In the last episode of 49, Kagami Dan (Sato Shori) – still possessed by his father’s ghost – helped out host club owner Kiryu Tetsuya (Golden Bombers’ Kyan Yutaka) by assembling an interesting performance and entertainment team out of the basketball club.

49 Ep 05 00049 Ep 05 001

Of course, men performing as women is not anything new – not even in among Johnny’s idols – but this was still a surprise at the end of the last episode, and it looks like they’re continuing it as a subplot in this one. That’s good – it would have been a shame if they had all gotten dressed up for the scant seconds at the end of episode four.

49 Ep 05 00249 Ep 05 003

Their fans at the host club seem . . . well, pretty much the same fans Sato Shori-kun, Yasui Kentaro-kun and the other juniors normally perform for.

49 Ep 05 00449 Ep 05 005

The late nights are leaving Dan tired, though, and he flops on his bed after getting back home . . .

49 Ep 05 006

. . . but then suddenly realizes there’s someone already in his bed! Who do you suppose it is?

49 Ep 05 007

Well, I won’t give that away – especially since it’s not the most important thing about the scene as Possessed Dan gets dizzy . . .

49 Ep 05 008

. . . and it’s Real Dan who wakes up the next morning. The narration says the lines between the souls of him and his father have started to blur, but they don’t take that easy way out. It’s clearly Real Dan who descends the stairs the next morning – starting with the fact that he doesn’t say “good morning” to his mother – something his father reintroduced to the household while in control over his body.

49 Ep 05 00949 Ep 05 010

In a fundamental way, the whole series starts here. After all, we haven’t actually met Real Dan properly, and he’s the key character who has to change. For now, though, he doesn’t seem to have any memory of what his father has been up to – unaware that he’s joined a sports club or anything like that.

49 Ep 05 011

His memory of the accident and his father appearing as a ghost come back to him at the bus stop . . .

49 Ep 05 01249 Ep 05 013

. . . but he doesn’t seem to remember anything more before Satoshi (Jinguji Yuta) greets him. Unfortunately, Satoshi doesn’t detect that Possessed Dan has turned back into Real Dan, and so doesn’t offer any explanation.

49 Ep 05 01449 Ep 05 015

That means that Real Dan is left to wander through school perplexed as everyone seems to know him and to greet him – they all say “good morning.”

49 Ep 05 01649 Ep 05 017

The basketball team drags him off (literally) for practice, but Real Dan can’t even manage the push-ups (actually, I wonder how many Shori-kun can do before collapsing?). At the water fountain, he finally remembers that his father asked to borrow his body.

49 Ep 05 01849 Ep 05 019

Too bad Sachi (Yamamoto Maika) couldn’t get down to explaining everything before Minaduki Mana (Nishino Nanase) got a chance to slap him. This is getting to be a very complicated day for Real Dan, and Shori-kun managed to pull it off without saying a word.

49 Ep 05 02049 Ep 05 021

As he lies bummed out on his bed at home . . .

49 Ep 05 022

. . . finally, the two best sidekicks in the world appear, realizing what has happened.

49 Ep 05 023

This is just so much fun to watch . . .

49 Ep 05 02449 Ep 05 025

. . . especially with the grumpy Real Dan being the perfect straight man for their antics.

49 Ep 05 02649 Ep 05 02749 Ep 05 028

Oh, and when the two of them “suteki!”, I . . . the grin on my face must have been a mile wide. One of the best moments ever.

49 Ep 05 03049 Ep 05 031

Real Dan suddenly has to deal with being a popular person. But more than that, he has to deal with this:

49 Ep 05 032

His father sure has a lot to answer for, right? Getting his son dressed up as a girl working at a host club – something that could get him expelled from school!

Worse, there’s a creepy guy at this club who seriously need to be told off about touching – what sort of establishment is Kiryu Tetsuya running!? The rest of it I can gloss over, but this really crosses a line:

49 Ep 05 033

Poor Real Dan – this is a really harsh new reality his father has left for him. But will any of it lead him to open up?

49 Ep 05 034

It’s a good thing that Real Dan isn’t the type who shouts “what do you mean I did . . . ?!” whenever somebody claims that he’s done something his father did, or this would all be more awkward and tedious. As it is, it’s not too bad. Good thing he’s a clever sort who seems to be able to put things together.

49 Ep 05 03549 Ep 05 036

But when his sister says that he changed for the better after his father died, it clearly hurts him, and he decides to take a walk in the rain.

49 Ep 05 037

He spots his mother with her boyfriend, who he apparently knew about and greeted with a wave and smile.

49 Ep 05 038

Sachi is surprised by that reaction . . .

49 Ep 05 039

. . . and soon it’s the two of them walking in the rain together. Time for one of Sachi’s down-to-earth talks with Dan – whether it’s father or son.

49 Ep 05 04149 Ep 05 04249 Ep 05 04349 Ep 05 049

I won’t tell you how that goes – you’ll have to watch it for yourself.

But will he really develop a desire to change here, or will it take longer?

49 Ep 05 05049 Ep 05 051

Well, the conversation between mother and son is really between mother and son this time – sort of a different flavor to it than we’ve seen before.

49 Ep 05 05249 Ep 05 053

But just when I thought it was finally safe, they went all risqué again – Real Dan ends up having feelings for his mother right before he collapses and turns back into Possessed Dan again (I hope no one finds it a spoiler that we get Possessed Dan back – there’d hardly be a series otherwise.). They just couldn’t keep that squirm-worthy element out of an episode, eh? By the way, I checked who wrote this drama (couldn’t resist), and it was Nojima Shinji-san, who has a fairly illustrious 25+ year career in the business. Most interestingly, though, is that his previous drama was Risou no Musuko, so apparently he’s recently had a thing for examining mother-son relationships.

This was very much an episode I have been looking forward to, and I think they picked a great time to do it – Possessed Dan had done just enough to mess up Real Dan’s complacency that Real Dan took a whole episode just to find out about the full extent of it.

Portraying Real Dan probably didn’t pose much of a challenge to Shori-kun – just keep quiet and sullen all the time. Possessed Dan is a much more impressive character. The real test will be how he handles it when the distinctions between the two characters get more blurry – hopefully as Real Dan tries to change himself for the better.

Jinguji Yuta-kun and Yamamoto Maika-san were both superb – especially Maika-san, who had a bit of character development to handle. I think I’m definitely a Yamamoto Maika fan after this and her very different role in Kasuka na Kanojo.

Not as much from the basketball team this time (except for the host club scene, of course – which were plenty).

So, the show still seems to be going strong and in the direction I was hoping for (with some surprises along the way).