don’t involve the vocal cords, not the least of which are writing and, of course, texting. If an android has paralyzed your vocal cords and then let you run away, make sure to text someone – or everyone – you trust about the situation.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 008

If the android really is emotionless as Suppli (Honda Tsubasa) claimed in the last episode, then there’s certainly a fault in his programming. And basically the flaw is one of the most asinine bad guy fails – violating the Evil Overlord List rule #7 (When I’ve captured my adversary and he says, “Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is about?” I’ll say, “No.” and shoot him. No, on second thought I’ll shoot him then say “No.” – credit to Peter Anspach for the list).

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 009 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 010

I mean, he keeps saying that he has to kill Nanase, but he bothers to make the case to Asahi first. Why?

And if I don’t understand that, I really don’t understand why Asahi thinks that threatening to kill herself would be a way to stop him. At the end of the first episode she ordered the android to kill her, he apparently got clearance to do so, and we still don’t know why he didn’t.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 011Ando Lloyd Ep 03 012

Maybe he just doesn’t like killing people even though he constantly threatens that he will?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 013

If it’s not obvious, I think this could have all been handled better than it was. I’m already sick of hearing the android say that he has to kill someone – doesn’t seen like the behavior I’d expect from a computer. See the Terminator series for more details.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 014

It’s now pretty obvious that Matsushima Reiji is not the android’s client, but then who would send it back to protect Asahi? A few possibilities – Asahi, Nanase, or anyone descended from them through a future relationship. Nothing worse than someone sending an army of robots to kill your mother, right John Connor?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 015Ando Lloyd Ep 03 016

I don’t understand the purpose of the scenes at Asahi’s workplace. Are they just to show that she’s trying to get on with her regular life despite the crazy things that are happening to her?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 017 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 018

We get a brief scene in which the android saps the electricity from her home. I don’t understand how that works – seems like he would throw the breakers. And why is her bedside lamp still on when it would logically be the first to lose power? This was just a silly scene.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 019

And it was followed by another apparently inconsequential office scene.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 020

Worse, the character Komatsu Sakiko (Yamaguchi Sayaka) is really, really annoying. She acts like she’s trying hard to be a teenager (no insult to teenagers – she’s failing miserably).

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 021 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 022

Thankfully, we finally meet the bad guy for the episode – a strange fellow with a long frog-like tongue and a fly scout. He’s surprised that the company Asahi works for can detect an intruder as small as the fly, and deduces that the android (Ando Lloyd that is – I wonder when he gets that name?) upgraded the company’s systems.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 023

But then we go to a really slow yakiniku dinner scene between Asahi and coworker Hoshi Shinzo (Kiritani Kenta). during which Hoshi talks about how much he looked up to Reiji.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 024 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 025 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 026

Speak of the devil . . . .

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 027Ando Lloyd Ep 03 028

Things continue to take a turn for the comedic as Asahi plots to kill the android – buying specialized hardware for the job including shock sticks and a chain saw . . .

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 029 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 030 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 031Ando Lloyd Ep 03 032

. . . and then gets arrested for attempted murder literally in the middle of the act – with the chainsaw over the android’s head.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 033 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 034

Yay! Suppli time!

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 035

Well, if we’re going to get comedy, at least they’re going all the way with it. It was Suppli who called the police to save the android’s ‘life’ – that’s Suppli’s job, after all.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 036

Suppli notes that the android could have run if he had wanted to, and asks why he didn’t. Defective programming, clearly.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 037

You know, Asahi was a cool character in the first episode. Now she’s whiny and silly – not the sort of character I can take seriously. In the first episode, I could understand why someone would go to great lengths to save her, but this episode has rather undermined my original estimation of her.

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 038 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 039So, how does she get out of jail?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 040

If androids dream of electric sheep, do battle droids get post-traumatic stress disorder?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 041

Can the android set Asahi straight so we can get the cool Asahi back?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 044 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 045Ando Lloyd Ep 03 047Ando Lloyd Ep 03 048

Oh, and what is detective Isaku (Endo Kenichi) going to do about all of this?

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 049 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 050 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 051Ando Lloyd Ep 03 052

Well, here’s a hint on that last point:

Ando Lloyd Ep 03 061 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 062 Ando Lloyd Ep 03 063

I’ll keep the remaining spoilers out for your enjoyment.

Bright side? They kept the fight with the bad guy for last so that the episode ended on a relative high note. The writers still have me wondering what the heck is going on, so they have wide latitude as long as they tease me with some hints here are there.

Some of the problems are with consistency – both in terms of tone and logic. But even setting those aside, Asahi’s personality in this episode was particularly problematic. She tried to use a chainsaw to destroy an android who would sacrifice itself to protect her even though that android spared the life of Nanase for her sake. Oh, and she decided to take this drastic course of action because the android used too much electricity, preventing her from taking a bath. I find it really hard to care about a character like that.

Kimura-san’s portrayal of the android is really impossible to assess, because I have no idea how human the android is supposed to be – I can’t understand its programming at all. It’s definitely not supposed to be completely emotionless even though it claims to be, because it’s easy to act emotionless and Kimura-san isn’t doing it. So far, I don’t think a viewer would find it easy to care about the android, though with future developments that might change. Is this android supposed to become more and more human – more and more like Reiji? If so, he’s got a long way to go.

Well, I guess all we can do is see what happens in future episodes. Hopefully, things will get better, but it’s pretty dismal and slow-going right now.